Drugged Food in the 90s

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The best (and presumably only) source for all your drugged pigs and political stripping news.

Vital Statistics

"Get down there, boy, work the pedals! Papa ain't got no toes!"

Date: July 20, 2011

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Kathleen De Vere, Alex Steacy

Edited by: Graham Stark


  • Kathleen can moon you from any direction.
  • News Word of the Week: Bruise
  • A delivery truck driver in Cape Town, South Africa was using his 11-year-old son to operate the clutch of his vehicle.
  • Food at restaurants in China contain performance-enhancing drugs.
  • I'd Tear My Clothes Off For Putin.
  • Sisters in New Jersey sued the cemetery where their mother is buried because the grave they had been visiting wasn't their mother's.
  • Some people wanted to stage a fake getting-arrested video and got themselves locked inside a police van.


  • This episode had a Feed Dump Rejected filmed for it, that can be found here.


Shots with Hats: 15.25%.

Shots with Wigs: 6.78%.

Shots with Prescription Eyewear: 54.24%.

Shots with Other Eyewear: 8.47%.

Shots with Hatless: 35.59%.

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