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Desert Bus for Hope 2008 was formally announced at the gathering of LRR fans at PAX 2008, and to the world in the "'Movie' Movies Movie" podcast. However, it had been mentioned and informally announced on the forum, in the podcast, and on the Desert Bus website for many weeks previously. According to the information in the podcast, Desert Bus 2008 would have taken place in a Seattle hotel and feature several guest appearances and drivers.

On November 18, 2008 Desert Bus for Hope 2: Bus Harder was officially announced. James, Bill, Morgan and Jer started busing on November 28 at 6 pm PST inside their moonbase. They finished at 11:00 pm PST December 3rd, having bused for 5 days, 5 hours, and 5 minutes (125.1 hours), and raised 70 423.79 USD.

Let us repeat that. Seventy thousand, four hundred and twenty-three dollars and seventy nine cents. That's a lot of money.

Crew, Volunteers and Friends


Volunteers and Friends


Main Drivers

Guest Drivers

Driver Name Progression

  • LRR
  • JOCKO (5 minutes)
  • EVILJIM ($500 donation by Evil Jim) (In response this video was made: Eating a hat.)
  • EVILSAK ($1000 donation by Sakimori_X)
  • EVIL_SAK (Bus crashed, name maintained)
  • EVILSAKX (Bus crashed)


James - While distracted by background activities on his first shift.

Jer - 8 minutes into his first shift, the bus slows down and over heats. He blames the controller being unplugged.

Bill - The Sega CD was acidently powered off.

Bill - while having his legs waxed.

Additional Failures

For additional fails, see Desert_Bus_2_Fail_Count

Songs/Spoken Word

Songs sung at Desert Bus 2 - Bus Harder:

The Crew

LRR - DesertBus Boom-de-yah-da (twice)

LRR - The Sweater Song

LRR - Masquerade

LRR - The Universe Song

LRR - Still Alive (from Portal)

LRR - Say It Ain't So

LRR - Bohemian Rhapsody

64K - 1337


Andy - It's a Wonderful Life in 40 minutes

Jer - Superintendent's Sorrow

Jer - Ballad of a Fanboy

Jer - Brave Brave Sir Robin

Jer - Skull Crusher Mountain

Jer - Pirate Speech

Morgan - Barbie Girl

Tally - Still Alive (from Portal)


Jer & Tim - I Will Survive

Cover Songs

Songs that were rewritten to include Desert Bus:

Matt - Go Go Power Drivers (cover of Go Go Power Rangers)

Matt, Tim & Bill - Desert Bus (Magic Bus by The Who)

Matt, Tim & Bill - Skeletor's Bus (Skeletor's Dick by Bagfries)

Donation Challenges

Bill to wear a dress for an hour.

Bill's mum to tell stories about his childhood

Matt to say: "Buying a T-Shirt."

For various members of the crew to sing various songs.

For Katamari to drive the bus.

To rename Jer's duck to Rosco P Jangles IV

What's Bill's real name?

For YamaroV2 to do a barrel roll over Bill, he does this and puts a hole in the wall of the moon base.

Matt has to go see Twilight 5 times.

To plug webcomics Population: Zero and/or Remember (Kathleen chose to plug PZ)


Crew Member Bets

Paul would shave his beard off if the original total was beaten ($22,800) which he didn't think was going to be possible.

Kathleen would get her hair cut shorter than it had before at $30,000.

Morgan would get a full body wax and shave his head at $50,000.

Bill to shave his head and leave his side burns at $50,000.

Forum Member Bets

Hakaryu would drink a concoction that included everything from the Iron Stomach Challenges and Sheer Stupidity videos.

Several forum members would shave their heads at $30,000 These include: --> VanSlick (Real Name: Andre)


The police turn up early one morning, with a police dog, searching for someone.

Andrew Cownden arrives, and reads some of the Jer/Duck slash submitted.

Andy gives a live rendition of "It's A Wonderful Life" that lasts 40 minutes.

In the earliest hours of the morning, James and company 'meow'-ing various songs.

Upon breaking last year's total, Paul shaves off his goatee, forming it into various other facial hair styles as he shaves it off.

Jerry Holkins, AKA Tycho, calls the crew to announce Operation: Infinite Bus, in which PA would match the next ten thousand dollars donated.

Felicia Day calls the crew and gives an interview.

Donated Items

A Polar Bear Epic Mount for WoW. Donated by Geoff from Pure Pwnage. Sold for $400

A copy of The Guild; Season 1, signed by the whole cast. Donated by Felicia Day. Sold for $450

A 20x30 inch poster of original LRR fanart by Derek Hand, signed and numbered. Donated by Derek Hand. Sold for $175

A Star Bull T-Shirt, signed by members of The Crew. Donated by Jer. Sold for $250. Pics here.

Ash's original art for the Halo 5 cover from Halo: The Future of Gaming. Donated by Ash.

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