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Stories on Bloodborne, Mario Kart 8, NBA2K14, The Button, and Amiibo supply-chain failures.

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Date: April 7, 2015

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Music: Bradley Rains

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


Must go faster. Must go faster! Must outrun blue shell.


  • 2K Sports is closing the NBA 2K14 servers after less than a year and a half, and killing players' save files.
  • The Button, a mysterious game/social experiment, has appeared on Reddit.
  • Mario Kart 8 is getting a 200cc mode.
  • The new line of Amiibos has sold out, before they'd even reached stores.
  • Bloodborne has a memory leak that makes some bosses easier to kill.

Coming Up

Battlefield: Hardline's comedy couch vehicle has been nerfed for being too maneuverable and too durable, like any good couch should be. This is manufactured obsolescence at its worst.

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