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What is "Loading Ready Run"?

  • Loading Ready Run is a sketch comedy site based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. It predates both Youtube and 4Chan, and the crew is not at all bitter about receiving less attention and success than them. You can find out more from the Crew and History of LoadingReadyRun pages on this wiki, or from the About Us page on the main site. Also be sure to check out their extensive back catalog of videos.

Where can I get the LRR Ringtone?

Why the C64 theme?

  • To put it simply: The crew is a bunch of unashamed geeks. Would you rather it was penrose-tiles themed?

Where are the Season One Videos?

  • Most of the Season One videos are not currently on the website. This is for a couple reasons. One, the quality of Season One was rather hit or miss. Two, several videos have copyrighted music and can not be externally hosted. Lastly, there is a lack of time available due to current projects to re-edit the old videos for uploading. The Season One videos were available on the Season One DVD; however the season one DVD is currently out of print. Between the quality of the videos, which the crew has expressed some embarrassment towards, and the needed re-editing to remove copyrighted material, it is unlikely to see a new release in the immediate future. However a "best of" compilation may be released if the present DVDs sell well. Some fans have also managed to dig through the internet archives and find a few videos from season one, which you can find here or here.

What equipment is used to produce the videos?

  • Magic, More Magic, and various trinkets listed on the equipment page. Most likely a healthy dose of Phail too, considering what the crew has accomplished despite their immense laziness.

How can I be in a video?

  • If you want to be in a video, and are in the area, or otherwise want to help out with the site, you can contact Graham by clicking on his picture on the "About Us" page on the main site, or drop him a pm on the forums. Be sure to have an idea of what you can do to help though, you aren't just going to magically show up in a video.

I have a hilarious idea for a video that you should make!

  • Great, post it in the Video Suggestion forum or email Graham. You will of course be credited if they do use your idea.

What does the version number in the title mean?

  • The format of the version number is <season>.<revision>, So version 6.0 means its the first version of the site during the sixth season, whereas before it was v5.5, or the fifth update of the fifth season. Minor updates only increase the revision number by one, while major updates and site redesigns will skip a couple revision numbers. You can read Paul's explanation here.

I have money to burn, and I want to help out the site. How can I best do this?

  • While the crew does not officially accept donations, they do offer a selection of both t-shirts, and DVD's of past seasons, in the store. Or you can wait until the next Desert Bus for Hope starts and give your money to Child's Play in exchange for favours from the crew.

How tall is Bill?

  • Bill is 6' 10" or 2.08 meters.

Does LRR still control their videos with the move to the Escapist?

It's a distribution deal, LRR is not selling out. The Escapist gets the LRR videos exclusively on their site, and in exchange, the crew gets money. LRR retains creative control, and when the terms of the contract expire (if it is not renewed) all the rights and ownership of the videos revert back to LRR. Beyond that, the crew would prefer to keep the details of the deal to themselves, and that the community trusts in them to do what they think is best for their site.

How much money does LRR get from their Escapist projects?

Long story short: That's their business, not yours.

Why are Bill and Morgan no longer crew?

Long story short: See previous question. They will still be contributing to the site, hence their new status, along with the rest of the contributors. They will simply not necessarily be involved in the site on a week-to-week basis, and have their own lives as well.

Why did LRR stop making ENN? / Why did LRR jump ship to PATV for CheckPoint?

ENN was cancelled by the Escapist because it was strugging to find its audience (ENN previously went bi-weekly, and had a major format shake-up before being cancelled). At the next PAX East, the crew ran into Robert Khoo and he asked if they wanted to work on something for PATV. They developed CheckPoint with Russ Pitts' help and the Escapist's blessing.