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Hag ee o gra fee: From the late Latin usage, that which is written about the saints.

Vital Statistics

Hagiography Today

Date: April 28, 2006

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Lissette Arevalo

Writing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Camera: Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark


Guy Phillips (Graham) hosts Hagiography Today, your weekly look at the patron saints. Besides answering last weeks mail in quiz, the Saintdown is given, the ranking of saints which is topped by St Marry. The roving Saint Cam with Hal (Paul) is out asking the man and woman on the street who is patron saint of hemorrhoids. Finally there is the Representation Game where you can guess which saint is represented by the given symbols.


  • All the information in this video is accurate according to the Patron Saints Index.
  • St. Claire of Assisi is the patron saint of television.
  • St. Isadore of Seville is patron saint of the internet.
  • The low-budget look of "Hagiography Today" was produced on LRR's no-budget.
  • Paul's microphone is actually a tiny umbrella
  • The last minute is missing on the blip video (Today: 120708)
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