Crapshots Season One Episodes

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Ep. # Title Description Featuring Notes
1 The Condition The threat is more real than you may expect. Alex First Crapshot.
2 The Solution Miscommunication has spoiled many a piece of otherwise sound advice. None First animated Crapshot.
3 The Demonstration This delectable item is available for half price on Tuesdays. Limit 1 per customer. Alex, Graham Graham's first appearance.
4 The Experiment Sometimes you actually should to listen to what your parents told you. Alex, Kathleen Kathleen's first appearance.
5 The Music A slipped disc can halt a whole symphony orchestra in its tracks. Graham, Kathleen Cat entering shot after Kathleen falls was apparently not planned.
6 The Technique Therapeutic merit still pending by the FDA. Alex, Graham
7 The Problem Incompetence applied to a small mistake yields a large mistake. Alex, Graham
8 The Mission An operative operator operating in an operation. Alex, Cherisse Dye Cherisse's first appearance.
9 The Expectation Its not what you think. Alex, Graham
10 The Enhancement ...And you just did, too. Alex, Graham
11 The Mission II If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again. Alex, Cherisse Dye First "sequel" to an episode.
12 The Amplifier This amp is ideally suited to kittycore DJs. Alex, Kim Kim's first appearance.
13 The Camouflage Smart technology, dumb user. Alex, Graham
14 The Beverage Results may vary. Kathleen, Tally Tally's first appearance; One of few episodes without Alex or Graham.
15 The Note Sometimes it's not just passive-aggression. Alex, Graham
16 The Basement Sometimes you're just completely stumped. Alex, Jer Jer's first appearance; First full minute Crapshot. Also, there is a LRR video based on this.
17 The Bathroom It's just kinder this way. Alex, Graham
18 The Mission III Viewmaster has since discontinued its range of tactical optics. Alex, Cherisse Dye
19 The Cardboard This epidemic may yet claim the mood of thousands. James, Tim Tim and James' first appearance; First live-action episode not featuring Alex, Graham and/or Kathleen.
20 The Gaming You need to unlock the "Neurosurgical Sniper" perk in order to accomplish a pineal gland shot. Alex, Matt Matt's first appearance.
21 The Measurement Specialists say girth is actually more important. Alex, Graham
22 The Drainage As size decreases, thirst increases. Alex, Morgan Morgan's first appearance.
23 The Accusation If it looks like one, and acts like one... Alex, Graham
24 The Admission There are a few telltale signs. Alex, Nate Mosher Nate's first appearance.
25 The Punishment I really had this one coming. Alex, Graham
26 The Compensation Don't even ask about the tanker trucks. Alex, Graham
27 The Symptom There is no cure. Alex, Nate Mosher
28 The Warning The Zone has claimed another life. Alex, Graham Based on this MS Paint comic by anonymous.
29 The Watching Television will rot your brain and kill your family, but not necessarily in that order. Alex, Graham References Episode 6
30 The Hive no description available Graham, Kathleen, Alex (voice)
31 The License Vomiting has always been public domain. Alex, Graham
32 The Mishap The most important part of the comedy is timing. Alex, Graham, Kathleen
33 The Lyrics The radio edit isn't much better. Alex, Graham, Kathleen
34 The Slam Don't drop the hand sanitizer. Alex, Graham
35 The Interrogation Despite being banned in the Geneva convention, use of Xylene among PMCs is shockingly unregulated. Alex, Jer
36 The Dance Someone has a fever Graham, Kathleen
37 The Trend no description available Khaavren, Annika, Alex (voice), Graham (voice) First live-action episode with no humans in any shot.
38 The Punishment II I probably deserved more. Alex, Graham, Kathleen The shot of Kathleen first appeared in Ep. 4.
39 The Demonstration II It's all so very peaceful. Alex
40 The Explanation This was better than some of their previous excuses. Graham, Kathleen
41 The Automaton ...And you can find him alongside many others on the 32 Robots twin poster, up for preorder at the Loading Ready Run store: LRR Store None Anyone who spotted the Journeyman Project sound gains 100 nostalgia? points.
42 The Offer It's best to not decline this one. Alex, Graham
43 The Match The score is 647 to blue. Graham, James This is James' first appearance where his face can be seen. Also, Matt and Kathleen are behind James.
44 The Plaza Just a few interesting observations. None of the LRR crew If the participants are strangers, this is the first live-action Crapshot without any of the LRR crew featured.
45 The Grinder The expansion "Clickquest: 10 points higher" ships fourth quarter this year. Alex, Graham From the description: "One of our fans actually made this game work. Play if you dare: Clickquest".
46 The Business It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Alex, Graham GENTLEMEN
47 The Idea I can only do that once a day, so I save it for times like this. Alex, Graham
48 The Check Testes, testes, one, two...? Graham There's a reference to Edward James Olmos.
49 The Punishment III On the plus side, my clothes are nice and dry. Alex, Graham
50 The Outsider Everyone is an alien to someone. Alex (voice), Tally (voice) The cast is currently conjectural.
51 The Grit Disc may come pre-scratched. Alex, Graham The scene cuts right before Alex cracks up.
52 The Accident Its a known safety issue with that model of pistol. None In a sense, this is the only episode that never starts.
53 The Story Too many cooks don't always spoil the broth. Tally, Jer, Kathleen, Graham, Tim, Morgan, Matt, Paul, James, and 2 others Paul's first appearance; This was shot at Anime Evolution 2010.
54 The Drink Drain opener makes a bad chaser, too. Alex
55 The Reference It is also inadvisable to mention you similarity to "a boss" around him. Alex, Graham This was shot on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria after Anime Evolution.
56 The Ending ????,?????????? Alex, Kathleen The song Alex hums is "Whistle Stop" from Disney's Robin Hood, widely popularized as the "Hamster Dance" theme.
57 The Responsibility Because you donated to Child's Play for it, here it is! Alex, Graham Based on a suggestion/donation from this thread on the Escapist forums.
58 The Fruit You would need an awful lot of Chiquitas to make a bomb though. Alex, James Eating paper towels may be a reference to The Idiot Room.
59 The Ticket 25¢ gets about 10 minutes worth. Alex, Graham
60 The Pack The one thing you don't bring is guaranteed to be the one you wish you had the most. Alex, Graham
61 The Punishment IV For the horde! Alex, Graham Shot at the LRR meet-up at PAX Prime 2010.
62 The Cards More like "suck of the draw". Alex, Graham, Kathleen
63 The Headgear Also handy in a hailstorm, if you can stand the noise. Alex, Graham
64 The Purchase ...Because everything is bigger there. Alex, Graham
65 The Song The most groinally violent hit of the 2010s! Alex, Graham
66 The Basement II Definitely not a teaser. Nope. Alex, James
67 The Basement III Last one in this series for a while, we promise. Alex, Jer
68 The Cleanup I get more stuff cleaned this way. Alex, Graham
69 The Aim Urban cred is inversely proportional to your accuracy. Alex
70 The Cough HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH Alex, Graham
71 The Ball Just keep on rollin' Alex, Graham
72 The Card If he'd played a Memnite, I would have hanged myself. Alex, Graham
73 The Slam II They do say it's mightier than the sword. Alex, Graham
74 The Shot Andy Week 1/3 Alex, Graham, Andy This is Andy's first appearance in a Crapshot.
75 The Mine Andy Week 2/3 Alex, Graham, Andy
76 The Air Andy Week 3/3 Alex, Graham, Andy
77 The Basement IV When we said we wouldn't do more, that may not have been strictly accurate. We were in the area. Jer, Matt
78 The Shirt In unrelated news, our new shirts are shipping. Tally, Alex (voice)
79 The Exhibits ...As if you couldn't guess. Bin Ling Quote from Alex: "This? was my good friend Bin Ling, who I have known since grade 8."
80 The Promotion Available everywhere. Alex, Bin Ling
81 The Block I can stop anytime I want. Alex, Graham
28 esreveR ehT !oremoR nhoJ ,em llik tsum uoy ,emag eht niw oT maharG, xelA To save your face (from Alex's sheep), click here.
83 The Idea But in all seriousness, we have a Google Wave document packed with ideas. Alex, Graham
84 The Temptation I really spoil that boy. Alex, Graham
85 The Speed Not gonna lie, I did this one in a hurry. Dohohohohhho... No one
86 The Threat Of my cardsleeves, I'm very... Protective. Alex, Graham YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH
87 The Sculptor Excessive gloating counts as passing priority. Also, Jace singles really do retail for around $80usd. Foils can hit $150. Alex, Graham
88 The Fuzz Alex has two haircuts: On and off. Alex, Graham
89 The Position Nepotism beats qualifications any day. But seriously, stop hiring incompetent workers just because you like them personally. Alex, James
90 The Video KITTY Alex, Kathleen, Khaavren, Annika
91 The Counter Splash. Alex, Graham Look at the title card.
92 The Hat Punchline unnecessary. Alex, Kathleen
93 The Discovery This is why you always go to the Genius Bar. They're better at hiding things like that. Alex, Graham This video reference Crapshot Ep. 34 - The Slam.
94 The Dream One should always think through every step of the process. Alex, Graham
95 The Ache Anointed antacid tablets are probably the better choice here. Graham, Kathleen, Alex (Voice)(?)
96 The Situation It's less awkward this way. Alex, James, Paul, Kathleen
97 The Seat Update schedule? What update schedule? Alex, Matt, Kathleen, James
98 The Punishment V At least it was a clean toilet. Alex, Kathleen This was shot at Graham, Kathleen, and Alex's new place.
99 The Call Seriously now, don't do it. Alex, Graham, Kathleen
100! The Dose Administer directly to face. Each tablet contains 100mg wharrgarbl. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product. Uh...Alex predominantly 100 GET! The bottle says "GREAT FOR BRAIN WORMS" which is a reference to the first Crap shot The Condition
101 The Comedown Side-effects include: kidney failure Alex, Graham This is a sequel to episode 100 The Dose
102 The Birds What? They're cool guys. We hang out all the time. Alex (Voice), Graham (Voice)
103 The Magazine Well, it's one way to avoid corporate branding. Alex, Graham
104 The Voices "Are you sure? You're messing with me again, aren't you?" Alex, Matt, Graham (Voice)