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Format: Scientific Destruction
Created By: Graham Stark
Status: Complete
Updates: Weekdays
Host: The Escapist
Original Run: October 7, 2010 - May 28, 2011
Associated Shows: Fun With Microwaves (spiritual predecessor)

"One ladder. One high-speed camera. One object about to meet its end. Every day, another drop. It's Daily Drop, from the creators of Unskippable and Loading Ready Run. Weekdays, only at The Escapist."

Daily Drop was a show from Bionic Trousers media that aired weekdays on the Escapist. In each episode, Paul would stand on a ladder and drop an object down to a concrete floor. The footage of the object falling was filmed with a slow-motion camera and replayed for the audience. Daily Drop had an experimental and faux-scientific theme. Paul wore a lab coat and googles while dropping, the drops were assigned sequential "Subject" numbers and were dropped into a "Drop Zone" marked with caution tape.

Drops failed to break or otherwise deform upon the first drop would be re-dropped, or subjected to being struck with the Crowbar. Though Alex is shown wielding the crowbar in the intro, it was swung by several different members of the drop crew, including Tally and Jer. Some drops that resisted the crowbar were subjected to the Cinder Block, dropped directly on the resisting drop itself.

The music for Daily Drop was licensed from Ukrainian musician Younnat.

Episodes of Daily Drop could be watched here on The Escapist, though they appear to currently be unavailable.

Daily Drop Episodes

Vital Statistics

Date: October 7, 2010

Presented by: Paul Saunders

High-Speed Camera: Graham Stark

Second Camera: Jeremy Petter

Drop Crew: Alex Steacy, James Turner, Kathleen De Vere and Tally Heilke

Uncredited Appearances by: Robin Rose with Ted the cat

Edited by: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy

Thanks To: Amanda Smith