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Not to be confused with the Unskippable episode of X-Men: Destiny.

Graham & Paul take on X-Men Destiny.

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Upload Date: February 28, 2012 to April 27, 2012

Category: GPLP

The Game: Silicon Knights's X-Men: Destiny

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After a terrorist attack on San Francisco, Chad "Density" Football begins an epic journey to join the Brotherhood of Mutants and punch Cyclops in the face.


  • This was the first GPLP to be put online in HD.


Part 1 February 28, 2012 Chad Football chooses to have the mutant power of rock hands.
Part 2 March 02, 2012 Chad Football wears another mutant's genes and chooses sides.
Part 3 March 06, 2012 Chad chooses to side with The Brotherhood and Magneto throws a bridge.
Part 4 March 13, 2012 Chad's adventures take him to Future Chinatown!
Part 5 March 17, 2012 Chad teams up with Gambit to stop the Purifiers. It doesn't totally work.
Part 6 March 20, 2012 Chad's adventure continues as he and various X-Mans battle the U-Men.
Part 7 March 23, 2012 Chad defeats John Sublime and meets his hero!
Part 8 March 29, 2012 Chad fights Sentinel technology, but no actual Sentinels. And climbs walls.
Part 9 April 4, 2012 Chad reunites with Caliban and JugJug, as he tries to rescue Pixie, which is apparently the whole game now.
Part 10 April 18, 2012 Chad finally, FINALLY gets to join the Brotherhood. It doesn't change much.
Part 11 April 23, 2012 Chad discovers his inner giant rock golem.
Part 12 April 27, 2012 Chad finally defeats the bad guy. Wait, who IS the bad guy again?
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