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There is little to no continuity in LoadingReadyRun's videos - most episodes are a self-contained skit or series of skits that can be fully understood and appreciated by themselves, and what happens in an episode has no lasting consequences. Paul isn't a zombie in the episodes appearing after The Aftermath, for example. There are certain exceptions to this principle, however: some jokes contain references to people and events in other videos, and very rarely, episodes will be a continuation of earlier videos. Although the cast of LRR frequently appear as "themselves", they're really acting out personas that represent the last and most subtle form of LRR continuity.

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Continuity References

Season Six

Season Five

Season Four

Season Three

Season Two

Season One

Though no examples of continuity appear in Season One, this is of course the starting point for the in-gags and references.


There have been a few videos where cast members of LoadingReadyRun have truly appeared as themselves (Nanaimo Road Trip is a notable example), but in most cases they portray a fictionalized character based on themselves. For example, The Process paints Graham as an egomaniac and a control-freak, whereas the author of the sketch had never actually met him. Furthermore, Paul and Graham don't live together at all (in fact, at the time this was written Graham lived with Morgan and Bill), but "Paul and Graham, creators of world-famous website LRR" do; similarly, neither wears LRR shirts constantly, although "Paul and Graham" do. (Paul and Graham also don't sleep in matching pajamas. Morgan and Graham own matching pajamas, due to Jangles and Jones Save Christmas, but do not share a bedroom. In fact, as of 2008, Graham and Matt live in an apartment together.) Kathleen doesn't run a Rent-A-Furry site, and so on.

Running jokes about cast members (some of which are based in reality) lead to exaggerated character traits that shine through in videos. Paul is often full of manic energy, and executes ridiculous plots ending in failure, which he usually will not acknowledge. Morgan is unhygienic and lazy. Matt is obsessive and very short-tempered. When Graham and Matt moved in together in real life, their alter egos did as well, and established themselves as immature, dysfunctional roommates. Although not truly reoccurring characters, these dopplegänger alter egos represent a form of continuity that ties together disparate LRR episodes.