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Alex brings us an epic Freudian catastrophe.

Vital Statistics


Date: January 30, 2007

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Alex Steacy, Graham Stark

Whatever clip: Alex Steacy and Vaughn Stone

Haiku: Graham Stark, reading for Nathan Mosher.


All the way from Toronto, Alex helps Graham do the Whatever Thing this week. After making an extended reference to last week's topic of masturbation, the phallic nature of the CN tower is mentioned, as is the unseasonable winter, Birthday-near-Christmas gifts, and a call for more Whatever video intros.


"Praise the Commodore!

Its words inspire our laughter:

'Loading Ready Run'."


  • Nathan, who wrote this week's Haiku, used to work with Graham at Pixpo. He was seen in episodes 1-4 of the Idiot Room.
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