Destiny Throwing Shade

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Stories on Final Fantasy XV, CS:GO Lotto, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Breath of the Wild, and Destiny 2.

Vital Statistics

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Date: September 11, 2017

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Music: Bradley Rains

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


The way Destiny 2 is handling shaders has players using epithets almost as colourful as the shaders themselves.


  • Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata can't buy a Nintendo Switch.
  • Creators of CS:GO Lotto settle with FTC.
  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds surpasses DOTA 2 for most concurrent players on Steam.
  • Breath of the Wild's free eggs from tips landing and breaking.
  • Destiny 2 shaders are consumable.

Coming Up

Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that Nintendo only made like 15 NES Classics because they assumed they'd sell as poorly as other retro-style consoles had sold for other companies. So props to Nintendo for working on supply issues for the SNES Classic and more importantly for pulling off the most savage shade I've seen since Pearl was on Drag Race.

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