Contractual Obligations

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After a rigorous workout on the streets of Seattle the Artists will now exercise their minds.

Vital Statistics


Date: May 31, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Maki Naro, Graham Stark, Robert Khoo, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik


The Artists return to the Penny Arcade offices for contract boot camp. Each artist is presented with a contract to use their art on a series of lunchboxes. The contracts are full of unfavorable terms and the Artists have one hour to read them and identify any issues. After that, each artist has thirty minutes to negotiate the contract with Robert Khoo. All of the artists identify numerous items they find objectionable, particularly the clause allowing the licensee to terminate the contract at any time and force the artist to purchase all unsold product. After, Khoo explains that he expected everyone to do horribly in this challenge based on how Mike and Jerry would have done, but everyone impressed him. He declares Katie the winner. Despite telling Lexxy and Maki the day before that she couldn't eliminate them, Katie chooses them to go today in order to protect Abby. Maki and Lexxy get to return to the house as the elimination challenge is delayed so Katie and Abby can claim their prize of dinner with Mike, Jerry, and Robert. The conversation at the dinner is friendly, though Mike and Jerry promise the Artists that won't be the case next time they meet.


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