Heather Dery

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Heather Dery
Heather Dery
Heather, as a Desert Bus Prize Miner
Family: Brendan Dery (husband)
First Appearance: Raindrops keep falling (8 November 2012)
Last Appearance: Crapshots Ep.619 - The Coffee (5 March 2019)
Twitter: @LunarJade
Twitch: lunarjade
Mastodon: @LunarJade@mastodon.social

Heather Dery is a sensible woman, though not as sensible perhaps as James is sensible.

Heather's first regular role was filming Loading Time, which she still continues to do, in addition to running the roaming camera for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, LoadingReadyLive, and The Crapshoot, as well as the primary camera work on Feed Dump. Heather also occasionally runs tech for AFK, and does editing for the Running Start series of videos.

Heather currently co-hosts Rhythm Cafe with Ian Horner, and is a regular on the seasonal anime recap podcast AnoAni. Prior to the stream schedule change, Heather hosted Heather's Handhelds, and co-hosted Beej's Backlog, Kathleen Saves the World, and Rhythm Tuesday.

Beginning some time in March, Heather was bought on part time doing YouTube uploads and taking care of the replay channel.


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