AskLRR June 2020 - Little Goblin Hands

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The Eleventh episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: July 4, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Coriander Dickinson, Nelson Salahub, Matt Griffiths

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: You asked us questions, so Cori, Nelson, and Matt G sat down to answer them. They discuss birds, books, and animals.


The Monty Python question

Truck Shepard asks: What is the Air-Speed Velocity of an Unladen Shallow?

  • Nelson: It doesn't matter, they just need to be faster than my children.

Being new to LRR

MrTwansel asks: Being relatively recent additions to the crew, how have you been settling in, and have there been pleasant surprises you didn't expect when you joined LRR?

  • Cori: I've been here 6 years, through 3 Moonbases, 10 Desert Buses. I feel like I'm not a beginner here.
  • Nelson: I did not expect the recycling system to be as efficient as it is.
  • Matt: I visited Moonbase Mk.III and Moonbase Delta, and it was a progressing of getting cleaner and cleaner. I wasn't particularly surprised at the inner workings of the crew because these are people doing jobs. And LRR as a company are fairly transparent.
  • Nelson: The transparency has been excellent and as bosses LRR are pretty fantastic. I discovery I really like writing sketches.
  • Matt: THe biggest shift in my perspective would have been the change from being a consumer of media to being a producer of media.

The Matts

Eric Choinière asks: Matt: is there a reason you are often referred to as Matt Griffiths or Matt G? Is it because of Matt Wiggins or is it personal preference?

  • Matt G: Because it's my name? It is to differentiate the Matts. It seems like a lot of people call Matt Wiggins just "Wiggins".
  • Nelson: I've taken to calling Ben Wheeler just "Wheeler" (Ed: to differentiate from Ben Ulmer).

Programming languages

Pär Moberg asks: What programming language are you most comfortable with? And what is your favorite programming language at the moment?

  • Cori: I'm not doing any programming projects at the moment. I've been looking at Godot. I use a static site generator for Alex's Purifier comic called [Jekyll]. I like C# the most and I'm most comfortable with C#. And I might look into Beef because of that, which is basically C# without garbage collection.
  • Nelson: My dad taught be how to write "Hello world" in C++ when I was 15. What's your second favorite Cori, because Matt and I have nothing.
  • Cori: I'd say the Motorola Assembly is my second favorite.


Thomas Hederman asks: How avid readers are any of you? What book series or book titles would you consider to be important to you now/growing up?

  • Matt G: I don't regularly read book
  • Nelson: I don't read as much as I should or as much as I think is a laudable amount to read. There's 3 books that I read as a kid that I think taught me little lessons or are cultural touchstones: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, Zen and the Art of Motorbike Maintenance and more recently Sophie's World both of which I found were entertaining.
  • Cori: The book I read most recently was The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin. Before that I've mostly been reading really, really awful garbage from the internet, like pulp manga. As a child my mom read me The Hobbit so I got into The Lord of the Rings and I got into a lot of pulp stuff. Lot of Redwall, lot of Deathgate Cycle and when I was 13 I got into Steven Erikson Malazan Book of the Fallen which was really impressive at the time.
  • Matt G: I'm going to recontextualize the question a bit in saying that I don't read books, but I read webcomics fairly regularly. One particular one that I read for years was El Goonish Shive and it had queer characters in it which was unique almost at the time. And in my university age the big thing that I hung my hat on was Homestuck. I also read Gunnerkrigg Court and Unsounded.

How are you doing?

Dranbo asks: Hey guys. How are you all doing? Keeping safe? Staying hydrated? Coo, coo. Y'all have a good one.

  • Nelson: I'm ok. I've had a bit of a pandemic arc where in March I was kind of scared and tense, in April really feel like I'm on top of it and doing a good job, May it was ok, June and July it's just getting a little tired. I miss some thing that aren't coming back any time soon. I miss paper Magic
  • Cori: We've been real fortunate here on the island that because things did not really takeoff here. I had a few unrelated deaths to deal with which is irritating because you can't go to funerals. It's been up and down; there's no direct threat here, but it also feels like the world's falling apart and I'm very angry and sad a lot.
  • Matt: My whole quarantimes journey has been realizing that my social life hasn't changed that much. I have a core group of friends that my partner and I see maybe once a week, once every 2 weeks but beyond that we don't necessarily go out to pubs and stuff that often. And that is out of quarantine. In quarantine I have met my in real life friends, in real life, maybe twice. We had a lovely time, the difference is not that deep. However I am noticing now something that other people were talking about: Twitter is a bad website. Reading it 20 times a day is a bit much.


Ben Francis asks: Matt: Why Goat?

  • Matt: They're ridiculous, chaotic, adorable. They encapsulate what I think of when I think about "squad goals". I the past couple of years I have aquired a love of sight hounds; specifically greyhouds, whippets, and Italian greyhounds. So this is a chance for you, Cori, and you, Nelson, to talk about your animal loves.
  • Nelson: Mega-man's dog Rush.
  • Cori: Traditionally I'm a cat person. We all know I love capybaras. They're a social animal that would need company constantly so not a great fit for apartment living.
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