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This category lists expansion decks for Viking Secret Wildcard Poker, the game played in Poker Before Dusk.

When creating a new page for this category, the following template should be used as a starting point:

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Write a short overview of the rules and their intended effect on the game.

==Card Descriptions==

Document the cards that will form this add-on deck.
This information is useful:
- If the add-on deck forms a sub-set of the cards from the full game they are taken from.
- For people who are unfamiliar with the game and the cards.
- As a refresher for everyone else.


Describe any actions that must be performed before play begins.
This usually consists of explaining how the cards should be shuffled
(In the general deck, in their own deck or otherwise).


This is the meat of the article.

Things to consider when writing rules:

1. Be specific:
    Ambiguous language and descriptions are the plague of rulebooks the world over.
    Try to consider loopholes or undefined situations that may arise from the rules and clarify them.
2. Be concise:
    No-one wants to read hundreds of words in order to understand your rules.
    The shorter the rules are, the easier they are to grasp.
3. Give examples:
    Often, the best way to explain rules is to give an example or two.
    Diagrams are very useful.
    However, until we can decide on a consistent style guide for diagrams/images, don't spend hours and hours on them.

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