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This time the Artists get to go outside for an adventure and learn more about the city where one of them may soon reside.

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Date: March 15, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Amy T. Falcone, Erika Moen, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Mackenzie Schubert, Maki Naro, Monica Ray, Nick Trujillo, Tavis Maiden, Ty Halley, Graham Stark, Captain Lou


The Artists take the Seattle Ride the Ducks Tour. Captain Lou dispenses trivia about Seattle landmarks while distracting the Artists with wacky hats. Back at the house, the Artists take a quiz on what Captain Lou told them. After fifteen questions, Lexxy emerges as the winner with nine correct answers. For her victory, she is given a Cintiq HD.


  • The tour was previously seen in MTGO CC Day 2: Ducks.
  • The helicopter shot of the Seattle Center and the Space Needle is stock footage, but accurate to the time the show was filmed.
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