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Why do we stream? Sometimes it's just because we can. These are the Bonus Streams

List Of Episodes


Date Title Link
2021-10-20 HROT [ Link]
Graham was eaten by a Grue, so no W+P this week but Alex will carry on with HROT!
2021-10-10 Anime Round-up - Summer 2021 review and Autumn 2021 preview [ Link]
Y'all like Anime? How about Beej? Answer the first with yes/no, fine. But the second one isn't even a question. Of course you like Beej.
2021-10-06 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Link
(Presumably) Wheeler getting the other endings from his Play It Forward playthrough
2021-10-04 Tomes and Quests: A Word RPG Link
Time for a little bonus! Kathleen is here for a sponsored stream of TOMES & QUESTS, an RPG with words.
2021-09-29 New World Link
Time for a little bit of a Bonus Stream! No CTS tonight, but rather James (and other humans probably) are gonna jump in and check out New World this afternoon/evening.
2021-09-21 Returnal Link
Ben is out of town and Adam had a very good joke planned but Steam won't let him log on and ruined his very good joke and instead he will be coping with a bonus stream of Returnal I guess (he's honestly kinda bummed he can't do the "good" joke.)
2021-09-17 Regular Crispy Day 2021 Link
Join Heather and Ian on this Regular Crispy Day for a celebration of all things moderately crispy.
2021-08-24 Destiny 2 2021 Showcase Link
Graham just spent the last hour co-streaming the Magic event, and it was a blast. But did you know Graham likes Destiny 2, and they also have a big co-streamable event today?
2021-08-24 MTG 2021 Showcase Link
Graham is live co-streaming the MTG 2021 Magic Announcement event!
2021-08-21 LRRMans 2021 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
The track is clear, and we are LIVE with the 5th Annual 24 Hours of LRRMans endurance race in Assetto Corsa. Let’s rev it up!
2021-08-17 HROT Link
Alex is Czeching out HROT: episode 1 as a bonus stream!
2021-08-10 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers Link
Wheeler is playing ...checks notes... Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers on this mornings Bonus Stream. I'm watching right now, and he honestly just said "I have no idea what I'm doing", so you know it's gonna be a good stream.
2021-08-07 Back 4 Blood Link
A Bonus Stream has entered the ring! Join Ben, Serge, Nelson, and Joe Kim tonight at 5:00PM Pacific as they check out the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series, Back 4 Blood!
2021-07-06 Graham explores AFR Kickoff Event Link
Let’s explore for new cards! Graham is poking around the #MTGDND kick-off event in Gather, where he’s told there are 10 new AFR cards to find.
2021-07-03 Anime Round-up - Spring 2021 review and Summer 2021 preview Link
Beej is talking about anime again. Don't stop him - just be glad it's happening.
2021-06-08 Final Fantasy XIV Online Link
And Now for Something Completely Different! Adam is away and Ben felt like a break from the spoops, so instead join him for an evening of whatever it is one does in the MMO based video game Final Fantasy XIV.
2021-04-08 Assetto Corsa: Shutoko Revival Project Link
It’s time for some Tokyo Cruisin! Ian’s back in the drivers seat with a brand new version of the Shutoko Revival Project for Assetto Corsa. Let’s all have a pleasant drive around Tokyo.
2021-04-06 Anime Round-up - Winter 2021 review and Spring 2021 preview Link
It's a NEW ANIME SEASON! Beej is barging into the stream to tell you all about it, and what he watched last season!
2021-04-03 Fall Guys Season 4 Link
It’s time for a Bonus Stream! Join Adam, Ian, Nelson, and Wheeler as they go 4th into the new hotness of Fall Folks Season 4!
2021-03-23 Mable & The Wood Link
It's Bonus Stream time! Heather chose a game she downloaded once but can't remember why! Let's check out Mable & The Wood together!
2021-03-17 Magic: Legends Link
Join Graham, Adam, and Serge as they check out BeAMagicLegend from PerfectWorld ahead of it's March 23rd PC Open Beta
2021-02-21 Project Cars 2 Link
We are LIVE with a Project Cars 2 Bonus Stream! Ian is putting some of the new equipment through its paces. Join us for fun at the track!
2021-02-06 Coffee with Serge Q&A Link
Join Serge, Graham, and Chris for a special Coffee with Serge Q&A stream!
2021-01-23 Pokemon TCG Link
And Now for Something Completely Different! On tonight’s Bonus Stream join Ben, Wheeler and James for Pokemon TCG and even some pack cracking!


Date Title Link
2020-12-28 Anime Roundup - 2020 Autumn Review Link
The time has come for Beej's anime opinions for Autumn 2020!
2020-12-26 Boxing Day 2020 Link
Join us for the annual LoadingReadyRun Boxing Day Stream! We're gonna hangout and chat, we'll play some video games (Pummel Party, Jackbox & Corkinole) and of course we'll be giving away a PS5!
2020-12-25 Super Mario World Link
Heather and Beej are doing a Bonus Christmas day stream! Let's play some Super Mario World and chat!
2020-12-18 Nice Shot! Link
Join Graham, James, and Ian as they shoot a few rounds of golf in a #sponsored stream of NICE SHOT! (the Gun Golfing Game) by PolyGryph!
2020-12-11 James Turner's Experimental Fishing Stream Link
Gone Fishin'
2020-12-03 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Ep2 Link
Tonight on some sort of Bonus Stream, Ben (Pictured here from the last WoW stream, I assure you, he looks the same now) James, Adam and Serge are playing some Shadowlands!
2020-11-23 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Ep1 Link
Ben has taken control of the stream for a special bonus launch day stream of World of Warcraft latest expansion, Shadowlands. He’ll be joined throughout the evening by friends, and even James at some point.
2020-11-07 PPR Sub Reads
Yesterday's PPR (while being a ton of fun) ran rather long. So join James for a special bonus stream where he's gonna play some chill Minecraft while reading subs, and a viewing of the Punt/Counterpunt we cut for time.
2020-11-05 Darksburg Link
Life is like a hurricane, here in....... @Darksburg. Adam, Ben and Coriander....... Streaming it, on LRR
2020-11-04 Teardown Link
Definitely did not forget to tweet
2020-10-28 Receiver II Ep3 Link
Receptionists must receive the receivers in the receiving area and get a receipt. Alex returns to Receiver II? I wonder why...
2020-10-26 Time for Art Link
It’s time for another art stream! Join Cori, Cameron, and Heather as they put pencil to paper.
2020-10-23 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep26 Link
Time for a very fall episode of KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR, as Kathleen, Cameron, SlyTQ, and Madeleine Suddaby get autumnal as heck!!
2020-10-15 Space Crew Link
Bonus #Sponsored Stream! Graham is doing a launch day stream of Space Crew from Runner Duck Games!
2020-10-13 Putt-Putt Joins The Parade Link
What's the exact opposite of Let's Nope? The antithesis of horror, the macabre, and Halloween in general? How about an adult playing Putt Putt games in 2020? Close enough.
2020-10-12 Art Time Link

2020-10-10 The Second First Annual Punch-A-Chunk Link
And we’re live! James and Serge are live for the rematch you’ve all been waiting for! The Second First Annual Punch-A-Chunk is a go!
2020-10-09 Fall Guys Twitch Rivals Link
It’s Fall Guys Twitch Rivals! Graham is here as captain of Team LoadingReadyRun (with James, Cori, and Ben!) Let’s get at least 1 crown between us pls
2020-10-09 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep25 Link
Time for Clambina Take Over Grand Championship on Kathleen's Island Tour!
2020-10-08 The Solitaire Conspiracy Link

2020-10-05 Legends of Runeterra Link
No Dice Friends tomorrow night (no fear, it will return very soon) so instead join Wheeler for a bonus stream where he’s gonna play some Runeterra!
2020-10-05 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep24 Link
Hey, I’m playing animal crossing for… fun? Also to set up a very ridiculous thing.
2020-10-03 Star Wars: Squadrons Link
It’s time for a Bonus Star Wars: Squadrons stream! Join Ian, Cam, and Matt Wiggins as they try not to crash into asteroids in Spaaaaace!
2020-10-02 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep23 Link
Today on ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen and Cameron are visiting Meagan very October island, AND a Dream Island that doubles as a ... personality test??
2020-09-30 2020 Summer Anime review Link
Oh heck, it’s past 8PM which means Beej is talking about anime!
2020-09-27 Garden in the Clouds Link
Did you watch yesterday’s Rustproof Bee Shed stream and either sub or give bits? First of all, THANKS :) Second, James is live now with a very low key, short bonus stream to welcome everyone who did so. Let’s garden in the clouds and read some names.
2020-09-26 Rustproof Bee Shed Link
After a couple false starts (we test for exactly this reason) we are online and... Bee Shedding? I guess?
2020-09-25 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep22 Link
It’s KATHLEEN ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen, and Cameron are joined by Molly for a lesson in making an Animal Crossing music video from guests Crossing the Runway!
2020-09-24 Darksburg Link

2020-09-19 LRRMans 2020 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Start your engines race fans! We’re back in the driver’s seat for this year’s 24 Hours of LRR Mans endurance race!
2020-09-18 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep21 Link
KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR returns, as Kathleen, Cameron, and guest Molly visit the island of Lindsay Small-Butera, and then go to a spoopy dream island!
2020-09-17 Regular Crispy Day Link
We are live with Regular Crispy Day celebrations, hosted by Ian and Heather. Grab a snack and crunch along.
2020-09-15 Far As The Eye Link
Hey friends! Adam's Power has been out all day, so unfortunately Let's Nope is Cancelled. BUT! Ben is still here doing a bonus stream with a new game Called As Far As The Eye! Cute Animals meets city builder. What more could you ask for?
2020-09-03 Twitch Chat's Choice Awards Link
Join Graham as he co-streams the Twitch Chat’s Choice Awards!
2020-08-30 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep20 Link
Today on Kathleen visits cypheroftyr and maddsudz Animal Crossing islands, SlyTQ and patbaer are here to do friendships! (and Kathleen is going to make everyone play something called “storage wars”)
2020-08-23 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep19 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen and Cam are joined by Matt G and Pat Baer to visit some community islands, through the power of ✨𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓈✨
2020-08-16 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep18 Link
Today on ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen and Cam are joined by Nelson and Erika to visit some community islands and dreeaaam islands!
2020-08-15 Factorio Link
This past week saw the official release of Factorio, a game that folks have been suggesting James play for years. Well fine, lets do this thing. Bonus Serge and Fugi for extra value.
2020-08-13 Grim Dawn Ep10 Link
I would suggest you tune in this week for Cori, Ben and Adam playing Grim Dawn. There is a special treat, but only if Twitch chat is good and talks about how great Cori and Ben are.
2020-08-09 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep17 Link
Today, KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR returns! Kathleen, Cameron, and friends are going to explore some ANIMAL CROSSING community islands, and then ✨ 𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓌𝑜𝓇𝓁𝒹 𝑜𝒻 𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓈 ✨
2020-08-06 Blaseball Link
Good evening splortsfans! If you've got time come hang out with Coriander and watch some blaseball. ⚾️
2020-07-30 Grim Dawn Ep9 Link
Let's be honest, nobody actually watches this stream to see how Cori, Ben and Adam navigate the intricate gameplay mechanics of Grim Dawn. They come here to drop those huge Twitch Prime subs that they pilfered from their parents.
2020-07-26 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep16 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen & Cameron are visiting Dan Emmons island (among others), with guests Taylor Quinn, Andrew Ferguson, and Meagan Hogg! PLUS, Kathleen has An Activity prepared!
2020-07-19 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep15 Link
In 90mins it’s KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Today’s we’ll be visiting the islands of cspranklerun and Ben Wheeler!
2020-07-16 Grim Dawn Ep8 Link
"Watching Cori, Ben and Adam play through Grim Dawn is more enjoyable than a bag full of recreational edibles" - Marie Kondo
2020-07-12 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep14 Link
It’s KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! This week, Kathleen, Cameron, and friends visit the islands of Taylor Quinn & C.M. Galdre, plus community islands!
2020-07-05 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep13 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen, Cameron, and guests Taylor Quinn & Meagan Hogg, visit all community islands!
2020-06-28 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep12 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen & Cameron, and friends, visit the islands of Ian D and goberthicks, plus community islands!
2020-06-21 Anime Roundup - 2020 Spring Review Link
Beej is live with a last-minute anime season roundup for Spring 2020!
2020-06-21 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep11 Link
Hey it’s time for Kathleen’s island tour — featuring LittleKuriboh and Graham Come hang out!
2020-06-18 Grim Dawn Ep7 Link
Cori, Ben and Adam are continuing their Grim Dawn playthrough!
2020-06-14 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep10 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Kathleen, Cam and friends visit the islands of Ashlen Rose, Jordan Hopkins, and Chris Bednar (Foxmar320)!
2020-06-07 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep9 Link
It’s KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR! Today, Kathleen, Cameron, Jordan, and Matt visit the islands of Laser and Aubrey of The Double Clicks, plus community islands!
2020-06-04 Grim Dawn Ep6 Link
Cori, Ben and Adam are playing Grim Dawn multiplayer! Apparently there was a huge update to the game today? As they say in Sweden, "pjorgchamp". You don't have to verify if this is true, we all know they say it.
2020-05-31 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep8 Link
Today on KATHLEEN’S ISLAND TOUR, Kathleen & Cameron, joined by Cori, Jordan, and @patbaer, visit the islands of @Stabbytabbycat and Kate (as well as community islands!)
2020-05-24 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep7 Link
Today on Kathleen’s Island Tour! Kathleen, Cameron, and friends are joined by Jacob Burgess, Sarah Serinde and Paul Verhoeven to explore their islands, and others!
2020-05-21 Grim Dawn Ep5 Link
Cori, Ben and Adam are still playing Grim Dawn on a special Bonus stream in place of the Long Game! Do you like dated references to popular Euro pop act the Venga Boys? Better slide in here, then.
2020-05-17 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep6 Link
Today’s Kathleen’s Island Tour is all about: ✨🌹 Flower Breeding 🌺✨ Kathleen & Cameron, joined by Daniel Holt, Meagan Hogg, SmallLady, and Sonjo Lasagno, are gonna talk all about Animal Crossing genetics??!
2020-05-12 Destiny 2 Link
Cameron is solo today and is clicking on heads for fun and profit!
2020-05-10 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep5 Link
Kathleen, Cameron, and friends are back to visit more Animal Crossing islands! It’s another installment of Kathleen’s Island Tour! This week we’re visiting Andrew Cownden, Heather Dery, and @Azralorne, as well as community members’ islands!
2020-05-07 Grim Dawn Ep4 Link
What better way to spend a Thursday night than listening to Cori, Ben and Adam make constant references to popular musical act the Venga Boys. Also we're still playing Grim Dawn
2020-05-03 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep4 Link
Time for another Bonus Stream of Kathleen’s Island Tour!! Kathleen, Cameron, and a BUNCH of our friends are here to look at their #AnimalCrossing islands, and yours!
2020-04-26 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep3 Link
Time for another bonus stream of Kathleen’s Island Tour! Let’s explore some Animal Crossing, with guests!!
2020-04-23 Grim Dawn Ep3 Link
Cori, Ben and Adam continue their adventure through Grim Dawn and will continue to make Venga Boys references throughout the night.
2020-04-22 Receiver II Ep2 Link

2020-04-19 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep2 Link
Kathleen is gonna poke around your island... it’s another community Animal Crossing tour!
2020-04-17 Receiver II Ep1 Link

2020-04-14 ACNH: Kathleen's Island Tours Ep1 Link
Let’s see some islands! It’s a bonus stream where Kathleen, Cameron, and Matt are going to visit some of YOUR islands, on an #AnimalCrossing island tour!
2020-04-09 Grim Dawn Ep2 Link
Cori, Ben and Adam are back this week with our continued playthrough of Grim Dawn! Join the adventures of Average Sized Tim, Venn Gabuz, and Large Fellow.
2020-04-04 Anime Season Roundup Winter 2020 Link
It's Bonus Stream time! Beej wants to talk about the Anime Season Winter roundup!
2020-04-04 Animal Crossing: New Horizon Ep3 Link
Bonus Stream Time! Matt and Kathleen are going back to the island for more Animal Crossing!!
2020-03-27 Animal Crossing: New Horizon Ep2 Link
Join Matt and Heather as they pal around on the LRR Animal Crossing island! Going live now!
2020-03-26 Grim Dawn Ep1 Link
With Gloomhaven on the shelf, Adam is dragging Cori and Ben through the Action RPG Grim Dawn! Click on things, get loot!
2020-03-21 Call of Duty: Warzone
James is rocking a Bonus Stream from the comfort of his own home! Let's play some shootymans (Call of Duty: Warzone) with some friends :D
2020-03-20 Animal Crossing: New Horizon Ep1 Link
Bonus Stream time! Today our sights are set on Animal Crossing New Horizons!
2020-03-09 Gloomhaven Figure Painting Link
It's a bonus painting stream! Let's make those Gloomhaven figures look real fancy before they get horribly killed!
2020-03-05 Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 Link
Beej, Heather, and Cori are here to prove they can make it in the food industry! It's Cook, Serve, Delicious 3!
2020-03-03 Curse of the Dead Gods Link
There's no Let's NOPE but instead Adam is doing a solo stream for the early access game, Curse of the Dead Gods.
2020-02-14 Darksiders Genesis for PS4 Link
Darksiders Genesis is just came out on consoles, so Paul's gonna take a look! #sponsored


Date Title Link
2019-12-31 Anime 2019 Fall Season roundup Link
Beej & Heather have snuck into the moonbase to talk anime before the end of 2019! Come join us
2019-12-26 Boxing Day stream Link
🎁🌲 L I V E 🌲🎁 Come join us for a relaxing Boxing Day stream!
2019-12-25 Super Mario Bros. 3 Link
Bonus stream time! Beej and Heather hang out and play Super Mario Bros. 3!
2019-12-24 Blade Runner Link
Cori is going back in time to November 2019 to solve the crimes of the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner!
2019-12-22 A Very Cam and Ian Christmas 2019 Link
Come join Cameron and Ian for some holiday drinks and reflection on “A Very Cam and Ian Christmas”.
2019-10-17 Blasphemous Ep6 Link
Through suff'ring we shalt becometh pure
2019-10-05 Blasphemous Ep5 Link

2019-10-02 Blasphemous Ep4 Link
Let he who is without sin cast the first boulder
2019-09-28 Beej's Anime Review - Summer 2019 Link
Beej is going live to... just talk about anime. From last season.
2019-09-28 WoW Classic Challenge LAN Link
We’re all setup for today’s World of Warcraft: Classic challenge stream! This is gonna be a fun show, hope you’ll come check it out.
2019-09-19 Blasphemous Ep3 Link
No spitting in the house of God
2019-09-18 Blasphemous Ep2 Link
Let's SIN! Blasphemous
2019-09-14 Blasphemous Ep1 Link
Let's SIN! Alex tries out Blasphemous
2019-09-10 LRR on Apple Link
James and Paul are live with a quick bonus stream to talk about Apples announcements this morning. iPhones, Watches and Bears oh my!
2019-09-03 WoW Classic Link
James is physically exhausted, mentally drained and probably some other stuff, but no matter. There’s WoW Classic to be played. Join him as he regales you with tales of the past two weeks while he collects bear asses.
2019-08-16 Moonbase Mk5 2 Year Move In Anniversary Link
We've been in Moonbase Mk.5 for two years! Let's celebrate by watching the Loading Time Digest - Moonbase Moving Special together!
2019-08-14 Co-stream Destiny 2 Armour 2.0 Update Link
Bungie is announcing how Destiny 2's new armour will work and Cameron is here to provide insight and delightful facial expressions!
2019-08-07 Slay the Spire mods Link
Cori is here for a Bonus Stream playing various Slay the Spire mods!
2019-07-18 Darkest Dungeon Link
James is live with this evenings bonus stream. Join him for a night of death and despair in the Darkest Dungeon!
2019-07-17 Stardew Valley Link
James is live with today’s Bonus Stream! Join him as he dives into the world of Stardew Valley!
2019-06-14/15 LRRMans 2019 Link
Going live with the 24 Hours of LRRMans endurance race, right now!
2019-06-11 E3 2019 - Nintendo Link
Heather, Beej, and Kathleen are up and ready to watch the Nintendo E3 Direct!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - Square Enix Link
More #E3 coverage! Graham, Heather, Cori, and Matt co-stream the Square Enix presser!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - Ubisoft Link
Come hang out with Cori, Graham and Paul and watch the Ubisoft Press Conference!
2019-06-10 E3 2019 - PC Gaming Show Link
Ben and Kathleen are here to watch the PC Gaming Show! What will we see? (games) What are we wearing (a sponsored hat) How will we meme? (poorly)
2019-06-09 E3 2019 - Bethesda Link
Want to hear the freshest takes on Besthesda? Well, Cori and Serge have got you covered! E3 presser coverage starts now!
2019-06-09 E3 2019 - Microsoft Link
Come hang out with Paul and see what Microsoft is up to at E3!
2019-06-03 Apple Keynote 2019 Watch-along
Graham & Beej are going to watch along the Apple Keynote at WWDC. Join us for reasoned takes!
2019-04-29 Super Mario Bros 3 Link
Beej and Heather are playing Nintendo Online games from that Nintendo Online app thing. And it's a bounty stream #sponsored. Come hang out as we talk Nintendo!
2019-04-25 Model Building and Painting with Cam and Alex Link
Get your magnifying glasses out for some fine-tuned model building with Cam and Alex on a bonus stream!
2019-04-13 Punch-a-chunk Challenge Link
We’re live! LoadingReadyRun Presents The Punch-A-Chunk Challenge: James and Serge Dig The Hole Thing. This is gonna be something special y’all, don’t miss it :D
2019-03-30 Minecraft: James digs a hole Link
Dumb Bonus Stream is LIVE! Come hang out with James while he digs a big hole in Minecraft, listens to the sick tunes and chat with y'all! Ed: This is 4 streams stitched into one video. It's over 7 hours long. You have been warned.
2019-03-14 Autumnal Rumble 3: SPRING SMASHSLAM Link
It’s HERE! Join us for the third Autumnal Rumble, and watch our OCs fight it out in a wrestling game 😄
2019-02-02 2018 Canadian Highlander Championship Link
It's time for the 2018 Canadian Highlander Championship!
2019-01-13 YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Link
One hour from now (12:30PM Pacific) Beej is coming in for a bonus stream. He’ll be taking a look at the soon to be released game from @AckkStudios, YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG.
2019-01-01 Stellaris Ep2 / Destiny 2 Link
Our hideous space monsters fall screaming into the black abyss of space in Stellaris on tonight's Bonus Stream with Cameron!


Date Title Link
2018-12-26 Boxing Day 2018 [ Link]
We’re live for a very special LoadingReadyRun Boxing Day stream. We got pancakes (for us) prizes (for you) and fun and games (also for us, but for your entertainment)
2018-12-16 Cam and Ian Christmas 2018 Link
Please join LRR for a December tradition: A Cam & Ian Christmas.
2018-12-06 The Game Awards 2018 Link
We’re live co-hosting The 2018 Game Awards! Look at these fantastic looking humans.
2018-11-20 Dusk Link
Somebody left the twitter open so I could tweet about me playing DUSK. I'm gonna do that but also post a butt.
2018-11-07 Stellaris Ep1 Link
B-b-b-b-bonus stream! Cameron and Cori are here to pilot some Stellaris right into your preferred stream viewing device!
2018-11-05 Destiny 2 Link
Cameron has taken control of the bonus stream tonight. Did you know that Redrix's broadsword doesn't require pvp wins, only games completed? Let's be godawful at pvp.
2018-10-13 15th Anniversary Celebration Link
Let’s look back through 15 years of LRR as we celebrate the linear progression of time!
2018-09-18 Ōkami HD on Switch Ep2 Link
Beej wants to be a wolf! Who are we to stop him? It's OKAMI HD for the Switch on a LRR Bonus Stream!
2018-09-11 Ōkami HD on Switch Ep1 Link
It's a surprise BONUS STREAM! Beej is dropping us into his playthrough of Okami HD for the Switch!
2018-09-08 Destiny 2: Forsaken Link
Cameron has a whole new slate of chores to do, so lets mow the traveller, or whatever in a Bonus Stream of Destiny 2!
2018-09-01 Destiny 2 Gambit Preview Link

2018-08-31 Show and Tell Link
Time for Show & Tell with Cameron and Alex!
2018-08-07 Hunt: Showdown Link
2018-07-28 The Crapshot Bracket Top 32 Link
Join James, Ian, Beej, Graham and Cori as we watch the top 32 Crapshots that make up current Crapshot Bracket. Also stream highlights :D
2018-07-25 Sleep Tight Link
Graham & Ben are having a Las Vegas pajama party(??) for the launch of Sleep Tight
2018-07-10 Hunt: Showdown Link

2018-06-16 24h LRR MANS - Project Cars 2 Link
Going live with the 24 Hours of LRR Mans, right now! 🎦
2018-04-10 Jalopy Ep2 Link
Alex is online with a little bonus stream playing Jalopy right now. Get in here.
2018-04-09 Jalopy Ep1 Link

2018-03-30 MtG Arena Ep2 Link
Kathleen has a fever… for MTG Arena! BONUS STREAM
2018-03-26 MtG Arena Ep1 Link

2018-01-26 Ittle Dew 2 Ep2 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-25 Multibowl / Ittle Dew 2 Link

2017-12-20 A Cameron and Ian Christmas 3 Link

2017-12-11 Lords Mobile Link

2017-10-16 Minecraft Link
With Alex
2017-09-12 Apple Special Event Commentary Stream Link

2017-09-07 Dark Souls Randomizer Mod Link

2017-09-02 Paul and Alex Answer your Questions Link

2017-08-11 Breakaway Link

2017-07-13 Dead Cells Link

2017-06-19 Paul Quest 6 Live Link

2017-06-17 24h LRR MANS — Project Cars Link

2017-06-05 WWDC Keynote Commentary Link

2017-06-04 Rime Link





2017-03-27 Tokyo Mirage Sessions Link

2017-03-07 James Plays All The Things! — 12 Hour Stream A Thon! Link

2017-03-03 Switch Launch Day Stream — One Two Switch Link

2017-03-03 Switch Launch Day Stream — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link

2017-02-09 Subnautica Link

2017-02-08 DESYNC Link

2017-02-06 Pokémon Moon Ep3 Link

2017-01-17 Alex plays all the games! Link

2017-01-12 Nintendo Switch Announcement Link

2017-01-08 Heather's PC Build Link

2017-01-05 Clustertruck Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-08 Cam's 24 Hour Stream Link

2016-07-30 VR Job Simulator Link

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