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Your data isn't going to back itself up; that much is certain.

Vital Statistics

Trust me...

Date: May 9, 2011

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Dale Friesen, Kathleen De Vere, James Turner, Khaavren (uncredited), Graham Stark (voice, stinger, uncredited)

Writing: Paul Saunders

Camera: Graham Stark

Boom: Cameron Lauder

Music: Bradley Rains

Edited by: Graham Stark


It seems like the Devil will try to bargains for a man's soul for anything it this day in age, and the sad thing is that more often than not it works.


  • This is the second video for LRR where Dale has played The Devil, the first being 106.7 The Drive.
  • Dale's "Devil Voice" wasn't made with any kind of post-processing. He's able to speak like that all on his own.
  • Graham is the voice of the "Arboreal Lizard" in the porno Paul's character is watching in the stinger.
  • "Arboreal Lizard" is an umbrella term for several different species of lizard, including iguanas. It is currently unconfirmed by science if any of these types of lizards have been known to engage in foursomes with college-aged girls slathered in Marmite.
  • James and Paul can be seen playing a game of Munchkin in this video, which is only interesting because it's an instance of the crew playing a card game that isn't Magic: The Gathering.
  • Kathleen's PSA is approved by The CDAA


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