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"Lots and lots of swearing!"

Censorship is the suppression of specified information. In the context of LoadingReadyRun videos, it's is almost exclusively self-censorship. Usually, a opprobrious word is censored to prevent a video from being overshadowed by a single swear, but it is often used for comedic purposes as well. In a podcast, Kathleen has likened bleeping swears to lingerie, in that you know what's beneath, but it's sexier (or funnier) if it's not all seen or heard.

Videos with Censorship

  • Audio Trouble - A recurring news segment involved cleverly placed bursts of static and audio/visual issues to make it seem like the completely innocent statements made by reported Steve Clark were dirty.
  • Not Funny - Drunk Morgan goes on two swearing tangents, each completely censored (despite numerous cases of swearing in other parts of the video).
  • Phailhaus - 02 - As Matt awakens from his drugged slumber, Graham shouts "Oh, sh--" before the video cuts him off.
  • Assessment - In the first T-shirt ad, Graham and Matt are horrified to walk into the living room and see one another naked (with black bars covering their privates). In reality, they were both wearing underwear.
  • Ways to Survive the Recession - In the opening t-shirt ad, the word "fuck" is censored.[An explanation from Graham]
  • Man Cooking 3 - Alex says "fuck you" to the cameraman, which is bleeped. Later, Alex says, "All right, let's just fuckin'--" which is not bleeped.
  • Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star - In a chorus, the group proclaim "We're tired as swear." The previous line in the song ended with "duck." Desert Bus for Hope 2 was the first Desert Bus in which the crew tried to keep their language family-friendly, and replaced cusses with "swear." Later Desert Buses would replace swears with the word "bus."
  • CommodoreHUSTLE 01 - Laundry - After finding his iPhone in the wash, James shouts "FU--" before the shot cuts to Graham hearing a dial tone. No other curse words are censored in the video.
  • Just Drive - Ben's swear at the very end of the video is truncated to "Son of--"
  • Hot Water at PAX - Graham's line "What the fuck?" was briefly bleeped by the Escapist as a precaution. This was removed a few days later. This is one of the only examples of censorship that was not self-censorship.
  • Friday Nights: In Command - Matt's line, "You son of a bitch" had the word "bitch" covered by a bleep. Corporate logos that don't belong to either LoadingReadyRun or Wizards of the Coast (such as the Apple logo on the back of Kathleen's computer) were also blurred. This was due to the videos being produced specifically as advertising for Wizards of the Coast, and thus were required to follow WotC's corporate guidelines.
  • Daily Drop - The only episode of Daily Drop to be censored was Drop #88 (Cola) on February 9, 2011. The can of cola fissured and sprayed cola, to which Graham declared, "Holy ****!"
  • House of the Dead - In the argument between Paul and Kathleen the word "fuck" is censored out though "hell" is not.
  • Munro's Meats - Beej's last line starts "WHAT THE F---" before cutting to the credits. However, the swear and the rest of the line continued in the stinger.
  • Qwerpline is usually censored but in Episode 17 three instances of "hell", one "bitch" and one "shit" are not censored.