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The Tenth episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: June 1, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Brendan "Beej" Dery, Cameron Lauder, Heather Dery

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: You asked us questions, so Beej, Cameron, and Heather sat down to answer them. They discuss bread, anime, old LRR sketches, and Nanaimo Bars


Lockdown learning and food

Seth Hanisek asks: What new skill have you tried to learn during lockdown? Alternatively, what new or interesting food have you cooked during lockdown?

  • Cameron: Baking bread. Darning.
  • Beej: Make a Network Attached Storage system. Working from home effectively.

Dark clones

Eivind Hillesund asks: If you all got a dark clone, who would you be most afraid of? Dark Heather, Dark Cameron or Dark Beej?

  • Beej: Myself, because I'd have to see the dark side of myself.

TTRPs outside LRR

Albin asks: What is everyone's experience with table top role playing games outside of LRR and Dice Friends?

  • Beej: The longest game I was on was a 4th edition campaign in Edmonton. I played a little bit of Legend of the Five Rings and a tiny Paranoia one shot.
  • Heather: At one stage I was in about 50 Sailor Moon RPGs.
  • Cameron: My first one was a Shadowrun second edition game as a Rigger. I've played Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, ADnD (Birthright), Rifts, Mage, Vampire, Changeling, Werewolf, Realms, Aberrant, Exhalted, lots of homebrew.

Improv exercises

aldodeleeuw asks: Beej, In a Behind the Scenes for The Panalysts you lead some improv exercises. I really enjoyed those! Do you have other simple exercises I can do?

  • Beej: Take thing around you and give them the wrong name. As you do that you will find your brain has locked into things of one category. You then have to force yourself to pick things outside that category.

CommodoreHUSTLE characters

Aldunis asks: What was the creative and behind-the-scenes discussions like regarding the evolution of your CommodoreHUSTLE characters? What traits do you share with your fictional selves?

  • Cameron: I want to say it was very explicitly defined who our CommodoreHUSTLE selves were. I say it's like our Seinfeld selves.
  • Beej: You don't see me work, I fall ass-backwards into success.
  • Heather: None of us would be friends if we behaved that way toward each other in real life.
  • Cameron: It just seems to be normal behavior for us. Being wildly anti-social and mean to each other and selfish just seems to be baseline behavior. Our characters developed very naturally.
  • Heather: And stuff just happens on it's own. You get people into a situation and they it's like "What would this character do? What have they done before?"

Enjoyable TTRPGs

Thomas Hederman asks: For everyone, what TTRPG systems do you enjoy playing the most? The least? Do you have a TTRPG system that you love to think about and play with but don't actually run any games with?

  • Beej: I don't really have a preference, but I prefer a system that allows me to roll dice and I think that Paranoia occupied a sweet spot for me. Systems I don't like are really too rigid or really too freeform.
  • Cameron: I enjoy systems that allow for gradients of success. The setting that I really want to work with that I haven't been able to work with yet is Eclipse Phase.
  • Heather: I haven't played a lot of stuff, I've mostly watched other people play. I think the stuff I would like the most is probably a little less complicated like Fate.
  • Cameron: I fell that the randomness is part of the fun of a TTRPG.

Spring anime

ellaser93 asks: How is the Spring anime season going for ya? Seen any good stuff or have any recommendations?

  • Heather: Fruits Basket Season 2 and My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom.
  • Beej: My recommendation: The new She-Ra series that's on Netflix.

First sketches

samuraitiger asks: What was it like staring in your first sketches in LoadingReadyRun?

  • Cameron: My first sketch was an ENN sketch where I was playing somebody who was discussing a Nier game. I remember that Graham is a good director. He was very clear about what kind of performance he wanted and how to deliver it.
  • Beej: When I was in my first sketches what I felt was "Oh shit, they trust me enough to be in front of the camera. Thank god." I wasn't blow away, I wasn't nervous.
  • Heather: I think the easiest times I've had are when Graham is directing. I've definitely had 20 takes on a line and your self-anxiety will hurt you more than any yelling at you once you hit that line too hard. Whenever Graham has told me to re-take a line, I never feel like he's lost any patience or that he's mad.

Nanaimo bars

Lehr Dircks asks: A restaurant that recently opened down the street introduced me to Nanaimo bars. I was curious about them and found they originated on Vancouver Island. I instantly thought of you guys and was curious if you've had them?

  • Cameron: Yes.
  • Beej: Yes.
  • Heather: Yes.
  • Cameron: I remember when I found out that Nanaimo bars actually came from Nanaimo and were a regional food, if you can call a country as large as Canada a region. I thought "There's a city called Nanaimo, and there a confection called a Nanaimo bar. Maybe they're named after the same thing." No as it turns out, they're just from Nanaimo.
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