August 15 2007 LRRcast

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Back on track with the regular podcast. This week on LRRcast we discuss just how much we all rock your faces off.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Rebellin'

Date: August 15, 2007

LRRcasters: Matt Wiggins, Graham Stark, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan vanHumbeck, Paul Saunders, James Turner, Jeremy Petter

Runtime: 46:00


Ben paints Morgan's toenails (unbeknownst to Morgan), then Ben starts talking about Shaving Legs and the aftermath.

They talk about heavy slave Leas and the giant Jabba the Hutt statue, and explain Morgan's short hair, which originated out of an alcohol-induced Mohawk, and ended with Morgan trying to fix it, setting the shaver to 1/8 inch, forgetting about it, and then shaving off some spots he missed.

The crew talks about Johnny Lunchbox's new script, and praise his choice of rhyming words. Like the usage of physicist Eric Cornell. Of prizes Nobel.

Graham starts talking about the forum feedback saying that the Rebellin' short wasn't very great in cinematography, and how Kate had to work the boom mic AND camera. And burned herself on the lights. Ouch. Then the crew tries to remember when Kate was a main part of a short, and how things were easier back then.

Paul explains how they pulled Graham's foot up into the shot as Morgan's foot, because Morgan is unfortunately not very flexible in bending his leg up towards his mouth.

What We're Playing Now

There's been a lot of Metroid, and Graham confesses to only playing a DS recently. Until he downloaded the BioShock demo from Xbox Live, recommends it to Morgan, and helps explains the plot to the viewers at home.

Everyone decides that Matt's children must be named Andrew, Valentine, and Peter, unless he wants buggers to invade the planet. Graham doesn't get it, and Morgan sticks up for the entire Ender's Game series.

Paul has been playing Final Fantasy "X". It's ten. Anyway, Paul talks about how weapons in the game don't have attack power, and everyone gives out advice.

Morgan has been playing Facebook Petz. Sad.

Matt has been playing Metroid Prime and Guitar Hero II for the 360.


August 15 2007 AskLRR


They talk about last week's trivia (How many times did we stop for gas on the road trip?). The correct answer was 42, and Master Gunner won.

This week's challenge is to come up with a drink recipe based on something from the site, and write it on the forums. The crew will take the ones that sound the most interesting, drink them, and find the best.

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