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Offline.jpg This video is not available on the LRR site. Some videos are permanently offline like most of Season 1, where some copywritten music prevents it from being posted. Some videos go offline when video hosts change or go down.
This video is currently only available on Youtube

What would Miss Manners say?

Vital Statistics


Date: January 19, 2009

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Brad Kirkland, Mike Whitaker

Camera: Graham Stark

Writing: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark


Bros don't leave Bros hanging.


  • Mike last appeared in the video Overdue in February 2007.
  • According to the LRRcast, they had intended on shooting a different video, but one of the participants they wanted had just had throat surgery, so they shot this instead. This video eventually became The Dinner Party.
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