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The stories about a huge cat and a dead mouse are actually unrelated.

Vital Statistics

"Cupcakes aren't for breakfast!!!"

Date: January 18, 2012

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Kathleen De Vere, Cameron Lauder, Alex Steacy

Edited by: Graham Stark


  • James left his hat.
  • News Word of the Week: Newstime
  • A foodie has predicted that marshmallows will be the fancy food trend of the year.
  • A new species of fly has been discovered in Australia, which was named after Beyoncé because of its gold butt.
  • Someone left the SPCA a 30-pound cat, and now they're trying to put it on a diet.
  • The body of Astro Mouse, a Dutch mouse strapped to a firework on New Year's, was placed in a museum to prevent cruelty to animals.
  • A man who stole a police car while handcuffed turned himself in after two days.


  • Cam suggests Tiny is fat from eating Whoppers. A cat eating Whoppers was previously reported on in My Cat Ate My Whopper.

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