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Why do we stream? Sometimes it's just because we can. These are the Bonus Streams

List Of Episodes


Date Title Link
2020-03-27 Animal Crossing: New Horizon Ep2 [ Link]
Join Matt and Heather as they pal around on the LRR Animal Crossing island! Going live now!
2020-03-26 Grim Dawn [ Link]
With Gloomhaven on the shelf, Adam is dragging Cori and Ben through the Action RPG Grim Dawn! Click on things, get loot!
2020-03-21 Call of Duty: Warzone [ Link]
James is rocking a Bonus Stream from the comfort of his own home! Let's play some shootymans (Call of Duty: Warzone) with some friends :D
2020-03-20 Animal Crossing: New Horizon Ep1 [ Link]
Bonus Stream time! Today our sights are set on Animal Crossing New Horizons!
2020-03-09 Gloomhaven Figure Painting Link
It's a bonus painting stream! Let's make those Gloomhaven figures look real fancy before they get horribly killed!
2020-03-05 Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 Link
Beej, Heather, and Cori are here to prove they can make it in the food industry! It's Cook, Serve, Delicious 3!
2020-03-03 Curse of the Dead Gods Link
There's no Let's NOPE but instead Adam is doing a solo stream for the early access game, Curse of the Dead Gods.
2020-02-14 Darksiders Genesis for PS4 Link
Darksiders Genesis is just came out on consoles, so Paul's gonna take a look! #sponsored


Date Title Link
2019-12-31 Anime 2019 Fall Season roundup Link
Beej & Heather have snuck into the moonbase to talk anime before the end of 2019! Come join us
2019-12-26 Boxing Day stream Link
🎁🌲 L I V E 🌲🎁 Come join us for a relaxing Boxing Day stream!
2019-12-25 Super Mario Bros. 3 Link
Bonus stream time! Beej and Heather hang out and play Super Mario Bros. 3!
2019-12-24 Blade Runner Link
Cori is going back in time to November 2019 to solve the crimes of the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner!
2019-12-22 A Very Cam and Ian Christmas 2019 Link
Come join Cameron and Ian for some holiday drinks and reflection on “A Very Cam and Ian Christmas”.
2019-10-17 Blasphemous Ep6 Link
Through suff'ring we shalt becometh pure
2019-10-05 Blasphemous Ep5 Link

2019-10-02 Blasphemous Ep4 Link
Let he who is without sin cast the first boulder
2019-09-28 Beej's Anime Review - Summer 2019 Link
Beej is going live to... just talk about anime. From last season.
2019-09-28 WoW Classic Challenge LAN Link
We’re all setup for today’s World of Warcraft: Classic challenge stream! This is gonna be a fun show, hope you’ll come check it out.
2019-09-19 Blasphemous Ep3 Link
No spitting in the house of God
2019-09-18 Blasphemous Ep2 Link
Let's SIN! Blasphemous
2019-09-14 Blasphemous Ep1 Link
Let's SIN! Alex tries out Blasphemous
2019-09-10 LRR on Apple Link
James and Paul are live with a quick bonus stream to talk about Apples announcements this morning. iPhones, Watches and Bears oh my!
2019-09-03 WoW Classic Link
James is physically exhausted, mentally drained and probably some other stuff, but no matter. There’s WoW Classic to be played. Join him as he regales you with tales of the past two weeks while he collects bear asses.
2019-08-16 Moonbase Mk5 2 Year Move In Anniversary Link
We've been in Moonbase Mk.5 for two years! Let's celebrate by watching the Loading Time Digest - Moonbase Moving Special together!
2019-08-14 Co-stream Destiny 2 Armour 2.0 Update Link
Bungie is announcing how Destiny 2's new armour will work and Cameron is here to provide insight and delightful facial expressions!
2019-08-07 Slay the Spire mods Link
Cori is here for a Bonus Stream playing various Slay the Spire mods!
2019-07-18 Darkest Dungeon Link
James is live with this evenings bonus stream. Join him for a night of death and despair in the Darkest Dungeon!
2019-07-17 Stardew Valley Link
James is live with today’s Bonus Stream! Join him as he dives into the world of Stardew Valley!
2019-06-14/15 LRRMans 2019 Link
Going live with the 24 Hours of LRRMans endurance race, right now!
2019-06-11 E3 2019 - Nintendo Link
Heather, Beej, and Kathleen are up and ready to watch the Nintendo E3 Direct!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - Square Enix Link
More #E3 coverage! Graham, Heather, Cori, and Matt co-stream the Square Enix presser!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - Ubisoft Link
Come hang out with Cori, Graham and Paul and watch the Ubisoft Press Conference!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - PC Gaming Show Link
Ben and Kathleen are here to watch the PC Gaming Show! What will we see? (games) What are we wearing (a sponsored hat) How will we meme? (poorly)
2019-06-09 E3 2019 - Bethesda Link
Want to hear the freshest takes on Besthesda? Well, Cori and Serge have got you covered! E3 presser coverage starts now!
2019-06-09 E3 2019 - Microsoft Link
Come hang out with Paul and see what Microsoft is up to at E3!
2019-06-03 Apple Keynote 2019 Watch-along
Graham & Beej are going to watch along the Apple Keynote at WWDC. Join us for reasoned takes!
2019-04-29 Super Mario Bros 3 Link
Beej and Heather are playing Nintendo Online games from that Nintendo Online app thing. And it's a bounty stream #sponsored. Come hang out as we talk Nintendo!
2019-04-25 Model Building and Painting with Cam and Alex Link
Get your magnifying glasses out for some fine-tuned model building with Cam and Alex on a bonus stream!
2019-04-13 Punch-a-chunk Challenge Link
We’re live! LoadingReadyRun Presents The Punch-A-Chunk Challenge: James and Serge Dig The Hole Thing. This is gonna be something special y’all, don’t miss it :D
2019-03-30 Minecraft: James digs a hole Link
Dumb Bonus Stream is LIVE! Come hang out with James while he digs a big hole in Minecraft, listens to the sick tunes and chat with y'all! Ed: This is 4 streams stitched into one video. It's over 7 hours long. You have been warned.
2019-03-14 Autumnal Rumble 3: SPRING SMASHSLAM Link
It’s HERE! Join us for the third Autumnal Rumble, and watch our OCs fight it out in a wrestling game 😄
2019-02-02 2018 Canadian Highlander Championship Link
It's time for the 2018 Canadian Highlander Championship!
2019-01-13 YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Link
One hour from now (12:30PM Pacific) Beej is coming in for a bonus stream. He’ll be taking a look at the soon to be released game from @AckkStudios, YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG.
2019-01-01 Stellaris Ep2 / Destiny 2 Link
Our hideous space monsters fall screaming into the black abyss of space in Stellaris on tonight's Bonus Stream with Cameron!


Date Title Link
2018-12-26 Boxing Day 2018 [ Link]
We’re live for a very special LoadingReadyRun Boxing Day stream. We got pancakes (for us) prizes (for you) and fun and games (also for us, but for your entertainment)
2018-12-16 Cam and Ian Christmas 2018 Link
Please join LRR for a December tradition: A Cam & Ian Christmas.
2018-12-06 The Game Awards 2018 Link
We’re live co-hosting The 2018 Game Awards! Look at these fantastic looking humans.
2018-11-20 Dusk Link
Somebody left the twitter open so I could tweet about me playing DUSK. I'm gonna do that but also post a butt.
2018-11-07 Stellaris Ep1 Link
B-b-b-b-bonus stream! Cameron and Cori are here to pilot some Stellaris right into your preferred stream viewing device!
2018-11-05 Destiny 2 Link
Cameron has taken control of the bonus stream tonight. Did you know that Redrix's broadsword doesn't require pvp wins, only games completed? Let's be godawful at pvp.
2018-10-13 15th Anniversary Celebration Link
Let’s look back through 15 years of LRR as we celebrate the linear progression of time!
2018-09-18 Ōkami HD on Switch Ep2 Link
Beej wants to be a wolf! Who are we to stop him? It's OKAMI HD for the Switch on a LRR Bonus Stream!
2018-09-11 Ōkami HD on Switch Ep1 Link
It's a surprise BONUS STREAM! Beej is dropping us into his playthrough of Okami HD for the Switch!
2018-09-08 Destiny 2: Forsaken Link
Cameron has a whole new slate of chores to do, so lets mow the traveller, or whatever in a Bonus Stream of Destiny 2!
2018-09-01 Destiny 2 Gambit Preview Link

2018-08-31 Show and Tell Link
Time for Show & Tell with Cameron and Alex!
2018-08-07 Hunt: Showdown Link
2018-07-28 The Crapshot Bracket Top 32 Link
Join James, Ian, Beej, Graham and Cori as we watch the top 32 Crapshots that make up current Crapshot Bracket. Also stream highlights :D
2018-07-25 Sleep Tight Link
Graham & Ben are having a Las Vegas pajama party(??) for the launch of Sleep Tight
2018-07-10 Hunt: Showdown Link

2018-06-16 24h LRR MANS - Project Cars 2 Link
Going live with the 24 Hours of LRR Mans, right now! 🎦
2018-04-10 Jalopy Ep2 Link
Alex is online with a little bonus stream playing Jalopy right now. Get in here.
2018-04-09 Jalopy Ep1 Link

2018-03-30 MtG Arena Ep2 Link
Kathleen has a fever… for MTG Arena! BONUS STREAM
2018-03-26 MtG Arena Ep1 Link

2018-01-26 Ittle Dew 2 Ep2 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-25 Multibowl / Ittle Dew 2 Link

2017-12-20 A Cameron and Ian Christmas 3 Link

2017-12-11 Lords Mobile Link

2017-10-16 Minecraft Link
With Alex
2017-09-12 Apple Special Event Commentary Stream Link

2017-09-07 Dark Souls Randomizer Mod Link

2017-09-02 Paul and Alex Answer your Questions Link

2017-08-11 Breakaway Link

2017-07-13 Dead Cells Link

2017-06-19 Paul Quest 6 Live Link

2017-06-17 24h LRR MANS — Project Cars Link

2017-06-05 WWDC Keynote Commentary Link

2017-06-04 Rime Link





2017-03-27 Tokyo Mirage Sessions Link

2017-03-07 James Plays All The Things! — 12 Hour Stream A Thon! Link

2017-03-03 Switch Launch Day Stream — One Two Switch Link

2017-03-03 Switch Launch Day Stream — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link

2017-02-09 Subnautica Link

2017-02-08 DESYNC Link

2017-02-06 Pokémon Moon Ep3 Link

2017-01-17 Alex plays all the games! Link

2017-01-12 Nintendo Switch Announcement Link

2017-01-08 Heather's PC Build Link

2017-01-05 Clustertruck Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-08 Cam's 24 Hour Stream Link

2016-07-30 VR Job Simulator Link

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