February 28 2008 LRRcast

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James, Graham, Paul, Jer and Matt talky talky.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: The Con

Date: February 27, 2008

LRRcasters: James Turner, Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter, Matt Wiggins

Runtime: 57:11


You're just going to have to cope with the fact that I find podcasts utterly stupid.



Paul notes that that kind of went from "Let's kill him" to a "We're bored." Matt says that it is probably a bad choice to call podcasts boring and stupid. They recall that podcasts actually fight stupid and halitosis, which reminds Matt that he needs to brush his teeth.

The video was shot at Kei-Kon. This is the first time they've actually written a video that takes place at an aanime convention. The entire video hinged on getting the help of a large group of costumed people. This was done via the cosplay competition, which, like most cosplay competitions, was attended by hordes of shrieking girls. Graham points out that he does like anime, and has since before girls liked it. The entire group also liked Anime before it was cool. As Paul points out, it still isn't cool. Morgan was quite interested in Sailor Moon, and thus his interest in uh-neem began. He got his step-brother into it one year, and rented a bunch of porno uh-neem. It turns out that uh-neem isn't really an animation company, and in fact, isn't even a genre, but a medium. At most, someone can say, "I don't like animated films." For every convention in Anime, there is an exception, which is demonstrated well in Miyazaki's works. Graham stresses again that he enjoys Japanese animation. There is a lot of stuff he doesn't like because it is boring, such as Magical Girl, or the exercise in stretching for time that is DragonballZ. Japanophiles bother the crew because of the stupidity of that position. Nobody can say, "All Anime is good," but neither can someone say, "All Anime is bad." Everthing is funnier with a British accent.

The film was shot out of order: the first thing was the big group scene, because with out, the video would be scraped. They did a pretty good job, considering that they probably had no idea why they were running and screaming. Of course, they would probably be that energetic if the Graham announced that they were bringing about the apocalypse. Especially if he made out with another guy while doing it. The breifing went something like the following:

"Are you ready to be an angry mob?"


"I knew you would be. Here we go."

Matt, ever the marketer, asked if the angry mob got business cards. The answer is eventually "No". He would've helped, but he was busy skipping the bad videos during the LRR showing. The viewers seemed pretty positive about Season 1, even though those videos weren't skipped. Kathleen borrowed a hat. Tyler wasn't dressed as Waldo. The fourth Doctor made a showing at the concession stand. At the concession stand, an XKCD reference wasn't made on purpose; it came from Kathleen's roommate, Adam, who probably stole it from XKCD and never told anyone. Random fans make excellent extras. People wearing different costumes for different convention days enter a whole new order of geek. There really was a Hentai room. It's just creepy and wrong. And the ID-checker was absent. Gibb was hiding from the crew, so he didn't go to Kei-Kon this year. In fact, he is still hiding. They plan to trap him with little plates of Gibb-food as bait. Awesome new tee-shirts were sold, and will be sold again at Pure Pwnage on March 1st, 2008. Matt hasn't ever seen a Pure Pwnage video. His name is James Turner.

Nobody in Oblivion looks attractive. It looks like they've been greased in... grease? No, wait, vaseline. Fable is WoW in disguise. Every game should have a cinematic mode, since they spend so much time making the game look cool. In order to get Matt to set up Rock Band, threats of fire are used. It seems as though they worked. AskLRR is Matt's favourite part of the podcast. After the AskLRR, Matt turns out to be a dick, or possibly a homo. This ruins Graham's exit strategy for the podcast.

I think that says more about LoadingReadyRun than you will ever know. Grr. Argh.

What We're Playing Now

  • Paul isn't playing anything.
  • Graham played all 60 minutes of a Peggle trial, and now he is a sad panda. He is also playing "Getting Matt to fucking set up Rock Band."
  • James is playing WoW and Rock Band. He had a mini-LAN while watching The Simpsons, Star Wars, and South Park. He is now level 39, which will deny Matt of sleep tonight.
  • Matt is considering downloading Brickle. Break Quest is recommended over Brickle, because it is Arkanoid on crack. He is also still playing WoW. Especially because Bill is now a higher level than he is. He also bought all Battlefield games, and Star Wars: Empire at War. It has cinematic mode!
  • Jer played more Eternal Sonata, and though a ways into it, he still only has 50 achievement points. Also, he picked up a copy of Fable, in which everyone looks like a giant-chinned-muppet.


February 27 2008 AskLRR


  • This podcast went up a day earlier than usual.
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