Brendan "Beej" Dery

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Brendan “Beej” Dery
Brendan “Beej” Dery
Pronouns: He/Him
Date of Birth: July 12
Family: Heather Dery (wife)
Duties: Actor, Business Manager
First Appearance: The Very Best of Room Tone (20 June 2011)
Last Appearance: ChillPoint 2022-09-23 (23 September 2022)
Recurring Characters: Torg, Derek the Intern
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 6 (16 November 2012)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2020 (13 November 2020)
Website: Synaptic Chaos Theatre
Twitter: @TuxBeej

Brendan John “Beej” Dery is a friend and associate of LoadingReadyRun. He’s a member of Synaptic Chaos Theatre with Ian Horner. He attended Desert Bus for Hope 5 and made his first appearance in a weekly video in CommodoreHUSTLE 028 - Forward Facing.

He edits the LRR wiki under the name tuxbeej.

During Desert Bus for Hope 7, Beej revealed that his nickname came about during his infancy. When he was first named, his older brother, then two years old, struggled to pronounce his real name, "Brendan." To compensate, Beej's father nicknamed him B.J. for his first and middle initials. This was later shortened to "Beej" by Beej's grandfather, and the name stuck as Beej himself grew older. He currently uses the nickname to recognize how people know him, as his professional colleagues know him as Brendan while his friends and family know him as Beej.

In 2013, Beej was co-host of the TopTech podcast, with two other friends of LoadingReadyRun Ian Horner and Johnny Blakeborough.


  • Beej is the creator of Beejlander, a Magic the Gathering format.
    • Beej does not play Magic the Gathering.
  • Beej plays guitar, and did so at Desert Bus for Hope 5.
  • Beej is a Freemason, according to Dinner and a Movie.
  • Beej is credited as a boom operator under the title "Beejoom".
  • Beej actually lacks depth perception, as a result of his often cross-eyed appearance.
  • During a discussion of what Beej's middle name was, Heather once jokingly threatened to change all certificates and documentation to make him "Brendan JERF Dery".
  • Beej hates freedom, kittens and the chat.
  • Beej was born in nineteen eighty beej, at precisely Beej o'clock.
  • Beej has the horrific, often misunderstood genetic disability[1][2] where Cilantro (Coriander) tastes like soap to him[3] For this curse he deserves your sympathy and if you're religious, please include him in your prayers.
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