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Crossing the Streams is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show. It is hosted by multiple streamers, usually playing a multiplayer game. Though it used to air without a fixed schedule, whenever the crew found a good game for the show, during the ongoing physical distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Crossing the Streams has a regular slot each week, replacing AFK Wednesdays at 5 pm PST.

This is what happens when our hosts collide and play together. Sometimes it’s cooperative, like a Minecraft map. Sometimes it’s competitive, like Mario Kart. Sometimes it’s Hatoful Boyfriend. Who knows what could happen when we cross the streams?

The music in the intro video is Glitch Hop by Difourks.

List Of Episodes


Date Title Link
2021-10-13 Mario Party 2 [ Link]
Graham, Ian, Ben and Nelson are having a spoopy Mario Party on Crossing the Streams!
2021-10-09 Ticket to Ride Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Join us for a special Ticket to Ride stream, brought to you by Humble Bundle in support of the Play Pink Bundle.
2021-09-22 Jackbox Ep23 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week we're Jackboxing!
2021-09-15 Yellow & Yangtze Link

2021-09-08 Fall Guys Ep2 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Graham, Nelson, Cori, and Wheeler are engaging in a contest of wits, strength and athleticism on Fall Guys!
2021-08-25 Root Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Cameron, Kathleen, Ian, and Ben are living in harmony in the woods in ROOT
2021-08-18 Jackbox Ep22 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week we're playing Jackbox Party Pack! #sponsored by Humblebundle
2021-08-11 Sagrada Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Kathleen, Cori, Wheeler and Heather are building stained glass windows with dice on Sagrada!
2021-08-04 Valorant Link
Team VaLRRant returns this evening on Crossing the Streams! James is joined by Cori, Nelson Wheeler and Jeremy White for what's sure to be an evening of wildly competent Valorant gameplay!
2021-07-28 Phasmophobia Link
Time for Phasmophobia on Crossing the Streams! We ain't afraid of no ghost. Wait no, ghosts are scary!
2021-07-21 Jackbox Ep21 Link
It's that time again: Crossing the Streams Jackbox time!
2021-07-14 Ticket to Ride: Europe Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Kathleen, Ben Ian and Griffiths are heading to Europe for Ticket to Ride!
2021-06-23 Jackbox Ep20 Link
Tonight on Crossing the Streams, the LRR Crew and friends are hanging out and playing Jackbox!
2021-06-22 D&D Dark Alliance Link
Time for a launch day stream of the new DARK ALLIANCE! Graham, Paul, Ben, and Adam are going to battle some goblins etc
2021-06-16 Among Us Ep4 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week, we find out who is sus in Among Us!
2021-06-13 Digital Tabletop Day Link
Playlist of Digital Tabletop day. Games include Root, Wingspan and TBH.
2021-06-09 Lords of Waterdeep Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight Kathleen, Cori, Ben and James are vying for power in Lord of Waterdeep!
2021-05-26 Worms W.M.D Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week, the crew is engaging in a frank exchange of explosives with Worms W.M.D.
2021-05-19 Jackbox Ep19 Link
LRR gears up for another mix of Jackbox Games! Get in here! NOW!
2021-05-12 Tokaido Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight Ian, Ben, Kathleen, Nelson are going on a pilgrimage with Tokaido!
2021-05-05 Among Us Ep3 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the whole crew is playing Among Us! Don't worry, we're all friends here, no imposters. Right? Right?
2021-04-28 TBH - The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week we are playing TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions!
2021-04-21 Jackbox Ep18 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the crew is playing Jackbox with special guests kilnfiendpotter and goberthicks!
2021-04-14 Dice Throne Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week Beej, Serge, Ben and Kathleen are playing Dice Throne!
2021-04-07 Moving Out Ep3: Moving In Update Link
Tonight on CROSSING THE STREAMS, Graham, Cori, Griffiths, and Paul(!) are playing MOVING OUT… this time, some moving IN??
2021-03-31 ShellShock Live Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! The LRR crew is going to have a civilized exchange of bullets on ShellShock Live!
2021-03-24 Jackbox Ep17 Link
Time for the Crossing the Streams! This week we are playing Jackbox!
2021-03-10 Out of Space Link
Today on CtS we've got James, Serge, Ben and Cori trying to build a space home together in Out of Space.
2021-03-03 Mario Party 6 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Ben, Ian, Kathleen and Nelson are having a party! A Mario Party!
2021-02-24 Garfield Kart Furious Racing Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! We hate Mondays, but luckily it is Wednesday, so we are playing Garfield Kart Furious Racing!
2021-02-17 Jackbox Ep16 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Join the LRR crew with guest Michelle Rapp for a Jackbox Party Pack!
2021-02-10 Deep Rock Galactic Ep3 Link
Dwarves! In the Mines! [metal scream] Join Cori, Paul, Serge, and Ben in Deep Rock Galactic!
2021-02-03 Puzzles with your Friends Link
Time for an adrenaline fueled Crossing the Streams! Nelson, Heather, Matt, and Cori are getting into some hardcore Jigsaw action with Puzzles with your Friends!
2021-01-27 Gang Beasts Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Graham, Ian, Cam, Ben, and Matt are having an old fashioned donnybrook in Gang Beasts!
2021-01-20 Wingspan Ep2 Link
It's birb night on on Crossing the Streams! Ian, Matt, Wheeler and Nelson are going to chill out and play Wingspan
2021-01-13 Mansions of Madness Link
Tonight is a special AFKish Crossing the Streams! Graham, Ben, Serge and Nelson are playing the paper board game of Mansions of Madness!
2021-01-06 We Need To Go Deeper Ep2 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week, Cori, Ben, Kathleen, and Wheeler are going even deeper then before in We Need to Go Deeper!


Date Title Link
2020-12-30 Game of Life 2 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Ben, Heather, Serge and Cori are learning important life lessons as they play The Game of Life 2!
2020-12-23 Jackbox Ep15 Link
Time for Jackbox Games on Crossing the Streams!
2020-12-16 Ticket to Ride Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Kathleen, Ian, Beej, and Matt are punching their Ticket to Ride!
2020-12-09 Natural Selection 2 Link
The year is 2020. The LoadingReadyRun crew has spent minutes practicing in popular CounterStrike spinoff Natural Selection 2 to prepare for the eventual alien invasion. It's exactly like Ender's Game but replace Ender with James Turner. We're fucked.
2020-12-02 We Need To Go Deeper Ep1 Link
Tonight: Cori, Ben, Kathleen and Wheeler Need to go Deeper on Crossing the Streams!
2020-11-25 Mario Party 3 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Ben, Kathleen, Ian and Ben are going to deepen and renew their friendship with Mario Party 3!
2020-11-11 Jackbox Ep14 Link
Tonight on Crossing the Streams, let's hang out with friends and play some Jackbox!
2020-11-04 Root Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Ben, Serge, Matt and Cameron are playing the Root digital game!
2020-10-28 Phasmophobia Link
Be sure to tune into Crossing the Streams this evening. Ben, Heather, Cori and Serge are playing Phasmophobia!
2020-10-21 Jackbox Ep13 Link

2020-10-14 Wingspan Link
AFK in your CTS? It’s not a repeat, we’re playing Wingspan again, but this time for PC!
2020-10-07 Among Us Ep2 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight we are co-operating to fix our space ship on Among Us!
2020-09-30 Deep Rock Galactic Ep2 Link
Cori, Ben, and Serge are in space to make money on Crossing the Streams
2020-09-23 Among Us Ep1 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week a whole bunch of friends are working together with no conflict on Among Us!
2020-09-16 Deep Rock Galactic Ep1 Link
Join Cori, Ben, Serge, and James in spaaaaace! It's Deep Rock Galactic on Crossing the Streams!
2020-09-09 Jackbox Ep12 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight the crew is playing the Jackbox Party Pack!
2020-08-26 Jackbox Ep11 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the LRR Crew and Friends are playing Jackbox!
2020-08-19 Civilization VI Ep3 Link
Hey friend. Do ya wanna join a cult? Because we're playing another installation of Civ6, this time with ~secret societies~ but also a smattering of lovely people who would never want to wage a war of aggression.
2020-08-12 Fall Guys Ep1 Link
Tonight on CROSSING THE STREAMS, Graham, Cori, Ulmer, and Wheeler are checking out this new thing called FALL GUYS!
2020-08-05 Pummel Party Ep2 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Today its an 8 player Pummel Party!
2020-07-29 Jackbox Ep10 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! The LRR Crew is playing some Jackbox party games!
2020-07-22 Moving Out Ep2 Link
Tonight on CROSSING THE STREAMS, Graham, Paul, Cori, and Matt are playing more MOVING OUT! This time: no broken windows.
2020-07-15 Jackbox Ep9 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week Graham is joined by a bunch of awesome guests for Jackbox fun times!
2020-07-08 Pummel Party Ep1 Link
Lets make friends by ending friendships! Graham, Adam, Heather, and Ian are playing PUMMEL PARTY on CROSSING THE STREAMS!
2020-07-01 Jackbox Ep8 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the crew is back to Jackbox games!
2020-06-17 Jackbox Ep7 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week are are playing more Jackbox games and joined by our good friend Molly
2020-06-10 Moving Out Ep1 Link
Tonight on CROSSING THE STREAMS, Graham, Paul, Cori, and Matt are MOVING OUT!
2020-06-03 Jackbox Ep6 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the crew is playing Jackbox games joined by some very special guests!
2020-05-30 Civilization VI Ep2 Link
BONUS CROSSING THE STREAMS! Serge, Ben, Cam, Cori, Matt & Fugi are streaming more CIV 6!
2020-05-27 Civilization VI Ep1 Link
Time to Cross the Streams! w/ Serge, Ben, Cam, Cori, Matt & Fugi are playing Civ 6. May the best* nation win!

*for certain definitions of best

2020-05-20 Jackbox Ep5 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Serge, Graham, Ian, Andy, Beej, Matt and two Bens are playing Jackbox games!
2020-05-13 Gang Beasts Link
Get ready for Gang Beasts on Crossing the Streams! Ben, Cori, Ian and Cameron are gonna have a BRAWL!
2020-05-06 Jackbox Ep4 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight we are playing some more Jackbox Games
2020-04-29 Valorant Link
This week on Crossing the Streams Ben, James, Serge & Joe Kim are rocking some Valorant! Come watch us get our butts kicked over and over again :)
2020-04-22 Jackbox Ep3 Link
Time for Crossing the Streams! Tonight we're back in the Jackbox!
2020-04-15 Totally Reliable Delivery Service Link
Can't get taken to the store? Well Crossing the Streams' gonna delivery it to you! Join Ian, Matt, Cori, and James for a few rounds of Totally Reliable Delivery Service!!
2020-04-08 Jackbox Ep2 Link
Time for CROSSING THE STREAMS, let’s play more JACKBOX!
2020-04-01 Left 4 Dead 2 Link

2020-03-25 Jackbox Ep1 Link
Join us EARLY for CROSSING THE STREAMS! Look at all these folks we’ve got playing JACKBOX all evening!


Date Title Link
2019-11-06 Luigi's Mansion 3 Link
Heather and Ben are here for the final stream before we go dark for Desert Bus! It's time to bust some ghost in Luigi's Mansion 3!
2019-09-09 Unrailed Link
TRAINS! We have a #Sponsored stream for daedalic’s new procedural train-builder Unrailed! (early access link for the game)
2019-08-22 Heave Ho Link
Going live with Crossing the Streams, right now! 🎦 We're playing Heave Ho from Devolver Digital
2019-07-17 Everybody's Golf Link
Tonight on CtS we have Ian, Cori, Heather, and Ben battling it out on the golf court!
2019-06-19 Gang Beasts Ep5 Link
Going live with Crossing The Streams, right now! It’s Gang Beasts time!


Date Title Link
2018-12-07 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Link
Hey friends! It's time to SMASH. Join the LRR gang and a bunch of friends as we play a whole bunch of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!
2018-11-21 Fallout 76 Link
It’s Crossing the Streams for FALLOUT 76! Featuring Graham (and Agatha Fisty), Serge, Adam, and Ben!
2018-10-05 Super Mario Party Link
It’s SUPER MARIO PARTY on Crossing the Streams! Let’s do this!!
2018-09-29 LoadingReadyLAN 3.0 Link
Quake III, Rocket League, Minecraft, Startcraft: Broodwar, Garry's Mod Prop Hunt, PUBG, and Soldat
2018-08-29 Just Shapes & Beats Link
It's time for Crossing the Streams! Join Ian, Heather, Ben and Adam as they play "Just Shapes & Beats"
2018-06-27 Mario Tennis Aces Link
Tonight Ben, Serge, Ian, Cori, and Adam take to the court with Mario Tennis Aces on Crossing the Streams!
2018-05-30 Jackbox Party Pack 4 Link
With Cam, Cori, Heather and Paul
2018-05-23 Nidhogg 2 & Epic Dumpster Bear Link
With Heather and Paul
2018-03-14 Super Beat Sports Link

2018-01-03 Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! Link


Date Title Link
2017-11-29 CRAWL Link

2017-10-18 Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! Link

2017-08-09 Moon Hunters Link

2017-08-02 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Link

2017-07-26 Pit People Link

2017-07-19 Wild Guns Reloaded Link

2017-07-08 LAN Party Stream Day Link
Quake 3: Arena, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Warcraft III, Left 4 Dead 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, more Warcraft III
2017-07-05 Adam and Ben Play Fighting Games Link

2017-06-28 Death Squared Link

2017-06-21 ARMS Link

2017-06-07 Ben's Bad Games Link

2017-05-31 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ep4 (mislabeled as Ep3) Link

2017-05-24 100ft. Robot Golf Link

2017-05-17 Bonus Stream: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ep3 (mislabeled as Ep2) Link

2017-05-12 Bonus Stream: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ep2 Link

2017-05-11 Bonus Stream: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ep1 Link

2017-05-03 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Link

2017-04-19 Overwatch Ep5 Link

2017-04-12 Worms Ep2 Link

2017-04-05 Old Time Hockey / Towerfall Link

2017-03-22 Shift Happens Link

2017-03-15 Wacky Wheels HD / FAST RMX / 1 2 Switch Link

2017-03-08 Worms WMD Link

2017-03-01 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Ep4 / Ultimate Chicken Horse / Gang Beasts Link

2017-02-22 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Ep3 Link

2017-02-15 Overwatch Ep4 Link

2017-02-01 Crossing The Streams — Super Indie Karts / Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed / Vagante Link

2017-01-25 Move or Die Link

2017-01-04 Overwatch Ep3 Link

2017-01-11 PAKO - Car Chase Simulator Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-28 Overcooked: The Festive Seasoning Link

2016-12-21 Destiny: The Dawning: SRL Link

2016-12-14 Space Hulk: Deathwing Link

2016-12-07 A Cam & Ian Christmas 2 Link

2016-12-03 Worldbuilders Overwatch Charity Stream Ep3 Link

2016-11-30 Worldbuilders Overwatch Charity Stream Ep2 Link

2016-11-30 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Ep2 Link

2016-11-29 Worldbuilders Overwatch Charity Stream Ep1 Link

2016-11-23 Gang Beasts Ep3 Link

2016-10-26 Overwatch: Halloween Event Link

2016-10-19 WWE2k17 LRR Autumnal Rumble 2 Link

2016-10-12 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Link

2016-10-05 Jalopy Link

2016-09-28 Guns N' Boxes Link

2016-09-21 Chariot! Link

2016-09-14 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Ep2 Link

2016-09-07 Redshift Blueshift / Ultimate Chicken Horse Ep2 Link

2016-08-31 Ultimate Chicken Horse Ep1 Link

2016-08-24 Overwatch Ep2 Link

2016-08-17 Don't Starve Together Ep2 Link

2016-08-10 Push Me Pull You / Overcooked Link

2016-08-03 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Ep2 Link

2016-08-03 Overcooked Link

2016-07-30 Bonus VR Stream--VR Job Simulator Link

2016-07-20 Don't Starve Together Link

2016-07-13 Videoball Link

2016-07-06 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Link

2016-06-29 Diablo 3 Link

2016-06-22 Worms World Party / Jackbox Party Pack 2 Link

2016-06-15 Smash Bros. Wii U Link

2016-06-08 Battleblock Theater Link

2016-06-01 Mario Party 8 Link

2016-05-25 Overwatch Link

2016-05-18 Gang Beasts Ep3 Link

2016-04-02 Quiplash Link

2016-03-18 The Division Link

2016-02-20 Minecraft Link

2016-02-13 Gang Beasts Ep2 Link

2016-01-09 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Link


Date Title Link
2015-12-19 Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Link

2015-12-18 A Cam and Ian Christmas Link
For those who find Yule Logs insufficiently judgmental.
2015-11-28 Cook, Serve, Delicious! Ep2 Link

2015-11-06 The LRR Autumnal Rumble — WWE2K16 Link

2015-10-31 The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Link

2015-10-17 Portal 2 Ep3 Link

2015-10-17 Downwell Link

2015-09-19 Super Mario Maker Link

2015-08-22 MtG Ep2 Link

2015-08-08 Mario Party 9 Link

2015-08-07 MtG Ep1 Link

2015-07-25 Helldivers Link

2015-07-11 Fortune Street Link

2015-06-27 Portal 2 Ep2 Link

2015-06-13 Portal 2 Ep1 Link

2015-06-07 Cook Serve Delicious Link

2015-05-30 Besiege Link

2015-04-11 Mario Party 10 Link

2015-03-28 Unrest Link

2015-02-28 Hyperdimension Neptunia Link

2015-02-14 Sonic and All Stars Racing: Transformed Link

2015-01-31 Dokapon Kingdom -- Cam's Misery Link

2015-01-17 Gang Beasts Link

2015-01-06 The Movies Link


Date Title Link
2014-12-27 Mario Kart 8 Link
Part of the livestream weekend.
2014-12-25 A Very Saint's Row Christmas Link
Apologies if this isn't viewable in your country, there are some monstrously stupid YouTube music claims that we can't help :(
2014-12-14 Destiny: Vault of Glass Link

2014-11-23 Goat Simulator & Road Not Taken Link

2014-10-19 Towerfall, Gauntlet 2014, MTGO Link
James and Adam play a bunch of fun stuff!
2014-10-12 Hatoful Boyfriend Link
Kathleen, Alex, and Beej play through everyone's favourite pigeon dating sim, and add all the voices.
2014-08-17 Altered Beast & Tiny and Big Link
Suddenly, and without warning: Alex, Beej, and Heather cross their streams.
2014-06-22 Conspiracy Live Draft--Full draft and both games Link
We got everyone together for a grand draft of Conspiracy, and it delivered! See the complete draft and both games.
2014-06-15 Minecraft Skygrid Link
James introduces Alex and Graham to THE SKYGRID!
2014-06-01 Mario Kart 8 & New Super Mario U Link
The crew plays some 4-player couch co-op for this Mario-themed episode of Crossing the Streams.
2014-03-30 Minecraft Super Hostile Link
Graham, James, and Alex navigate a Vech's super-hostile Minecraft adventure map. It goes... okay.
2014-02-16 Minecraft Link
The whole darn crew (less Beej) gets together for an afternoon of mining and crafting.

Missing Episodes

The following are episodes of Crossing the Streams which have not been uploaded to the LoadingReadyLive Youtube account.

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