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Graham interviews members of The Guild.

Vital Statistics

Guild Chat

Airdate: December 2, 2009

Accent Word: Indeed

Job Description: Kung Fu Fighters

Written, Performed and Photoshopped by: AppearanceBy::PhotoshoppedBy::Kathleen De Vere, AppearanceBy::PhotoshoppedBy::Jeremy Petter, AppearanceBy::PhotoshoppedBy::Paul Saunders, AppearanceBy::PhotoshoppedBy::Graham Stark

Appearing: Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, Robin Thorsen


  • Shigeru Miyamoto announces that he will be leaving Nintendo
  • New York State's emergency broadcast system will soon interface with Xbox Live
  • Nintendo survey reveals that Wii is the preferred console of 80% of female gamers
  • Microsoft plans service to emulate the New Super Mario Bros. Super Guide

Feature Story

Guild Chat - Graham takes a trip to GameX to interview comedy group The Guild. This attempt to boost ratings is. . . poorly planned, to say the least.


  • Jer took Graham's place in this episode, to simulate Graham's actually being at GameX.
  • Both the Job Description and Jer's sign-off line ('Son, we are very appoint') may be references to Desert Bus 3
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