Dan Emmons

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Dan Emmons
Dan Emmons
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Duties: Actor, WotC R&D Knowledge
First Appearance: The Crazy One (8 October 2012)
Last Appearance: Crapshots Ep.582 - The Pigeon (9 October 2018)
Twitter: @ExasperatedDan

Dan Emmons currently works on League of Legends, but previously worked for WotC R&D, Extra Credits, and on Hearthstone. He has appeared on three episodes of TapTapConcede to discuss designing Magic cards.


EpisodeRelease Date
Crapshots Ep.582 - The Pigeon9 October 2018
Crapshots Ep.574 - The Dad Joke Killer11 September 2018
Timeless Humor5 January 2018
TTC 92 - Origins Planeswalkers29 June 2015
TTC 79 - Special Guest Dan Emmons29 March 2015
TTC - Former R&D Member Dan Emmons13 July 2014
The Crazy One8 October 2012


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