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The first Desert Bus for Hope took place on the 22nd of November 2007, at 6:00 pm PST. James Turner, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck and Bill Watt played a total of 108 hours raising $22 805 dollars for Child's Play, well beyond the $5,000 goal LoadingReadyRun had set for the event.Date: November 22, 2007 I

Bussing ended at 6:35 am PST, on the 28th of November 2007.

The first annual Desert Bus marathon included several noteworthy events.

  • Penn, Teller, and Eddie Gorodetsky (one of the producers of Desert Bus) called the cast during the first evening of playing and donated $500 each.
  • Eddie Gorodetsky offered to donate $500 if James (the first player) would "take a dive" seventeen minutes into the first run. James accepted, and let the bus be towed back to Tuscon.
  • There were donations of Subway sandwiches, chocolates, and pizza from various general individuals including Teller himself.
  • The original donation goal of five thousand dollars was met before the first shift was complete.
  • In the "taking a dive" vein, several people made requests of the cast in exchange for a donation of a specified size - for example, Bill drank an entire carton of eggnog, and James played the game while upside down for nearly fifteen minutes. Matt raised $75 by drinking a "Nog Bomb", that being a shot glass of egg nog, dropped into half a pint of Colt 45. Paul offered to shave his beard in exchange for a single donation of $5,000.
  • Morgan stated that he would do a single Whatever Thing update for each $200 donation received for that purpose. None were made.
  • Three "upside-down girls" bussed a couple times for a grand total of $450 ($100 each the first time and $150 for TWO upside down girls and a PS3 the second)
  • James married Dark_Realm in an online wedding.

2007 Trivia

Penn, Teller, and Gorodetsky learned Paul's cellphone number by calling his mother earlier in the day.

During one of the calls, Teller had a brief conversation with a half-asleep Morgan, who told him to "Fuck off". Morgan did not realize that it was Teller.

Crew, Volunteers and Friends

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Volunteers and Friends


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