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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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This is a foe no one mortal should have to face by himself.

Vital Statistics

Hell's Kitchen

Date: November 24, 2006

Category: Shorts

Appearing: James Turner, Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Bill Watt, Kathleen De Vere, Brad Kirkland

Writing: Kathleen De Vere

Camera: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Morgan vanHumbeck

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Bill's Place v2.0, Streets near Bill's Place v2.0


Graham tries to bolster the morale of Paul and James so they can better tackle the problem of the kitchen, but they don't enjoy wearing dirty pots on their heads. Kathleen has an idea, and enlists the aid of Bill to kidnap an unsuspecting stranger to clean the kitchen for them. Unfortunately, their victim would rather take his chances with torture than go anywhere near that kitchen. After being forced to do Bill's WoW grinding, he wants to try the kitchen, but Bill will have none of it.


  • This is the first video written solely by Kathleen.
  • The 'pot' on Paul's head is actually a colander.
  • There are a number of references to previous videos:
  • They dropped Brad when he was in the bag, exacerbating an existing concussion.
  • Brad's abduction and enslavement was not in any way inspired by Nny's method for seeing if his food had spoiled in "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"; however, Kathleen is a fan.
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