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Desert Bus for Hope 6 Poster (by Mike Lunsford)

Desert Bus for Hope 6 (AKA Desert Bus 6: Desert Bus 3 In America, DB6) began November 16th, 2012 at 9:00 PM PST. This marked the earliest starting day of the 6 Desert Bus events to that point. The event ended at 05:00 on November 23, 2012 after 152 Hours (6 Days and 8 Hours) driving. Date: November 16, 2012 I



All shifts were 12 hours long except for Jeremy's, which was 8 hours.

Driver Shift Start (PST) Total Money Raised During Shift Avg. Donations Per Minute Points Earned Bus Crashes Final Fantasy 6 Driver Name
No Driver Pre-Desert Bus $6,669.95 Raised beforehand
James November 16 @ 21:00 $24,628.58 Raised during shift $34.21 per minute 1 point 0 crashes Locke
Paul November 17 @ 09:00 $29,995.16 Raised during shift $41.66 per minute 1 point 1 crash Locke, Sabin
Matt November 17 @ 21:00 $17,010.39 Raised during shift $23.63 per minute 0 points 3 (!!!) crashes Sabin, Ceres, Setzer, Shadow
Cam November 18 @ 09:00 $38,162.81 Raised during shift $53.00 per minute 2 points 1 crash (Liz's fault) Shadow, Edgar
Ashton November 18 @ 21:00 $25,573.50 Raised during shift $35.52 per minute 0 points 1 crash Edgar, Gau
Kathleen November 19 @ 09:00 $45,234.25 Raised during shift $62.83 per minute 2 points 0 crashes Gau
Johnny November 19 @ 21:00 $19,568.53 Raised during shift $27.18 per minute 0 points 1 crash (blamed on "Math" Wiggins) Gau, Relm
Bill November 20 @ 09:00 $22,849.13 Raised during shift $31.73 per minute 1 point 1 crash (distracted by Yahtzee) Relm, Cyan
Graham November 20 @ 21:00 $34,069.23 Raised during shift $47.32 per minute 1 Point 2 crashes, One during a magnificent battle against a rampaging mosquito. Cyan, Kefkah, Mog
Tally November 21 @ 09:00 $43,681.15 Raised during shift $60.67 per minute 0 Points 1 crash Mog, Terra
Alex November 21 @ 21:00 $25,803.76 Raised during shift $35.84 per minute 2 Points 0 crashes Terra
Morgan November 22 @ 09:00 $37,669.47 Raised during shift $52.31 per minute 1 point 0 crashes Terra
Jeremy November 22 @ 21:00 $64,849.89 Raised during shift $135.10 per minute 1 point 1 crashes (Pika, during a challenge, right after the point) Terra, Ultras
No Driver Post-Desert Bus $188.03
Totals 152 Hours $443,112.52 raised $47.05 per minute 12 points (High: 4) 12 crashes


  • There was an auction for a Firefly script. Mikey Neumann offered a prop sword from Serenity if the auction went to $10,000. The auction reached $3,000 before reaching Going Twice. Steve Dengler, who was driving at the time, used Fugiman to proxy bid $10,000, making it the largest increase in a bid in Desert Bus history, beating Notch's space bid on the uncut Innistrad rares from Desert Bus 5. (I caught this partway through, so someone may have to fix the details).
  • On Novemeber 16th, at 6:46 pm Moonbase Local, the lifetime donation total SKYROCKETED over the $1,000,000 lifetime donation mark. Much cheer was had by all. The chat asploded. Gangnams were styled. And the childrens were happy. WIL PLAID.
  • Wil 'Wil Wheaton' Wheaton called in, and was Wil Wheaton. Wil Wheaton.
  • William Shatner (!!!!!!!!!!) was actively watching and tweeting with the Desert Bus twitter account during Prime Time hours on 20 November 2012. He was actually watching DURING the Million Dollar Moment.
  • Graham managed to lap Matt, raising in his shift double the amount of donations raised during Matt's.
  • At 9:50 pm, on November 23rd, donations surpassed $376,167, the amount raised during Desert Bus 5. Then at 10:05PM PST, Desert Bus 6 officially passed the final total from Desert Bus 5, $383,125.10.
  • At 11:20 pm on November 23rd, donations topped $400,000.
  • At 11:47 pm on November 23rd, the Desert Bus chat became self aware.
  • Jer did a rare thing and actually successfully stopped at the bus stop.

Selected Parodies

Media:DB6posterFilter.jpg - Mike Lunsford's joke poster with filters applied

Selected Skits/Challenges videos

One night more


  • Muh BRAND! -Various
  • Look. Look with your special eyes. -Various
  • Finger the Piss Baron. -Yahtzee
  • My Jimmies are rustled. -Various
  • DING! -Auction Bell
  • Sorry, I straight cold-clocked a mosquito that landed on the mic. -Graham
  • Why do we even HAVE that macro? -Graham, regarding the GttS button

Notable Memes

See also the Desert Bus Lexicon

"High Denglervision"
This year, Steve Dengler is sponsoring the gear for HD broadcast. Where HD stands for "High Denglervision".
"One DengleMark"
A DengleMark is $1,000
"One DesertBuck"
A DesertBuck is $22,805, the total raised by Desert Bus 1. Two DesertBucks is $45,610, and so on.
Sonic RainBid
Double Space Bid (outbidding yourself twice)
"Whale Dong"
The evolution of the "Well Dong" meme from DB5. It actually spawned late in DB5, but never grew to full fruition until DB6.
"Well Plaid/Whale Plaid"
Originated as smacktalk during a live auction by dave_random. It has taken over for Well Dong from DB5 for usage instead of Well Done.
"Soooo in!"
Thanks to a challenge for 'Kate and Kathleen give horrible advice', So In became the way to describe hip/happening/well-pretty-much-anything.
"My braaaaand!"
Due to repeated viewings of a 1-800-CONTACTS commercial, "My Braaaaaaand!" and "Look, look with your special eyes," were exclaimed randomly during the marathon.
"I have the weirdest [insert word here] right now."
Referencing the line "I have the weirdest boner right now" from the television show "Community." Boner has been replaced, because children.
"Go home, [insert word here]. You're drunk."
Referencing the "You're Drunk" meme.
"And the winner is... no donor account!"
Man, that guy wins everything.
Six Dollar Secret
Like the Five Dollar Facts from Desert Bus 5, a donor pledged $6 for every secret shared during Desert Bus 6.
Cloning the Pig
Lord Dengler saw fit to duplicate an auction lot for a custom made N7 jacket from Mass Effect. Such benevolence shall be henceforth known as "cloning the pig."
"Do you even LIFT?"
It's rarely used in its actual form. It's used more often in places such as auctions ("Do you even SNIPE?") or when criticizing Matt's driving ("Do you even BUS?").
Appearing by roads / Were these old ads / Selling a product / Used by dads / Burma Shave
"Errmahgherd (and variations thereof)"
Borrowing from the Ermagherd girl meme, the chat has taken to ermahgherd-ing up all KINDS of crazy bussing things (ex. durrverrr kerm for Driver Cam)
A variant of the previous meme that is notable in its own right. Late in the run, during the extreme bidding in the final Live Auctions, it morphed into BIDNEY WHORL!
"Ken "Value Added" Steacy"
Returning from previous years, this meme focuses on adding new nicknames in place of "Value Added" for well known comic artist and regular guest Ken Steacy.
"Sir Digby Chicken Seizure"
The now official name of the Seizure Chicken hat. A reference to the character from "That Mitchell and Webb Look".
"Poop Cam"
The camera from Desert Bus for Hope 1 was dredged up and used as a joke to begin the feed, before they switched to the real High DenglerVision. It was switched to several times early in the run before it had to be taken offline because it was a choice between it and Skype.
"QWOP Cam"
For some reason the Engineering camera developed a glitch after the Key and Peele "East/West Game" skit where everyone became stuttery and jittery with all the actions. This lead to the utter breaking of the chat and mostly everyone at the Moonbase. Unfortunately, the feed needed to be restarted, and that fixed QWOP Cam. QWOP Cam returned on Graham's shift during Jenga. The feed was restarted again after Tally's shift, fixing it again. It returned again during Alex's shift during "Everybody Dance Now."
"My Jimmies are rustled."
Borrowed from the "Rustled my Jimmies" meme.
"Who is Pika?"
A steady stream of Pikafans in the chat would shout out to her at frequent intervals. This lead to a rash of "Who is Pika?" questions from the uninitiated. This was turned into a the Pika Drinking Game - one drink for every "Who is Pika?" in the chat.
"I'm Kroze"
After Kroze admitted to trolling chat with different nicks after the Pika Drinking Game was invented, and someone claimed that the chat was a single entity. Morphed into multiple fake Krozes, a fake Ashton, a fake Fugi, a fake Aero, a fake DBCommand, a fake Kate, a fake Paul, a fake Matt, a fake Ian, and a fake Rosco.
The Screaming Sheep
In an attempt to top Going to the Store, a search was made to find a video that would break the Bus crew. One such video was found. While very short at 7 seconds, it has never failed to amuse the Moonbase or Chat. Graham has described the yell as "a guy realizing he has just been turned into a sheep". The Bob and Ed Goats video was similarly, though less, amusing.
"Operation- Infinite Batman"
Ian showed James, Paul, and Morgan the spotlight overlay that turns into a BatSignal. At that point Ian proceeded to put the 60's Batman theme into the Infinite Jukebox. James then proceeded to hold the chat and moonbase hostage by telling the chat that they would only turn off the Infinite Batman theme if the then-current $338,200ish total was raised to $340k. The chat responded by stopping nearly all donations as well as changing their nicks to all sorts of various Batmans. Infinite Batman continued for 40 minutes in a most epic backfiring of James hostage situation.
"Glorious Cammunism"
After Cam arrived in a dark green, double-breasted overcoat, the chat observed that if he fully buttoned up he would resemble the figurehead of some military coup. This led to a hurricane of puns about the name of his country and its system of government, and "Cam as benevolent dictator" became a running theme.
"Fill This Man with Cream"
Based on one of the reality show posters from The Crazy One. It was a segment on QWOP Line and the basis of an art challenge.


Unlocked Achievements

  • On The Road Again - Score 1 point
  • Don't Stop Me Now! - We Crash The Bus
  • Excellent Posture - Someone balances something on their head
  • Fancy Hat - Someone puts pants on their head
  • Two heads are better than one - Two people sing a duet
  • Houston, We Have a Problem - Feed goes down
  • Gather Around Children - Bill's mom tells a story
  • Prize Pig - A pig is sweetened
  • Radio Silence - No one posts in chat for 30 seconds
  • Right in the FACE - Any Desert Bus related post on Facebook receives more than 1000 likes
  • Insecticide - First bug splat of Desert Bus 6
  • Choral Reef - More than 10 people singing on camera simultaneously
  • Dog Catcher - Someone in chat notices Spot the dog
  • Ghost Ride the Whip - A driver dances besides the chair, while driving
  • Can You STEP?! - Two bidders trash-talk during an auction
  • We <3 Handmade - Awarded when a Craft-Along item auctions for over $2,000
  • Accident Free - A driver completes his shift without crashing
  • Feed Dump - 10 people on camera are wearing hats at the same time
  • Might of the Masses - When a donation drive reaches over $2,000
  • Well Dong - A driver plays another video game while also playing Desert Bus simultaneously
  • Gender Fender Bender - Someone cross dresses on camera
  • 50 Shades of Eh - Fan Fiction is read on air
  • Somebody Has to Change - Two Desert Bus crew members unintentionally wear the same item of clothing
  • Chilling Out - Two or fewer people in the room
  • Shut it Down! - Someone's mobile phone goes off on camera
  • Fake PHD - The First
  • We're Helping! - When the chat can solve a problem no one at the Moonbase can
  • First Blood - Curtis cut his head open
  • Bid for Power - An auction goes for over $5,000
  • Kickin' it up a Notch - We receive our first 5-digit donation.
  • Crash the Gates - An auction's opening bid is over $1,000
  • QWOPing Balls - Someone finds something FAR too funny
  • Diabetic Pig - 10 pigs are sweetened
  • Who's That?! - The crew manages to get an outsider on camera
  • Hot Swap - A piece of equipment needs to be replaced, mid-run
  • It's So Cute! - The crew has a live animal on the camera (Buster)
  • Emergent Gameplay - A driver claims to have found a way to make the game more engaging
  • Saturday Morning - A sing-along of an old cartoon theme song
  • One... MILLION Dollars - We hit $1 million lifetime total
  • Glazed Ham - 25 pigs are sweetened
  • Hammertime - Someone gets IRL banhammered by one of the chat mods
  • Winter Wonderland - It snows during Desert Bus
  • It's Named Nick - Give someone a nickname who didn't have one.
  • WHARRGARBL - WHARRGARBL!!!(Never Explained)
  • Trend-Setter - Desert Bus trends anywhere in the top 10 on Twitter (Made it to #2 in the United States at 03:50AM EST/12:50AM PST)

Locked Achievements

  • Road Trip! - We reach 5 points
  • The Long Haul - We reach 10 points

Hidden Achievements


Craft-Along Paticipants


Organizing Partners

  • Dammit Liz Productions
  • The Escapist Magazine

Corporate Sponsors

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Chat Mods

  • Kroze
  • Chris "Fugiman" Gamble - Squire of Internets
  • Dix
  • AeroCmdr
  • Pika
  • ken|home






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