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I am a yeti and I'm mostly okay with that.
Date of Birth: November 28
Duties: Actor, Mascot
First Appearance: Kei-Kon 2: Cosplay (19 March 2004)
Last Appearance: LoadingReadyLIVE Ep 097 - Martini! (19 August 2023)
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 4 (19 November 2010)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus Opening Titles (23 November 2014)
Twitter: @TheGibbLRR

Gibb is a yeti puppet voiced by Graham. He is the first puppet member of the LRR crew.

Tragically, Gibb spends most of his time confined to a closet, and is only let out on rare occasions. For some reason, some members of Homo sapiens find him irresistible.


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