Bill's Revenge

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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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In the dramatic finale of our Bill Eats Gross Things trilogy, the hunters become the hunted.

Vital Statistics

Bill's Revenge

Date: April 14, 2006

Category: Sheer Stupidity

Appearing: Bill Watt, Morgan vanHumbeck, Adam Savidan, James Turner, Paul Saunders

Camera: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark

Blob prepared by: Bill Watt, Graham Stark


In exchange for Bill eating all kinds of weird stuff, several of Bill's friends agree to eat something he makes - and his unholy creation is truly horrible.


  • Recipe for 'Revenge a la Bill':
    • One bundt cake pan, filled 3/4 of the way with water
    • Add 12 pouches Knox unflavored gelatin, stir until dissolved
    • Add one can escargot, arranged in a ring at the bottom of the pan (to appear at the top of the Revenge)
    • Squeeze in soft tofu and chunks of wet dog food to add depth
    • Include several globules of Marmite for flavor
    • Chill until desired density is reached
    • Upturn on serving dish of choice, topped with more soft tofu and Marmite. Garnish with octopus
    • Serves however many friends you can convince to eat it.
  • If you make and serve 'Revenge a la Bill', please send the video to LRR.
  • In the commentary track for the Season 1 video Lanageddon West Graham and Paul joke that the "LoadingReadyRun promise" is "Never will we do anything that makes our contestants vomit." Adam broke that promise by inducing himself to vomit in this video.
  • When Bill is putting the finishing touches on the 'Revenge a la Bill," you can hear Suspend Your Disbelief playing in the background.
  • You can hear an uncredited Lissette Arevalo intermittently through this video. She can be seen in the background at the very end of the video.
  • This video was retroactively dubbed an Iron Stomach Challenge
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