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Desert Bus for Hope 7 (AKA DB007: A View to a Bill, DB007:Qwoptum of Silence, DB007:Octobussy, DB007:MoonBaseraker, etc) began at 10:00 AM PST, November 16th and ended at 10:54 PM PST November 22nd, 2013. Date: November 16, 2013 I

Desert Bus for Hope 7 Poster (by Mike Lunsford)

New for this year is the iOS Desert Bus For Hope app developed by Jeremy, Louis Moga, and Ashton Cummings. Link to the iTunes store for the app


All driving shifts are 12 hours long.

Driver Shift Start (PST) Total Money Raised During Shift Avg. Donations Per Minute Points Earned Bus Crashes Bus Stops Toilet Flushes Driver Name
No Driver Pre-Desert Bus $4,044 raised beforehand
James November 16 @ 10:00 $31,360.67 raised during shift $43.56 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 0 Stops 71 Flushes Bond
Cam November 16 @ 22:00 $29,880.09 raised during shift $41.50 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 0 Stops 48 Flushes Bond
Jeremy November 17 @ 10:00 $35,161.61 raised during shift $48.84 per minute 2 points 0 crashes 0 Stops 85 Flushes Bond
Johnny November 17 @ 22:00 $20,111.45 raised during shift $27.93 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 0 Stops 53 Flushes Bond
Kathleen November 18 @ 10:00 $31,609.13 raised during shift $43.90 per minute 2 points 0 crashes 0 Stops 59 Flushes Bond
Alex November 18 @ 22:00 $24,038.39 raised during shift $33.39 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 0 Stops 28 Flushes Bond
Tally November 19 @ 10:00 $47,110.68 raised during shift $65.43 per minute 1 point 3 crashes 2 Stops 39 Flushes Bond, M, Shame, Africa
Ian Horner November 19 @ 22:00 $19,081.01 raised during shift $26.50 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 3 Stops 22 Flushes Africa
Graham November 20 @ 10:00 $47,748.23 raised during shift $66.32 per minute 1 point 1 crash 7 Stops 51 Flushes Africa, Q
Ashton November 20 @ 22:00 $35,298.97 raised during shift $49.03 per minute 1 point 0 crashes 0 Stops 33 Flushes Q
Bill November 21 @ 10:00 $26,899.91 raised during shift $37.36 per minute 1 point 1 crash 1 Stop 45 Flushes Q, Oddjob
Matt November 21 @ 22:00 $53,823.58 raised during shift $74.75 per minute 1 point 2 crashes* 2 Stops 47 Flushes Oddjob, Boris, LostLuck
Paul November 22 @ 10:00 $108,112.58 raised during shift $150.16 per minute 0 points 2 crashes 1 Stop 65 Flushes LostLuck, End, Jocko
No Driver Post-Desert Bus $0
Totals (WHILE BUSSING) 155 Hours $516,466.12 raised $55.32 per minute 14 points (High: 9) 9 crashes 16 Stops 646 Flushes Bond, M, Shame, Africa, Q, Oddjob, Boris, LostLuck, End, Jocko
  • The second crash of Matt's shift was caused by Alex unplugging Matt's controller during his moment of Hubris at reaching 400k [Hour 143] and surpassing his other drivers in donations earned.



New ones added as info becomes available.

Scheduled Calls
Guest Best Known for Call-in time (all times 24hr PST) Website link Video
Kris Straub Webcartoonist, Writer, Podcaster, Creepypasta Chef November 16 @ 14:00 (Saturday) [1]
Matt Fraction Eisner Award-Winning Comic Book Writer for Marvel Comics November 16 @ 18:00 (Saturday) [2]
Bill Corbett Writer, Performer, Cult Icon November 17 @ 18:00 (Sunday) [3]
Khaavren and Baxter Fuzzy-Wuzzies, Dust Mops, Pro Cuddlers November 18 @ 11:56 (Monday) [4]
Bobak Ferdowsi Systems Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA Mohawk Guy) November 18 @ 18:00 (Monday) [5]
Mikey Neumann (auction) Creative Software Champion at Gearbox Software, Voice Actor, Author November 19 @ 18:00 (Tuesday) [6], [7]
Grant Imahara Myth Busters November 19 @ 21:05 (Tuesday) [8]
Mike Mearls and WotC people lead developer for Dungeons & Dragons Next November 19 @ 21:03 (Wednesday) [9]
Phil Plait (auction) Astronomer, Skeptic, Writer, and Popular Science Blogger November 20 @ 11:00 (Wednesday) [10]
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw Writer, Video Game Journalist, Indy Game Developer, Entrepreneur November, 20 @ 18:00 (Wednesday) [11]
Bob "MovieBob" Chapman Film Critic, Gamer, Pop-culture Commentator, Independent Film Maker November 20 @ 21:00 (Wednesday) [12]
Jim Sterling Host of Jimquisition, Reviews Editor for Destructoid, Official Mysterio of Video Games November 21 @ 11:00 (Thursday) [13]
Bonnie Burton Actress, Writer, Comedian November 21 @ 18:00 (Thursday) [14]
Aaron Forsythe Magic: The Gathering Director of R&D November 21 @ 22:30 (Thursday) [15]
Surprise Calls
Guest Best Known for Call-in time (all times 24hr PST) Website link Video
Momocon November 17 @ 13:06 (Sunday) [16]
Louis Moga DB7 App Co-Creator November 17 @ 14:05 (Sunday) [17]
Angela Webber Musician, Doubleclicks November 17 @ 23:02 (Sunday) [18]
Mikey Neumann Creative Software Champion at Gearbox Software, Voice Actor, Author November 17 @ 23:36 (Sunday) [19]
Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse Formerly of Xbox/Microsoft November 18 @ 11:00 (Monday) [20]
Teller Magician, Silent Illusionist/Comedian and Co-creator of Desert Bus November 19 @ 10:12 (Tuesday) [21]
Penn Jillette Illusionist/Comedian, and Co-creator of Desert Bus November 19 @ 10:31 (Tuesday) [22]
Paul and Storm Musicians November 19 @ 10:58 (Tuesday) [23], [24]
Scott Kurtz Web Comic Creator November 19 @ 13:03 (Tuesday) [25], [26]
Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson Musician November 20 @ 09:00 (Wednesday) [27]
Harrison Crix Prop Maker November 20 @ 11:04 (Wednesday) [28]
Eddie Gorodetsky TV Writer and Producer, and Co-creator of Desert Bus November 21 @ 13:00 (Thursday) [29]
Max Temkin Designer, Co-Creator of Cards Against Humanity November 22 @ 09:03 (Friday) & [30]


Guest Best Known for Visit time in the moonbase (all times 24hr PST) Website link Video
Allen Schauffler Reporter for Al Jazeera America November 19-20 (Tuesday-Wednesday) &
Steve Dengler Entrepreneur, Investor, Geek, and all around good guy November 21 @ 12:00 (Thursday) & [31]
Ken Steacy Comic, Science Fiction Artist and Writer November 21 @ 19:30 [32], [33]

Desert Bus 007 spoof titles

As compiled by CantWearHats on LRR Forums to date: As compiled by the DB offseason Chat:
  • Dr No Donor Account
  • From Tuscon With Love
  • GoldDengler
  • Thunderbus
  • You Only Crash Twice
  • On Her Majesty's Shipping Service
  • The Desert Is Forever
  • Live And Let Drive
  • The Man With The Golden Pun
  • The Spy Who Clubbed Me
  • Moonbaseraker
  • For Your Prize Only
  • Octopimpy
  • A View To A Bill
  • The Living Bugsplats
  • License To Bid
  • Soldeneye
  • Tomorrow Never Drives
  • The Bid Is Not Enough
  • Drive Another Day
  • Crashino Royale
  • Qwoptum of Solace
  • Busfall
  • Dr. LRR
  • From Tucson with Love
  • Busfinger
  • Thunderbus
  • You Only Drive Twice
  • On Her Majesty's Crafting Service
  • Deserts are Forever
  • Live and Let's Drive
  • The Man with the Rare, Foil, Un-cut Magic Cards
  • The Mod Who Banned Me
  • Moonbaseraker
  • For your Bids Only
  • Octopimpy
  • Never Say Going Twice Again
  • A View to a Bill in his Mom's Dress
  • The Missing Daylights
  • License to Bus
  • GoldenBus
  • Bussing Never Dies
  • Triple Madness is Not Enough
  • Bus Another Day (Or Six)
  • Charity Royale
  • Quantum of Charity
  • Busfall
  • Random Will Return in DB 8


(Times given in PST)

  • Year 1 total exceeded - 16/11/13 ~15:50
  • Year 2 total exceeded - 17/11/13 ~11:55
  • Year 3 total exceeded - 18/11/13 ~17:46
  • Year 4 total exceeded - 18/11/13 ~14:30
  • Year 5 total exceeded - 21/11/13 ~23:25
  • Year 6 total exceeded - 22/11/13 ~15:35
  • $1.5 million lifetime - 19/11/13 ~23:40
  • $1.75 million lifetime - 22/11/13 ~18:10
  • $500,000 reached - 22/11/13 ~19:35

Video links

Selected Parodies

  • none yet

Selected Skits/Challenges/Moments

Epic Sax Guy
During the final ten minutes of James' shift on the first night, Engineering played a continuous loop of the popular internet video "Epic Sax Guy" in response to the crew's request that "smooth jazz" be played. The staff members who were present improvised a series of silly and occasionally unnerving dances to the song, most notably a continuous, gentle en masse head bobbing while gazing directly into the camera with a broad smile.
"Derpline" was a popular segment from previous Desert Bus events that was reportedly near-constantly requested until Alex, the segment's host, performed the segment during his shift as a reward for breaking $170,000 by a certain time. The segment consists of Alex playing an apathetic morning radio DJ taking a series of bizarre calls to his show, to which he gives even more bizarre answers.
Winston's Long Con
When James handed off the thank-yous to Jer during the extra hour, the camera suddenly fell off the tripod. It was blamed on the web of Winston, the DB7 spider.


One of the many images posted by chat.
  • "Anime is for dumbs." - Alex during a mock-debate with Taka over Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 while using vocal jamming technology. This challenge took place near the end of Jer's shift. The end result was that the two sounded alternately as though they were intoxicated or parodying internet hate wars, the latter of which Alex embraced. The phrase caught on in the chat, who posted meme images and applied "for dumbs" to other situations as well as simply repeating the original phrase.

Notable Memes

See also the Desert Bus Lexicon

The Button

The F15 key at one of the workstations in the Engineering corner was programmed so that, when pressed, it played a random 15-60 second clip of relatively danceable music, prompting whoever was onscreen at the time to burst into a brief and spontaneous dance party. "The Button", whose creation was credited to Tally, was a huge success - the crew's only disappointment was that it didn't trigger an appropriate change in lighting.

"Woah chat. Such doge. Wow."
In reference to the shibe inu "doge" meme, an overlay was made to add a shibe to the bottom corner and create floating text in randomly colored comic sans.
"Silica Gel"
Chat became enraptured with Silica Gel from the N7 giveaway during the end of Cam's shift
Chat was eager to post animated GIFs recording notable sight gags, often turning GIFs around in real time barely seconds after the event they depicted occurred onscreen.
A number of technical glitches which caused the stream to frequently crash early in the stream caused the chat to repeatedly type "PANIC".
In order to calm things down, Lord Hosk invited chat to a picnic rather than panicking, and thereafter when tech issues caused distress the chat would type "PICNIC" and suggest dishes they were bringing.


This year, like prior years featured the return of achievements. Some of these were similar to the ones of the past, some were not.

Unlocked Achievements

  • On The Road Again - Reach 1 Point
  • Road Trip! - We reach 5 Points
  • The Long Haul - We reach 10 points
  • Don't Stop Me Now! - We crash the bus
Earned by Tally, occurred while Molly was at the wheel.
  • Vegeta Extreme - $9001 donated by a single donor
  • Excellent Posture - Someone balances something on their head
  • Fancy Hat' - Someone puts pants on their head
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One - Two People Sing a Duet
  • Walrus Tickle Dance Bance - A marathon dance session of Carmelldansen
  • Saturday Morning - A Sing along of an old cartoon theme song
  • Clubbing a Dead Horse - Someone gets Clubbed
Graham, by Bill's Stepdad
  • Kid Gloves - Someone drives Desert Bus with socks on their hands.
  • Houston, We Have a Problem - The feed goes down
Went down during the 12th hour, midway through Cam's Shift.
  • Ring-ding-dingeringeding! - A request is made (and fulfilled) for What the Fox Say?
Sung when they reached 100,000. Can be viewed at: [34]
  • Prize Pig - A Pig is Sweetened.
  • Diaebtic Pig - 10 Pigs are sweetened
  • Glazed Ham - 20 Pigs are sweetened
  • Crash the Gates - An auction's opening bid is $1000 or greater
  • Radio Silence - No posts in the chat for 30 seconds. (Why do we keep including this achievement?)
  • Trend-Setter - Desert Bus trends anywhere in the Top 10 on Twitter (we'll even take just in Canada)
  • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER - A Radio Silence attempt is spoiled in the last 5 seconds before success
  • Right in the FACE(book) - A Desert Bus Facebook post receives more than 1000 likes.
  • Insecticide - First bug splat of Desert Bus 7!
Earned by James in his run.
  • Choral Reef - More than 10 people singing on camera simultaneously.
  • Dog Catcher - Someone in the chat notices Spot the Dog
  • Ghost Ride the Whip - A driver dances beside the chair, while driving.
  • Can You Step - Two bidders trash-talk during an auction.
  • Hammertime - Someone gets IRL banhammered by one of the chat mods
  • We <3 Handmade - Awarded when a Craft-Along item auctions for over $2,000
  • Accident Free - A driver completes a shift without crashing.
Completed by James in his first shift.
  • Feed Dump - 10 people on camera are wearing hats at the same time.
  • Might of the Masses - When a donation drive raises over $2,000.
  • Who's Cutting Onions? - Someone at the Moonbase is moved to tears by "all dem feelings"
  • Winter Wonderland - It snows during Desert Bus
"The Snow" which earned the Winter Wonderland achievement.
"Snow" appearing on the feed from the interactions of DBCommand
  • QWOPing Balls - Someone finds something FAR too funny
  • Well Dong - A driver plays another video game while also playing Desert Bus simultaneously
  • Gender Fender Bender - Someone cross-dresses on camera
  • And Then We Were the Demons - Fan fiction is read on air
Completed by Cam during the late night hours of his shift.
  • Record-Breaker - We hit a lifetime Desert Bus total of $1.5 million.
  • It's Named Nick - Something previously unnamed is given a nickname by the chatroom
  • Somebody Has to Change - Two Desert Bus crew members unintentionally wear the same item of clothing.
  • Who's That?! - The crew manages to get an outsider on camera (like a delivery guy or something)
  • Chilling Out - Two or fewer people in the room
  • Emergent Gameplay - A driver claims to have found a way to "make the game better"
  • Shut it Down - Someone's mobile phone goes off on camera
  • Fake PHD - The first "Dear Dr" question is asked.
  • It's So Cute! - The first non-human entity appears on camera
  • We're Helping! - When the chat solves a problem nobody at the Moonbase can fix
  • Hot Swap - A piece of equipment needs to be replaced, mid-run.
Earned by Graham at the end of the feed loss that happened during the Card Kingdom Sponsored this Hour Hour but the Stream Crashed so they have another Hour Hour. Due to difficulties with the Internet connection, the video feeds were routed through his cellphone. Graham used up about 2GB of bandwidth during the short time he hosted the stream. (His mobile phone service provided unlimited bandwidth... the fools!)
  • Don't Stop Me Now! - We crash the bus
  • Bid for Power - Auction an item for more than $5000
  • Kickin' it up a Notch - We hit our first 5-digit donation
Earned by Paul during the Silica Gel auction where Notch donated $10000 at Hour 152.

Locked Achievements

All locked achievements were completed, a first for DBFH.

Secret Achievements

All Secret Achievements were completed.

Craft-Along Participants

Go to the Desert Bus crafters page to see a full list of which crafter donated what!


Organizing Partners

Corporate Sponsors

Community Sponsors

Official Desert Bus Artist

Technical Sponsors

The Desert Bus for Hope 007 Team

The Crew


Event Managers

Engineering Team

Communications Team

Shipping Team

Site Volunteers

Other Volunteers

Guests In The Moonbase!



Because of a performance which Dale was scheduled for at the end of the week he was uncertain he'd be able to come. He managed to make it in for a little bit during hour 27.
  • Winston
The spider that built a massive web behind the main room camera.

Desert Bus For Hope iOS app

Envisioned by Jer, who would go about to conscript the help of Louis Moga and Ashton Cummings in producing it, the Desert Bus For Hope iOS is an app created for DBFH7. This app had many of the functions of the main site available on it, like the stats/graph, feed, schedule, prizes, and drivers. Indeed the only thing missing is the ability to donate (with such abilities prevented in the app store), which they circumvented by sending you to donate through Safari. While there had been initial plans to make this also available on Android for DB007, this was deemed unfeasible in the time available.

Flush Count (aka Dix's Log)

With the setup for Desert Bus for Hope 7, the piping in the moon base was set close to the microphone for the driver camera. This resulted in the flushing of the toilet in the Moonbase being quite audibly heard within the stream, and commented on - which the Chat quite obviously latched onto early.

While initially it had been set up so that those in the moon base would be keeping track of this, this soon ran awry as the counter they had only went up to 6. Following this, a shared online spreadsheet would be made, and elaborated on to a excessive degree. Some of the more unique peculiarities of this would end up being:

  • Total Flushes
  • Average Flushes per hour
  • Value per flush
  • Flushes per hour per person
  • Gallons Flushed

This would all accumulate to the "KING OF THE PORCELAIN THRONE", a title awarded to the driver during which the most flushes occurred. For DBFH7, this was Jer with 85 Flushes.

Additionally, other stats would be recorded on this as well, such as:

  • Things Knocked Over
  • Chat Crashes
  • Dance Party Button presses
  • Math Fails
  • Feed Crashes

Which were not necessarily as tracked as well as the flushes during the course of the event.

Desert Bus Picks the NFL Winners

As in previous years, Desert Bus for Hope began on a weekend during the U.S. Football (NFL) season and this year, it was Cam's turn to predict which team would win and why. These decisions were made knowing nothing about the teams playing other than their team names. A U.K. viewer named Jamie then bet £1.00 GBP (about $1.67 USD) on each game and said that he would donate all of his winnings. As of Monday evening, LRR's final record was 9 wins, 5 losses, and 0 ties, raising $29.24 (rounded up) for Child's Play. [35]

Desert Bus de l'espoir

Winning Image of the DesertBus de l'espoir X Desert Bus for Hope contest.

Learned about shortly on the beginning of the Fifth day of DBFH, Desert Bus de l'espoir is a France based marathon (a "marathon solidaire du 22 au 24 novembre 2013") of Desert Bus for the charity Secours populaire francais [36], an organization devoted to combating poverty and social inequity in France and around the world. Almost immediately, dialogue occurred on Twitter, with Desert Bus de l'espoir recognizing DBFH as a "Big Brother". DBFH quite gladly encouraged its members to join them and donate to them once DBFH ended, seeing it as an additional good cause.

The Desert Bus de l'espoir has a rather different format, with two hosts and a rotating special guest who switches out on the hour and drives the bus. The marathon is to go on for 60 hours, shorter than even the first DBFH in scope. These special guests include indie developers and writers

Shortly afterwords, a challenged was issued to "Draw a picture of French Desert Bus (as represented by Ian) meeting with Canadian Desert Bus (represented by Kathleen)" during the midst of the Zeta Shift.[37] The winning image presented an incredibly stereotyped French Ian (wearing a black and white striped shirt, a red scarf, and a Beret) and an incredibly stereotyped Canadian Kathleen (wearing a pink toque).[38]

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