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Below is a list of all the Featured Articles selected from the LoadingReadyRun wiki. The highest on the list is the current Featured Article.

September/October 2016

Toast was the star of Season 4 weekly update The Secret Life of Toast. Toast was abandoned by Matt on the bus and embarked on a whirlwind musical career, only to descend into drugs and abuse that alienated longtime girlfriend and Action 9 News reporter Natasha Stone (Tally). Toast appeared in The Season 4 Finale and was a contestant in RapStar 64K, but was eaten by fellow inanimate LRR contributor Gibb. The original Toast was eaten by a mouse while in the second Moonbase and was discarded. The crew's adoration for Toast baffled Kathleen.

August 2016

Whole Story Desert Bus.jpg
The Whole Story is an series of Weekly LRR Updates that began in 2011. It stars Paul as Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer, a documentarian who provides almost entirely fictional and often anachronistic histories of well-known things. The writing process for The Whole Story starts with actual research into the subject, selecting kernels of truth and making up the rest. Paul appeared as Nigel in a The Whole Story segment at the start of LoadingReadyLIVE LRR vs. The Volcano.

July 2016

Gibb is a LoadingReadyRun contributor and LRR's underused mascot. He is a yeti. He appeared in The Professor's Funhouse as Martin the Monkey. He appeared in the Whatever Thing episode Time You Won't Get Back, voiced here by Morgan. Gibb reluctantly appeared in Magicland and was a judge in RapStar 64K, where he ate fellow inanimate LRR contributor Toast. He also hosted some of the shows on MEN. He also appeared in Friday Nights for the Two-Headed Giant tournament in Two Heads are Better. Gibb makes an appearance at most Desert Bus events, but was absent for Desert Bus for Hope 2, despite being at the Moonbase the entire time. Gibb is a puppet.

June 2016

The Accusation is the twenty-third Crapshot originally published on Alex's channel on June 2, 2010. Alex points to Annika and Khaavren and shouts, "Kitty!" He then points to Graham and shouts, "Kitty!" Graham denies it, but after being accused three times, he confesses, "Meow." This somehow "tumbles his nefarious plan." This is the most-watched Crapshot on Alex's Youtube channel. It has been re-enacted at Desert Bus, where the chat chooses a 'kitty' for someone to find. Alex found the "kitty" at Desert Bus for Hope 4 and was immediately clubbed.

May 2016

Russ Pitts is the former Editor-in-chief of The Escapist and co-founder of Polygon. He has made occasional appearances in LoadingReadyRun videos. He appears in Hot Water at PAX and debates himself in The Ultimate Scrolldown. He was thanked in early episodes of CheckPoint, the spiritual successor to ENN. With his wife Susan Arendt, he founded TakeThis.org, a charity attempting to provide education about and reduce the stigma of mental illness. His media company Flying Saucer Media will produce the Desert Bus documentary currently on Kickstarter.

April 2016

Evil Corp. is a Season 1 video starring Paul as the leader of Evil Corp. He struggles with his non-wheeled chair and other problems related to the renovations of his evil lair. Graham appears as an agent who kills the head of Evil Corp.'s assistant (also voiced by Graham) due to ambiguous phrasing. Graham wears an afro wig, which was discontinued in later appearances. Bill appears as a painter. Evil Corp. would later become Evil Inc..

February/March 2016

The Cinnamon Challenge is an episode of the Iron Stomach Challenge. Morgan, Bill, Paul, James and Ashley, in her only Iron Stomach appearance, have to eat a spoonful of ground cinnamon. This was the most frequently requested Iron Stomach Challenge, as it had previously gone viral as an allegedly impossible challenge. Because Bill thought he could eat anything, he saw this as his Kobiyashi Maru (the no-win scenario from Star Trek).

January 2015

Pachinima is a Season 3 video. The ghosts from Pac-Man are brought together as paramilitary soldiers enlisted to take out Pac-Man, a man who will eventually eat the world's supply of dots. Each ghost has their own specialty and codename. While this video is generally categorized as machinima, it was animated in Final Cut Pro.

December 2015

Christmas Caroling on Halloween is a Season 3 Sheer Stupidity video, where Paul, Bill, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan and James go trick-or-treating on Halloween as carolers, singing to the homeowners. When asked "Why?" by the title card, Bill says his time machine broke, while Ben and Paul pretend to be in denial. "You would tell me if it wasn't Christmas, right?" Paul asks. They sing "Deck the Halls," "Jingle Bells," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." While some were "unimpressed," one house asked for an encore.

November 2015

Daniel Davis was a LoadingReadyRun fan from Jacksonville, Alabama who came to visit Desert Bus for Hope 5 in 2011 as his Make-A-Wish Foundation wish. Davis' time at the Moonbase was spent volunteering and spending time on-camera, seeing his time at Desert Bus as a chance to give back to the community. He stayed in contact with the crew through Facebook, and called in during Desert Bus for Hope 6. In his spare time, he studied music and composed chiptunes under the name Redflag. Daniel Davis passed away October 13, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

October 2015

Alexander T. Devilsworth-Steacy, AKA Evil Alex is a recurring Feed Dump segment. Evil Alex is a foppish, extravagant version of Alex. When Alex asked Evil Alex if he was his evil counterpart or actually the Devil, Evil Alex mused, "Can't I be both?" Depending on the episode, he is either a part of Alex's personality (as in The Return of Evil Alex where both Alex and Serge invoke the horns) or a person distinct from Alex, as in Drown in Your Lies. Evil Alex appeared with Cam in That's How They Die!.

September 2015

All The Little People is a Season 5 weekly update posted September 1, 2008. Matt attempts to imply Graham is attracted to Mortal Kombat's Goro while Paul wears a green tiger-striped and fur-lined top hat, insisting it's "not very interesting." He vehemently insists he doesn't have a family of tiny people living on his head under it. The uninteresting top hat would later be used in the Hon. Judge PimpSanta's costume in Powerless and Nude, but as of yet has not been This Hat. A still from this episode is used in the notification template for pages with disputed accuracy.

August 2015

Leon's Grate Adventule 1 and 2 are two action figures films by brothers Alex and Raymond Steacy. It "stars" Leon using his "Jus-tise" powers to seek revenge against the evil Chaos and his assassins. It was submitted to their high school film festival in 2001, where it was rejected for its extreme violent and inappropriate content. Leon's Grate Adventule 2 is on Alex's personal Youtube here. It's predecessor is not online.

July 2015

Poutine is an episode of Iron Stomach Challenge released on Canada Day (July 1) of 2009. Paul, Duncan Hauser, Ben Wilkinson and ISC veteran Bill eat bowls of Canadian-themed poutine. Fries are mixed with Cheezies, Nanaimo bars, smoked salmon, cheese, maple syrup and gravy. The poutine neither blended nor disgusted, so Bill added Dave's Insanity sauce to everyone's poutine. Duncan managed to finish his poutine and was declared the "super winner."

June 2015

Zoids Assault is an episode of Unskippable released on April 23, 2010. Graham and Paul are baffled by a long slideshow sequence filling in exposition on the game in complete silence. The scene eventually shows a court proceedings with Alexias van Cliffe testifying, represented by a slideshow of still drawings with voice over. Several minutes were cut from the beginning, which the stinger promises "is not worth it. What you saw was THE GOOD PART." Unskippable 100: A Guide to Cinematics says this was the worst cutscene they riffed up until then, an accolade it maintained for the entire run of Unskippable.

May 2015

First Draft Iron Man Trailer is a Season 5 weekly update. It is a parody of the first Iron Man trailer. Graham is captured by terrorists who cannot assemble their Ikea furniture, but he builds a suit of armor out of the spare cardboard and escapes as Cardboard Man. Cardboard Man would be referenced in later videos, such as MGS4 Boss Auditions and commodoreHUSTLE 04 - Fixer. A Cardboard Man comic appeared in the next weekly update Son of a Bitch.

April 2015

Mattrolling is a form of bait-and-switch trolling in which blind or obfuscated links lead to a disruptive Flash video called fearofmatt.swf. Alex edited an earlier Flash called "fearofgod.swf" in December 2009. Mattrolling was meant to be the LRR-specific variant of Rickrolling, but fell into disuse after the introduction of clubbing. Nevertheless, King Kool successfully Mattroll'd Graham, Paul and Kathleen in person at PAX East 2010.

March 2015

Suspend Your Disbelief is a Season 2 weekly update. Andy tries to convince Pat Donison to suspend his disbelief in regards to musicals, specifically people breaking into cheesy song numbers and dance routines. As Andy starts singing, the colors in the video get more saturated and the aspect ratio changes to widescreen. The song was written by Andy and Graham. This video was screened at the LoadingReadyRun Fifth Anniversary Screening, having been tied for second favorite weekly update.

February 2015

Bill Watt is a contributor to the early seasons of LoadingReadyRun. He is 2.1 meters (6'11") tall. He is known for his ability to eat gross stuff, most notably the "sampler" bowl he created Super Mystery Can Showdown. He wrote The Return of the Bill to explain his absence in late 2007, when the crew said he was off "fighting ninjas." His appearances in videos waned over the years, his last LRR credit was for boom operation on Discount Deities. Bill was a driver for the first seven Desert Bus for Hope events (even avoiding crashing throughout Desert Bus for Hope 5), but he was unable to participate in Desert Bus for Hope 8 or the series finale, The LoadingReadyRumble 2.

January 2015

The Job is the Season 7 premiere, and the first weekly update to be hosted on The Escapist. into January 11th, 2010 was later called "Blue Monday." In The Job, Graham and Paul scour the world to find the rest of the LRR crew (at the time, James, Jer, Kathleen, Matt and Tim) and bring them together for an important mission. This sketch was a way to introduce the Escapist audience already familiar with Graham and Paul through Unskippable to the other members of the crew.

December 2014

Muscles Santa is a recurring joke character played by Jeremy Petter. He wears a fake muscley chest shirt with a Santa hat and beard (though in his first appearance in in Super Secret Surprise, he wore a propeller beanie). He auditioned for RapStar 64K, and was seen in line for the MGS4 Boss Auditions. He is often disappointed by bad or discouraging news, shaking his head and removing his hat. His relation to the Hon. Judge Pimp Santa from Powerless and Nude is unknown.

November 2014

Steven Dengler is the founder of Dracogen Strategic Investments and the co-founder of XE.com. He is a philanthropist and collector of video game memorabilia. He collected many of the auctions for Desert Bus for Hope 5. He returned for Desert Bus for Hope 6, winning one auction with the largest single bid increase in Desert Bus history (though Fugiman bid for him by proxy, as he was driving at the time). He also sponsored the equipment for Desert Bus 6 to broadcast in HD, dubbed "High Denglervision." Steve also sponsored LoadingReadyRun in the 2012 Child's Play Invitational Charity Golf Tournament and was a backer of the Season 11 Kickstarter. Steve is Ash Vickers' half-brother, and the second protagonist in her webcomic MegaCynics.

October 2014

The Iron Stomach Challenge was a video subseries of Loadingreadyrun in which the crew would eat unusual or gross food. The challenges must be eaten as food somewhere in the world, and the challenge must not deliberately sicken or kill (E.G., an overdose of nutmeg). Bill excelled at the Iron Stomach Challenge, winning most that he participated in (except the two Jones Soda challenges). The Season 2 videos Super Mystery Can Showdown and Bill's Revenge were retroactively categorized as Iron Stomach Challenges. Not many Iron Stomach Challenge videos were posted, but Iron Stomach-style challenges are perennial appearances at Desert Bus.

September 2014

How to Talk like a Pirate is a Season Three video released to coincide with International Talk Like A Pirate Day. The video takes the form of an instructional video in the LoadingReadyLabs series. Jer plays the surrogate student learning the vocabulary and speech patterns of a pirate. The video was immensely popular at the time of its release, one of the biggest hits LoadingReadyRun had until Halo: The Future of Gaming. Shirts with the informative graphic locating the "thromborax" were eventually released, but are now unavailable.

August 2014

Skeletor's Dick is a Season 5 update featuring Bag Fries, a band with Geoff Howe and Patrick Donison. The song sings about the trauma that witnessing Skeletor's penis has caused. It was inspired by a full frontal nude scene in Lolita by Frank Langella (who played Skeletor in Masters of the Universe). Morgan plays Skeletor in the video (with a different skull mask than Derek from the Warriors of Darkness wears. Skeletor's Dick was a highly anticipated project by the crew, but was met with a mixed reception by fans. Most loved the song and video, but some thought the humor was low-brow. The video was preceded by a T-shirt ad featuring Graham reporting live from inside a LRR T-shirt when posted to Revver, but this was removed when it was crossposted to Blip.

July 2014

The LoadingReadyRun Secret Orbiting Underground Bunker (often shortened to "The Moonbase") is the nickname for the office of LoadingReadyRun and Bionic Trousers, Inc. The first Moonbase (Mk. I) was a single room to store costumes and a wall painted chroma green. The second Moonbase (Mk. II) was in the same building, just across the hall. It was larger, with a second smaller room used for editing. The set for ENN was first built here. The building containing the first two Moonbases was razed, and LoadingReadyRun moved to Moonbase Mk. III, half a building shared with a surveyor. It has its own bathroom, two floors and two offices. The last four Desert Bus for Hope events were held at Mk. III.

June 2014

Graham Stark is the co-founder of LoadingReadyRun, along with Paul Saunders. Graham met most of the future LRR crew in high school, where he co-wrote and animated After Hours: Quest for the Grail with Paul. He edited almost every LRR update while working other jobs, such as Pixpo to produce The Idiot Room and Rodger's during the early Phailhaüses, before working on LRR full-time. As his filmmaking duties have expanded, some editing duties have been deferred to other crewmembers (E.G.:ENN or Feed Dump). He co-hosted The Whatever Thing with Morgan in Season 3 and hosted Strip Search for Penny Arcade. Graham lives with his fiancé Kathleen and their two cats Khaavren and Baxter.

May 2014

Feed Dump is a weekly series on the Escapist. It is one of two shows to replace the Escapist News Network, the other show being CheckPoint. Feed Dump has a similar format to Phailhaüs and The Whatever Thing, in which a host reads amusing news stories and the co-hosts make color commentary. "Pic/Word/Day of the Day" from the previous incarnations were not incorporated into Feed Dump. Graham was the host for almost every episode for the first two years, though Kathleen has hosted more frequently following Feed Dump 100 as well as taking over editing duties. Graham hosted Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps without any co-hosts. Though not explicitly a replacement for the Phailhaüs, no new Phailhaüs episodes have been made since the premiere of Feed Dump.

April 2014

Tim Sevenhuysen is a former LoadingReadyRun crewmember and the creator of the behind-the-scenes series Loading Time. Tim became acquainted with the crew by "bribing" his way onto the first Desert Bus for Hope set with a chocolate cake. He was an official crewmember from October 2009 until September 2010, when he left the crew to finish his Master's degree in sociology. Tim now lives in Edmonton with his wife Larissa, with whom he has two sons. His latest appearance in a LoadingReadyRun video was in The Bee Team with eight-day-old son Calvin.

March 2014

Prior to being hosted on the Escapist, weekly updates would occasionally have non-standard intros. Most of the Holiday Specials in the earlier seasons had a special festive intro. In High Noon, the intro is given the same sepia, old film filter present in the video. The bonus video Green Noon has the logo floating just off a green screen. In Customer Servicing, the intro crashes while Graham tries to watch it on his phone. In Superman and the Concentrated Light Ray, a snippet of the Superman cartoon theme plays instead of the LRR theme. In the first Mercenary Solutions, the opening is green with a camouflage pattern.

February 2014

The featured article for February 2014 was the series "Phailhaüs." Because the article used a special character in the title, specifically the famous "ü" in the name, all the Phailhaus pages broke at some point during some change on the wiki. The contents of this page are thought to be lost.

January 2014

Things On My Head (sometimes abbreviated TOMH) was Paul's contribution to Operation: Viral Outbreak, and the only channel involved to have more episodes posted afterwards. It was a parody of pointless, low-effort, deliberately obtuse Internet videos. In each video, for one minute and twenty-one seconds, Paul stares directly at the camera while balancing something on his head and acting as if he's fascinated by what the viewer is saying. The channel came with the description, "More subscriptions means more things on my head!" Paul uploaded an episode of Things on my Head every day in January 2011 for Things on my January. During AskPaul LIVE 2K13, Paul said this backfired, as many people unsubscribed. Things on my Head has been referenced in weekly videos such as The Tale of Matt Wiggins. A revival of Things on my Head was the lowest unreached stretch goal for the Season 11 Kickstarter.

December 2013

Jangles and Jones Save Christmas is the Season Three Holiday Special. As told by Story Guy, Jangles and Jones awake to find the head of Evil Inc. has captured Santa Claus to punish the world's children. Jones convinces the head of Evil Inc. (rather quickly) that he's made a mistake. Instead of appealing to his compassion, he relents because he enjoys seasonal treats like eggnog. The video ends with a holiday rap from 64K and an appearance from the Holiday Thought Police from the previous week's video The C Word. This video marks an early reference to Edward James Olmos, and it has the first appearance of Spot the Dog before he became a running gag.

November 2013

The fifth annual Desert Bus for Hope (occasionally called De5ert Bus) began November 18, 2011 and ended 150 hours later, at midnight on November 25. The crew raised $383,125.10, approximately one-tenth of what Child's Play would raise that year. It was the last Desert Bus where the drivers drove for 24 hours (except for Bill, who drove two twelve-hour shifts). Clubbing was frequent. This iteration of Desert Bus spawned "Well Dong" that would evolve into "Whale dong" in future events, BidBot, Alex's late-night radio show DerpLine, the mercifully discontinued exclamation "AFRICA!" and QWOP. Celebrity call-ins included Grant Imahara, Neil Gaiman and Minecraft creator Markus Perrson. It is the only Desert Bus event where Bill has not crashed.

October 2013

The Warriors of Darkness are a group of dysfunctional and possibly demonic warriors. Introduced in The Truce, they struggle to live ordinary lives, often reacting improperly to routine domestic frustrations. Ulric is played by Paul in every appearance. Jer plays Ragnar, Morgan plays Krull and Ben Wilkinson plays Derek (though Graham has stood in for Ragnar and Derek, and James for Ragnar.) The CommodoreHUSTLE episode Viral featured the Warriors and a beardless Paul wearing an unconvincing beard. A $3,000 donation to the Season 11 Kickstarter was given the title "Warrior of Darkness."

September 2013

Superman and the Concentrated Light Ray is a weekly update from Season 2. This short was edited from the 1941 animated short "Superman," the first Superman cartoon made by Max Fleischer. Clark (played by Paul) is desperate to convince people he's actually Superman, and a mad scientist kidnaps Lois Lane (played by Kate Stark). The titular concentrated light ray nearly spells Superman's end, but Superman punches it. The old-timey announcer voice Graham invokes appears in later productions such as Carcinogen Cola, and a small audio clip from this cartoon was used in Snakes on the Brain.

August 2013

Jeremy Michael Petter is one of the primary players in LoadingReadyRun. Credited as "J. Michael Petter" in Season One, Jer attended Oak Bay High School with the other members of LoadingReadyRun. He was the president of his 12th grade class. He loves ducks, giving shelter to several stuffed ducks, including celebrity mallard Roscoe P. Jangles IV. He has contributed his musical skills to weekly updates like The Ballad of the Fanboy and The Superintendent's Sorrow. He was the field reporter in ENN, continuing this responsibility in CheckPoint until he took an indefinite hiatus from LRR in September 2011. Despite this, he has been an official driver at every Desert Bus since 2008. He married his longtime girlfriend Tally Heilke on June 23, 2013.

July 2013

The Small Time Thieves are the main characters featured in Small Time, a Season Three weekly update. Bill and Morgan play thieves. They aspire to pull off great movie-style heists, but they are continually stymied by their limitations. They compromise for smaller and smaller robberies until the spoils of their heist are pitiful or nonexistent (from a vagrant's change to the contents of a lost-and-found box). Morgan's thief seems to be slightly smarter than Bill's, though Bill can summon a box of Timbits from Hammerspace. They appeared in the LoadingReadyRumble and despite their incompetence, they bested their kidnapper in I SAW What You Did There.

June 2013

Operation: Tube Men Enter is a video associated with an abandoned fan competition. In the video, Matt and Tim face off in a field, wielding huge cardboard tubes. Tim eats a brownie before they converge, where the video ends and encourages fans to suggest what happens next. This video is not listed on LoadingReadyRun. It was posted to the Runners site at LoadingReadyRunners.com. The sound design is reminiscent of Alex's previous sound design efforts, though there are no credits listed. No follow-up was ever released.

May 2013

Celestial Sea is a seven-part machinima miniseries posted during Season Two, edited from footage from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. It follows Myke Bluehair (voiced by Graham) on an perilous journey as he's separated from his girlfriend Amy (voiced by Kathleen over Skype). Myke frequently bemoans his adventures forcing him to skip lunch. This series introduced the running gag "Gravitic Warp, and the first episode brought back the "Sporting News Baseball" theme to the LRR logo opening. While the series has its fans, comments from the crew indicate that there will never be a second season of Celestial Sea.

April 2013

This Hat is a recurring gag in Feed Dump that acts as part of the outro leading to the end credits. The host (almost always Graham) will lead into the credits with some variation of the phrase, "There may be better sources for news, but they don't have this hat," as he puts on the proverbial hat. Many new hats get donated by fans for inclusion in Feed Dump, though most of them are not useful as costume hats. The "ridiculous pimp hat" featured in All The Little People has never been This Hat.

March 2013

Friday Nights is a four part miniseries and spinoff of commodoreHUSTLE, focusing specifically on Magic: The Gathering. Paul is taught by the other members of LoadingReadyRun how to play Magic, coming to a head at a Friday Nights Magic session at Yellowjacket Games. Friday Nights was produced in association with Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic. Bradley Rains composed an original chiptune-inspired electronic soundtrack for this series. The first series was released on DVD. The second season began on March 15, 2013 with the release of Friday Nights: The Return.

February 2013

Annika and Khaavren are Kathleen's two cats, featured in many LRR videos, a few Crapshots and one episode of ENN. Khaavren is a tabby cat described by Kathleen as "lovable, but entitled." He can be silly and occasionally ornery. Annika was a friendly and very vocal black cat, inspiring Kathleen to create the webcomic Things My Cat Hates. Annika was a lover of human food, especially French fries. Annika passed away in January 2013 at the age of thirteen.

January 2013

Daily Drop was a show produced by the crew over four days in September 2010. Various objects were recorded dropping against a concrete floor in the Victoria Event Centre using a high-speed camera. Objects that didn't break when dropped were hit with a crowbar. The episodes were accompanied with music from Younnat. It was released weekdays from October 10, 2010 until the finale on May 28, 2011.

December 2012

Awesome Brothers is an image macro originating from the LRR forums. A photo of Graham from a self-serve photo booth at the Child's Play Charity Dinner in 2009 was Photoshopped with a then-unknown bearded man giving a thumbs-up. Elomin Sha named them the Awesome Brothers. Two years later, Graham would finally be 'reunited' with the other Awesome Brother, a PAX enforcer named Ishmael.

November 2012

Clubbing is a drinking game where the participants must trick another player to discover a hidden vessel of club soda (a "club") that they must drink as quickly as possible. A club can be countered with a second club, in which case the first player must counter or drinks both clubs. Clubbing came to prominence during the fourth Desert Bus for Hope and clubbing has occurred at subsequent Desert Bus events and at PAX. The creation of clubbing was fictionalized in the commodoreHUSTLE episode Bros Clubbing Bros.

October 2012

Operation: Viral Outbreak was a social experiment performed in tandem with the release of commodoreHUSTLE 06 - Viral. The crew made their own videos and YouTube channels and encouraged fans to spread them around the Internet to see if any would go viral. Each entry touches on themes of widespread viral videos. Epic Nunchuck Fail (pictured) was the most successful, accruing half a million views and making appearances in mainstream media.

September 2012

Hot Water at PAX is the weekly video posted on April 12, 2010. It is the first commodoreHUSTLE to be hosted on the Escapist. It was shot almost entirely at the inaugural PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. The plot involves the crew struggling to share a hotel room (and bathroom) among the seven of them. Then editor-in-chief of the Escapist Russ Pitts makes a guest appearance. Hot Water at PAX was first posted with a stinger of forum member Wraith proposing to fellow forum member TheRocket.

August 2012

Metal Gear August is the title of the five-part Unskippable miniseries that ran in August 2009. Metal Gear Solid 4's notoriously long opening cutscene had been requested numerous times by fans. Graham and Paul decided to split the cutscene into five separate episodes to do it justice. It was the first series of episodes dedicated to a single game, paving the way for several other multi-episode entries.

June/July 2012

The Idiot Room was a video podcast produced by Graham and his coworkers in the Victoria marketing department of Pixpo (now Mixpo) during the summer of 2006. It starred Graham, Trenton Crawford and Aidan Henry. Nathan Mosher appeared in the first four episodes. Graham often played the straight man to the bizarre antics and Jackass-style misbehavior of Aidan and Trenton. The Idiot Room introduced the Word of the Day segment that would later be reused in the Phailhaüs.

April/May 2012


Spot the Dog is a ceramic figurine of a dog that the crew has placed in the background of videos. He started appearing in Season 5, but until his prominent appearance in Reality Tear in Season 8, it wasn't known outside the crew that his appearances were a deliberate joke. Finding Spot in the background of videos has become an alternate reality game.

Spot has no spots.