August 30 2007 LRRcast

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Podcast minus 3 (if you wanna count Ben as a person)

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Keytars

Date: August 30, 2007

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, James Turner, Morgan vanHumbeck

Runtime: 41:00


Four people are missing from the LRRCast, Matt, Jer, Bill, and Ben (AKA Mumbly Joe Ben).

Then they talk about the fake YouTube comments Graham made which were never actually in the shot. The only one that really stood out for Morgan was the "Lavos" comment, which read "Who are the Smiths?" with "Lavos"'s answer as "Who cares? LAWL". They also talk about how the time bar in the YouTube video does not move, despite the fact that the video is playing.

The Keytars video was shot in only a few days, and Kathleen's shots were shot in Vancouver. The short's story originated when Kathleen was visiting two weeks ago from August 30, and Kathleen told Graham that he was her second favorite person in the world. Right after the guy who invented the keytar. They also talk about the history of the keytar, which was actually created by Steve Masakowski, and the keytar was produced by Moog Liberation. The first one off the line Masakowski got, and the next three were bought by Devo. While most people play the keys with both hands, it's meant to be played with one hand playing the keys, and the other holding the back end.

They also talk about how they would involve time travel, and how Kathleen was the one who changed the time machine originally thought of to a time helmet. Before shooting, Paul also said that they should tape a little iMac clock to Graham's bike helmet to make the time helmet. Unfortunately, Graham had to remove the clock to ride his bike.

The beginning of the video is a reference to the shirts bought in the previous video, Somebody Has to Change. Using the "ninja fold". They talk about how the title was added under the shirt using chroma features with the red, which wasn't intended during shooting, but conceived during editing. Matt was also doing his Horatio Caine impression during his shot in the video. They talked about how future Graham had frozen Matt and lied to past Graham, and that that was not how you played the futuristic porn game, which confused some people. Morgan's speaking part was improvised, and he was not supposed to have a line in the video. His scene was also shot in only one take. Jer was the one announcing the winning lottery numbers on the TV. In the last scene, the setting was supposed to be a post-apoctalyptic wasteland, and Graham actually forgot the time helmet when they went to shoot, so they improvised the "lost the helmet" thing.

What We're Playing Now

Morgan is, again, playing "buying a really really sweet new Logitech mouse and headset", which he can afford because his mother gave him money for his birthday. It has five programmable keys, four of which will be used for the four keystrokes in DotA, and the fifth will be used for whatever is in item slot 1.

Paul's been playing more Final Fantasy X, and another game called N-Ball, which is a physics game where you control a ball and try to get to the end.

James downloaded the skate demo from Xbox Live, mainly because the Tony Hawk games have started to decline. Unlike Tony Hawk, skate doesn't make you hit buttons when you jump, and is normally controlled with the left joystick.

Graham noticed a new Live arcade game called Space Giraffe at Matt's place. Jer joked around and said it was a futuristic shooter with a picture of J Allard in the background who stares at you the whole time. When Matt was out of the room, Graham downloaded it and started playing, and it is, essentially, a futuristic shooter with a picture of J Allard in the background who stares at you the whole time. Graham hated it.

At this year's PAX, Uwe Boll actually attended PAX, and answered questions. Boll says that his first script is Postal.

Graham has also been playing BioShock. He likes it. He says the little Big Daddy figurine he got was broken, but they are replacing them.


August 30 2007 AskLRR


They still have not gotten to the cocktails.

Next week's challenge is another photo one, which is just to show your love for LRR in a picture.

Then they talk about the lunar eclipse tonight, which Graham will be filming.

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