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A fictional example of Clubbing from Bros Clubbing Bros

Clubbing is a drinking game often played by the LoadingReadyRun crew. Clubbing involves using legerdemain, cunning or deception to get another player to discover a hidden can or bottle of club soda. The vessel of club soda is often simply called a "club." Once the victim discovers the club, they must drink it as quickly as possible. They may counter if they are in possession of a club of their own, in which case, the first player must drink both clubs unless they can counter.

Clubbing is a nonalcoholic variant on the "bros icing bros" drinking game. The participants liked the idea of the game, but were concerned that there were many contexts in which suddenly needing to drink an alcoholic beverage would be inconvenient. Removing the Smirnoff Ice also meant non-drinkers could participate. At first, the term "icing" was kept, where "ice" instead stood for "iced tea", but Alex began carrying around a 23oz Arizona Iced Tea as a counter, which (among other reasons) is why this version failed to take hold. Because several crewmembers find the taste of clubs unspeakably vile, the game retains much of the necessary schadenfreude of the original.

Clubbing in its current form premiered during the fourth Desert Bus for Hope where Jer bought club soda to stay hydrated during his shift. He handed Alex a club and said, "You've just been clubbed. It's on." The ever-escalating clubbing was fictionalized for the commodoreHUSTLE Bros Clubbing Bros.

Kathleen, Jer and Tally enjoy club soda, but clubbing someone who likes club soda is not necessarily futile if the quantity is enough to be inconvenient, if the club itself is of low quality or if they're not thirsty. Because Jer likes club soda, Alex once tried to club him with San Pellegrino Sanbittèr sparkling mineral water. Jer found it unpleasant, but it was determined to be too expensive and too difficult to find.

Clubbing is also popular at fan meetups, occurring at Sydney, Melbourne and at PAX.

Instances of Clubbing

James clubbed at his wedding.
  • Just prior to the TGWP: Portal 2 podcast, Jer clubbed James by hiding a the club within Gibb.
  • While visiting from England, Elomin Sha clubbed Alex by hiding the bottle under a Link hat.
  • Jer was clubbed with a two-liter bottle of club soda at Yellowjacket.
  • Jer was successfully clubbed on the day of his wedding.
  • On August 16, 2013, Graham was clubbed by a Magic judge while drafting.
  • On December 10, 2013, Graham was Iced with a Smirnoff Ice by Jer during a D&D session.
  • James was clubbed by Ashley on the day of their wedding when Ashley hid a club under her wedding dress, discovered by James when he removed her garter.


  • Graham was clubbed with a liter bottle of Shasta club soda at PAX Prime 2011, as documented in the On The Run video Clubbed at PAX.
  • At PAX East 2012, Graham was clubbed with a small glass bottle of club soda when he accepted a custom made card that stipulated that accepting the card meant accepting a club.
  • At PAX Prime 2012, the crew were presented with gift bags containing clubs. The organizer wanted to avoid clubbing Alex, but she wasn't certain if she'd be there, so clubs were placed in all the bags.
  • Also at PAX Prime 2012, Graham was clubbed with a bottle taped to the bottom of a poster tube.
  • At PAX East 2013, a fan attempting to club the crew was successfully countered with a 1-liter bottle.
  • Graham was clubbed with a 1-liter bottle of Shasta club soda during the Twitch meet-and-greet at PAX West 2017

Desert Bus for Hope 4

  • After Alex played "Find the Kitty," the "Kitty" presented him with a club.
  • Between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic "Drinks" segments, Jeremy gave out prizes to the winner and runner-up of a Magic competition between Matt, Alex, and Kathleen. The "consolation prize" for Alex was a club. (

Desert Bus for Hope 5

  • Two minutes into Jer's driving shift, James nonchalantly asked to "dance" with Rosco for a group dancing challenge. Jer passed him to James and finally saw the small club that was hidden from his view, but was visible on camera for some time before that.
  • Hot Club, hot potato with a club soda, was played as a donation challenge, in which it was stipulated that those who enjoy club soda cannot play and Alex must play. Alex lost.
  • When Takahata played "Find the Kitty," Matt the "kitty" clubbed him when he found him.
  • During Derpline, Alex ran a segment called "Handout," in which he put his hand off-camera and waited for someone to hand him a random prop with which to improvise. He was handed a large bottle of club soda. In subsequent episodes, the segment was renamed, "Hand Me A Club And I'll Punch You."
  • Kate presented the chat with a bus-shaped cake. When Alex cut into it, his knife stopped against something solid. He removed a piece from the top and revealed a club hidden inside. Video
  • On December 4, 2011, a few weeks after Desert Bus 5 ended, Matt unboxed his Fangamer E-tank mug to find a tiny club hidden inside it.


  • In Monthly Mail Time - May 2017, a fan threatened to "club" Graham in a letter, but did so by sending in McVitie's Orange Club biscuit bars.

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