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From Rewatch With Love is a podcast where Graham and Matt watch and give their thoughts on every James Bond movie.

List of episodes

Episode # Title Date
26 Spectre (2015) December 29, 2020
Graham & Matt have reached the end, for now, as they dissect Spectre, a movie seemingly so concerned with being a Bond film that it forgets how to be a Bond film.
25 Skyfall (2012) December 21, 2020
Graham and Matt take a long, hard look at one of the most gorgeously filmed, and most personal, Bond films.
24 Quantum of Solace (2008) December 14, 2020
How well can the Bond films follow up one of the best in the franchise? Well, according to Graham & Matt, it's going to be a tall order.
23 Casino Royale (2006) December 7, 2020
It's a new Bond for a new era, in a movie based on the original Fleming novel. Sure this one is at least as good as the 1967 adaptation!
22 Die Another Day (2002) November 30, 2020
Does this much-maligned Bond film still "hold up" to its status as one of the worst in the series? Graham and Matt spend almost three hours looking into it.
21 The World is Not Enough (1999) November 23, 2020
Graham and Matt close out the 90s with a Bond film that really works in parts and really doesn't work in others.
20 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) November 9, 2020
What if the media manipulated the news for ratings? What a weird dystopian future that would be. Anyway, Graham and Matt with more James Bond and it's got kung fu this time.
19 GoldenEye (1995) November 2, 2020
After 6 years it's a new era of Bond. Graham and Matt hope that Brosnan's first outing still holds up, 25 years later.
18 Licence to Kill (1989) October 26, 2020
Graham & Matt tackle the late-80s tonal shift in a James Bond revenge story, and have to really work through what "makes" a Bond film, to them.
17 The Living Daylights (1987) October 19, 2020
It's 1987 and Bond's not funny anymore. Except when he definitely is. New Bond, new era, and Graham and Matt are here for it.
16 View to a Kill (1985) October 12, 2020
It's got Duran Duran, it's got Grace Jones, it's got an aging MI6... but how is Roger Moore's last Bond? Let's find out!
15 Octopussy (1983) October 5, 2020
Battle of the Bonds Part Two! Premiering practically head-to-head with Never Say Never Again, it's the movie they actually called Octopussy. How will Moore's penultimate outing fare?
14 Never Say Never Again (1983) September 28, 2020
It's the Battle of the Bonds! Sean Connery returns to his most famous role, but it's 1983, it's a remake of Thunderball, and EON Productions isn't handling things... is everything going to be okay?
13 For Your Eyes Only (1981) September 21, 2020
This week, Graham and Matt are rewatching the Moore movie they remember the least. Is it secretly great? Let's find out!
12 Moonraker (1979) September 14, 2020
The Bond film that asks you suspend your disbelief so high in the air that it takes up orbit, Moonraker was a box-office barnstormer... but do Graham & Matt think it's actually any good? Let's find out!
11 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) September 7, 2020
Often cited as Roger Moore's favourite of his own Bond films, how will Graham and Matt enjoy the underwater car chases and metal-teethed wackiness of The Spy Who Loved Me?
10 The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) August 31, 2020
Graham & Matt assemble three mundane objects into a complete video, all about Christopher Lee and his turn as the titular Bond villain The Man with the Golden Gun—a far less problematic but no less imperfect Moore adventure.
9 Live and Let Die (1973) August 24, 2020
Graham and Matt have a lot to talk about this week, as Roger Moore's first Bond film presents us with both a madcap James Bond adventure AND some very important topics of discussion.
8 Diamonds Are Forever (1971) August 16, 2020
Connery is back and getting tacky in Vegas! At least Graham and Matt have more to talk about than Bond's costar.
7 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) August 10, 2020
Graham & Matt dive into the much-maligned Bond-outing for George Lazenby, and realize that perhaps the cultural memory of OHMSS as "the bad Bond film" is not wholly earned.
6 Casino Royale (1967) August 3, 2020
Hands-down the strangest, most haphazard licensed adaptation of a James Bond novel ever, Casino Royale attempts to be a parody and can't even manage to be cohesive.
5 You Only Live Twice (1967) July 27, 2020
Graham & Matt are here to talk about the first blockbuster film franchise! It's Bond... James Bond, as we lead up to the release of the 25th Bond movie, with this rewatch podcast full of our thoughts on the series and plenty of trivia!
4 Thunderball (1965) July 20, 2020
One of the most legally fraught Bond films, with one of the longest climactic fight scenes, in no way helped by it all happening underwater.
3 Goldfinger (1964) July 13, 2020
This one has it all: a car full of gadgets, a monologuing villain, and a costar who’s voice isn’t dubbed!
2 From Russia with Love (1963) July 6, 2020
Our second episode will take us to Turkey, even when it's actually Scotland, if Bond can survive the pre-title scene.
1 Dr. No (1962) June 29, 2020
In our inaugural episode, Matt and Graham shake hands with Dr. No and are introduce to SPECTRE, a secret organization that will probably never come up again.