Ben Ulmer

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Ben Ulmer
Ben Ulmer
Ben "Bengineering" Ulmer
Date of Birth: August 1992
First Appearance: Loading Time Digest - May 2015 (9 June 2015)
Last Appearance: Bylaw & Order - Episode 4 (6 February 2019)
Twitter: @BenHUlmer
Twitch: Bengineering

Ben Ulmer is a LoadingReadyRun crew member. Originally a fan favorite tech personality at Desert Bus, Ben quickly gained the nickname of "Bengineering." Ben occasionally appeared in streams starting as early as 2015, but could only appear infrequently as he lived off the island at the time. In early 2017, Ben moved to Victoria, and became a regular on Feed Dump and Let's NOPE!, as well as making appearances on several other streams, including LoadingReadyLIVE.

Following the rousing success of a segment from Desert Bus 10, Ben started creating a youtube series titled "WHO THE HELL??" under his own youtube channel, where he describes characters from fictional media using increasingly silly nicknames. After three episodes, the series was picked up as a feature on LoadingReadyRun's own YouTube channel. Additionally, as mentioned in the Moonbase Moving Special, Ben is now taking on most of the editing duties for Loading Time.


  • Ben was born deaf in one ear.
  • Ben is the youngest LRR crewmember.


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