D-fer Madness

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Vital Statistics

D-fer Madness

Date: February 2, 2007

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham Stark, Stuart Stark, Margaret Graham-Bell, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter, Matt Wiggins, Bill Watt, Nathan Mosher

Writing: Johnny_Lunchbox

Camera: Matt Wiggins, Graham Stark

Boom Op: James Turner, Kate Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark


Little Timmy's been hanging out with the wrong crowd. When his parents find evidence of his illicit activities, they take action immediately: it's time for an educational film on the Dangers of Dungeons and Dragons. To be turned into a responsible adult, Timmy must play World of Warcraft endlessly.


  • The video's title and overall structure is a reference to Reefer Madness.
  • The bit about string cheese in the washer is an oblique reference to Underpantaloons.
  • 'Black Leaf' is a reference to Dark Dungeons, an infamous witnessing track by Jack Chick.
  • 'LARPing' is the acronym for Live Action Role-Playing.
  • Cthulhu rarely rises in D&D campaigns - more commonly in 'Call of Cthulhu' or 'Delta Green'.
    • Cthulhu did appear in the TSR AD&D book "Deities & Demigods", along with the gods for many copyrighted works(Including the Elric books). The second printing of the book removed all copyrighted beings.
    • Nevertheless, Cthulhu is a running gag in LRR depictions of D&D, such as Inside D&D 4th Edition.
  • The humorous abbreviation of the activist group may be a reference to Vote Carefully and the weird political party with the unpronounceable acronym.

20th Anniv. Sketch Bracket

This video was selected in 2023 to be part of a public voting bracket to be remastered by LRR for their 20th Anniversary celebrations. Check out the LoadingReadyRun's 20th Anniversary Sketch Bracket for more information.

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