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Offline.jpg This video is offline. Some videos are permanently offline like most of Season 1, where some copywritten music prevents it from being posted. Some videos go offline when video hosts change or go down. This category is to help the LRR crew find gaps in the library for posting to Youtube.

We are just stealing stuff from Jackass

Vital Statistics


Date: January 1, 2000

Category: Bonus

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, James Turner, Graham Stark, Ben Wilkinson, Bill Watt

Camera: Graham Stark

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Pat's place


Flour is thrown at Morgan. It gets his eyes and hair. Morgan fights back with a bamboo stick.


  • This was the result of watching a bit to much Jackass.
  • The profanity Morgan uses prevented the video from being shown on the site. Even this version was heavily edited.
  • Morgan does make lewd comments about James' sister all the time.
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