February 22 2008 LRRcast

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Me, Jeremy, Graham and Paul Discuss... stuff.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Ways to Keep Warm

Date: February 22, 2008

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter, James Turner

Runtime: 41:04


Every seven days, there is a recording. It alone will stand against misinformation, stupidity, and the terminally dumb. It is the podcast. Paul objects to the idea that the LRR crew is steady against stupidity. Graham points out that Bill, Morgan, and Matt aren't there, and as such, the podcast is steady against stupidity.

They apologize for missing the Sam Raimi. That's what they get for having faith in Graham. It is suggested that Matt should not have worn pants in the video. Jer says there is an easter egg in the clothes scene. The nitpickers didn't catch the Heatman color difference (green, as opposed to red). This is thought to be the result of the lack of weekend preceding the podcast. Jer is upset that his pants weren't on fire. The time-traveling postcard is said to have several possible origins. Global warming is discussed, and it is agreed that Al Gore is awesome. He could have the only dialog in the video, if he wanted. Paul was warm and fairly immobile while wearing clothes.

They talk about what they are playing now, then answer some questions. Kei Con is in the near future. There, Season One DVDs can be watched and awesome new clothes can be purchased. Grr. Argh.

What We're Playing Now

  • Jeremy was playing Megaman 2 on his cell phone (for seven dollars). To feed his need for a JRPG, he bought Disgaea for PSP. It wasn't as brainless as he had hoped. Geopanels require thinking. Also, he's logged six hours into Eternal Sonata. That means he's almost past the opening cutscene. Eternal Sonata is agreed upon to look gorgeous.
  • Graham has been playing Super Mario Galaxy, and Assassin's Creed. Also, he got Kathleen hooked on Puzzle Quest, which is also being played by Tally. Graham regrets that choice. That won't stop James from showing Ashley.
  • James fired up Final Fantasy XII again. Also, he has been playing WoW, Rock Band, and some Wii Bowling. Jer pines after his lost Wii. Paul's genius seems to have solved that problem, though.
  • Paul has been debating whether or not he will register Peggle. His demo ran out. It is sad. It is learned that the Steam version of Peggle is Half-Life themed, including Portals!


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