Desert Bus for Hope Drinking Game

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Desert Bus for Hope 5 Drinking Game rules.

All rules subject to change at most anyone's suggestion

Drink when:

  • Kathleen Dances
  • The Driver Dances
    • Twice if it is Kathleen
  • A call-in Guest Dances on Video
  • The Bus Crashes
  • The Bug Splats
  • A point is Scored
    • Twice if scored by a Guest driver
  • Somebody leaves the Moonbase
  • Somebody Arrives at the Moonbase
  • The Feed Crashes
  • The Feed Starts
  • A Moonbaser swears on camera
    • Twice if it's the driver
  • Anytime somebody in the Moonbase says "Ostrich"
  • Anytime a live auction goes over $1000
    • Twice if it goes over $2000
  • When a Creepy Doll photobombs the stream
  • A live auction is Sniped after Going Twice is called
    • Twice if the bidder is a New Bidder to the auction
    • Thrice if the bidder is famous for past DesertBus madness auctions (WarHamster40K, Octopimp, Trevin, DuckTape, Dave_Random, xvIcePickxv)
  • When a live animal enters the Moonbase