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The price some people will pay to have their throats lacerated.

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"J'aime le sketti!"

Date: October 24, 2012

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Kathleen De Vere, Tally Heilke

Editing: Kathleen De Vere


  • News Word of the Week: Sketti and News
  • The planet fifty-five Cancri-E is twice the size of Earth and made largely out of diamond.
    • Kathleen Political Fact of the Week: A meteor crashed into the Soviet Union during the Cold War and created a diamond lined crater.
  • New president of France is fulfilling a lifelong boyhood dream to outlaw homework.
  • Famed cocktail bartender Salvatore Calabrese has set the Guinness World Record for most expensive cocktail, clocking in at a little over eighty-three hundred dollars.
  • A massive seizure of Ecuadorian cocaine in Rotterdam is good news for the Rotterdam zoo, because it was being smuggled in crates of bananas. They don't need the bananas, so the zoo gets them!


  • The story Tally tells about Goldschläger, while apocryphal, is not actually true. Pure gold is quite soft, and it does not cause internal lacerations. Cut and polished whole diamonds would also not be sharp enough to cause any damage. Kathleen was right, however, in that inhaling or imbibing diamond dust will probably kill you for the reasons described. At the very least, it has legendary status as a poison: legend has it that Catherine de Medici killed people this way. Though, this too may be apocryphal, started as a story to deter miners from swallowing the diamonds they discovered to smuggle them out of the mines.

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