Iron Stomach Challenge

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Format: Unscripted
Created By: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark
Status: Active
Updates: Sporadic
Host: (2005-2006), Revver (2007-August 2008), (September 2008-July 2009), Youtube (December 2009-Present)
Original Run: October 18, 2007 - Present
Associated Shows: Sheer Stupidity (spin-off)

The Iron Stomach Challenge is a video subseries of LoadingReadyRun involving the crew eating gross things. There are two primary stipulations to an acceptable challenge. The first is that the challenge cannot sicken or kill the challengers (E.G., overdoses of nutmeg, emetics). The second is the proposed items must be eaten somewhere in the world (E.G., balut would be acceptable, Lego bricks are not).

The last Iron Stomach Challenge was posted in early 2011, but unofficial Iron Stomach Challenges have been performed during most Desert Bus events.

List of Episodes

† Retroactively categorized as Iron Stomach Challenges.


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