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You've stayed up far too late if you've hit the infomercial hour.

Vital Statistics


Date: June 6, 2011

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Matt Wiggins, Alex Steacy, Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark (voice)

Writing: Graham Stark

Camera: Graham Stark

Boom: Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark


A news anchor has clearly stopped caring, and something more pleasant is brought in to replace him.


  • Blaming an unspecified Steve is a running gag.
  • Orcish Oriflamme is a Magic card later discussed in Friday Nights: Clanmanders.
  • Graham mispronounces "Oriflamme."
  • "Shitting dicknipples" is a horrifying meme from 4chan.
  • "Shreiking Explosive Diarrhea" was introduced in Morgan's Problem.
  • Alex's reactions in this video are ad libbed.
  • Matt's scene takes place at the ENN desk.
  • The maladies in this video are mostly nonsense, but are all composed of actual words. They include:
    • Welsh Tongue
    • Illuminated Veins
    • Membrane Imbalance
    • Head Rot
    • Rampant Knee
    • Thyroid Apnea
    • Upward Chafe
    • Lachrymal Seizures
    • Piled Boils
    • Foot Cough
    • Throat Scrump
    • Slouch Leg
    • Burmese Squat
    • Liver Diddling
    • Penguin Jowl
    • Cauliflower Buttocks
    • Cranial Levity
    • Sidelong Shoulders
    • Silver Nostril
    • Flyover Malaise
    • Winter Weight
    • Simonson's Twist
    • Floating Nose
    • Urinary Paralysis
    • Underarm Popcorn
    • Pancreatic Squirts
    • Orcish Oriflamme
    • Cappuccino Eyeball
    • Shitting Dicknipples
    • Laser Tits
    • Skin Creep
    • Shrieking Explosive Diarrhea
    • White Lung
    • Septic Thigh
    • Anterior Upcycling
    • Ryan's Clench
    • Barker Complex
    • Frontal Slump
    • Malignant Arterial Felch
    • Skeletal Polyps
    • Achilles Face
    • Advanced Rembrandt Syndrome
    • Congolese Dancing Colon
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