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Chris Usher is one of LoadingReadyRun's many fans. He presented Graham with the International Hairdresser Everest Expedition Memorial Award for Most Immaculate Hair in Face of Preposterous Adversity and Morgan with the Most Inappropriate Use of the Pelvis Award at the Fifth Anniversary Screening.

He co-wrote and appeared in Death From Above. Chris was present at Desert Bus for Hope 1 and Desert Bus for Hope 2 and appears in footage from the stream in Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star. He served as a site volunteer at Desert Bus for Hope 8 and appears in Desert Bus Opening Titles.

A native of Victoria, Chris lived in Melbourne, Australia from 2010 to 2014 where he did a PhD in astrophysics. He posts on the forum as and edits the wiki as Lord Chrusher. He posts on Twitter as @korandder.