August 22 2007 LRRcast

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Same old podcast, all new location!

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Somebody Has to Change

Date: August 22, 2007

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter, Morgan vanHumbeck, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Ben Wilkinson

Runtime: 40:00


They discuss the relocation of the podcast, and the new short Somebody Has to Change (which was created by Paul and had a working title of "Awkward..."). The idea came from Graham and Paul witnessing a group of people on a pub crawl (which involves a group of people visiting multiple pubs in one night) and they were all wearing the same shirt, and Paul thought it would be funny if they had unintentionally dressed similarly. Jer thought it was a recall to a Season One X Ways to Y video they had done, and on that day, Jer and Graham had accidentally dressed very similarly. Unfortunately, the video was very expensive because they had to purchase all of the shirts they used (they were about ten dollars each). They talk about how in the Rebellin' video, their goal was just to get everyone in the shot, but in Somebody Has to Change, the goal was to put more thought into it and make it look good.

Also in Somebody Has to Change, they talk about how they shot the last shot first, accidentally got the shirts wrong, and had to go out and shoot it again. They talk about how a forum post suggested that after walking behind the telephone pole, they should have been in their boxers. Paul doesn't like how gay people took the rainbow, because he likes rainbows. And unicorns.

They discuss an old video they watched in grade school by the title of Rainbow War (the crew mistakenly calls it Rainbow Wars). It starred three groups: the Red people (who symbolized the Soviets), the Blue people (who symbolized the French), and the Yellow people (who symbolized the Americans). They were in a war with the Blue and Yellow people fighting in the Red;s land with paint, and when their paint mixes, they discover the different colors. Graham tells everyone that Ryan Stiles from Whose Line is it Anyway? was in Rainbow War. He played the "tall guy".

Jer notes that Graham put background music throughout the entire short, which is very uncommon. Graham says it was needed to make the video flow more as a whole. Matt says that he unintentionally dropped his bottlecap when he had to spill water on his shirt.

The crew also talks about the BioShock demo (and how it scares Matt). It's pretty much all praise. Matt admits he never cared about the game until he played the demo. Jack Thompson sent a letter to the FTC about BioShock ads seen during WWE Friday Night SmackDown!, saying that it's an adult product targeted to children, like what tobacco companies did. Thompson also says the game was created by Take Two and Rockstar, when it is published by 2K Games and developed by 2K Boston/2K Australia (although Take Two does own 2K). They talk about how BioShock is the spiritual successor of System Shock 2, which was created by the same team (2K Boston/2K Australia was previously known as Irrational Games). Graham is afraid of big things while underwater, namely the whale. But he still thinks whales are awesome.

What We're Playing Now

Everyone's playing the BioShock demo, as noted above.

And James downloaded the Eternal Sonata demo, which had 3 player co-op. Everyone is happy.

Jer got Lunar Knights for the DS.

Graham picked up and finished Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions. He thought it was a first person shooter, not a third person action/mech game. Paul says he thought it was real-time strategy.

They talk about how video games have improved drastically, like how pre-rendered cutscenes are a rarity and no longer needed and how the game actually looks like the image on the cover.

Jer also got the original Metroid on the Virtual Console. He wanted to get Super Metroid, but his wi-fi wasn't working well.

Paul has also been playing more Final Fantasy X. He has also just seen the notorious laughing scene.

Matt beat Medium on Guitar Hero II, and has been having a lot of trouble with Hard.

Morgan wants a new mouse and headset so he can play DotA without a stupid Mac mouse.

Ben played DotA and WoW.

Jer's also been playing some D&D. He also tells the crew that there's a new application which allows you to play online in 3D dungeons.


August 22 2007 AskLRR


They have not gotten to last weeks "make a drink" challenge, and don't give a challenge for this week.

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