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There may be an entire generation of Emo children that can only see through one eye. Where are their weepy overly dramatic charities with a Sarah McLaughlin song?

Vital Statistics

"This red band means I don't gotta touch people's poop anymore."

Date: May 16, 2012

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Paul Saunders, James Turner

Editing: Graham Stark


  • There was no News Word of the Week this week, due to a connection error.
  • A member of the Optometrist Association of Australia believes the popularity of the emo haircut that covers one eye will lead to an epidemic of lazy eye.
  • Reality TV is influencing baby names.
  • The police in Windsor, Ontario are waiting for a man to poop so they can verify that he actually stole the thing that they think he stole.
    • Paul and James have to figure out what's in this Ontarian's poop.
  • Someone stole a ski lift.


  • The hat in this episode (which previously appeared in Van Dump, was donated by forum member (and army Veteran) Lord Hosk. The story behind the hat can be found here.
  • The ball James fails to catch is "This Ball" from Inside D&D 4th Edition.

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