AskLRR August 2020 - Toilet Stickers

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The thirteenth episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: September 2, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Ben Ulmer, Ian Horner, James Turner

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: You asked us questions, so Ben, Ian, and James sat down to answer them. Covering topics such as anime, Road Quest, and sticker placement.


Late 2020 video games

Eric Choinière asks: Are there any video games coming out in late 2020 that you are excited for?

  • James: Crysis Remastered
  • Ben: The second half of the Pokèmon DLC.
  • Ian: Star Wars: Squadrons

Victoria culture shock

Jeffrey Hayes asks: Ian and Ben: As member who originally hail from different parts of Canada, did you experience any culture shock when you first came to Victoria?

  • Ben: Everybody moves really slow in Victoria. Everybody takes there damn time getting everywhere.
  • Ian: A compressed sense of space. People don't like to travel very far. A 20 minute drive is too far for a Victorian. Also everyone here seems to judge the Indian restaurants specifically on the butter chicken.

Toilet stickers

Danielle asks: I acquired some stickers of your faces. Any placement requests?

  • Ian: I request a sticker right here (He then leaves to receive a package)
  • Ben: In the inside of the toilet lid, to cheer you up in the morning.
  • James: You know what, I'm sold. Put mine there too!

Road Quest Season 2 pairings

MrTwansel asks: If you got to do Road Quest Season 2, but you wouldn't be allowed to drive, who would you want to co-pilot with to get to know better?

  • Ian: This is specifically to get to know better, because if it was just to make good content: Heather.
  • James: Just in terms of actual 1-on-1 time, Ian actually.
  • Ben: If we're talking about Beej and Adam getting to know each other for the first time sort of scenario; I would say Cam and I, because we haven't spent a lot of time 1-on-1, or Kathleen and I.
  • James: What we do for a job doesn't lend itself to a lot of 1-on-1 time.
  • Ian: Escpecially intimate 1-on-1 time.
  • Ben: That's the time that blows a lot of people's minds is that we don't actually see each other all that much outside of work.

Learning about each other

Sean Riley asks: What did you learn about each other from Road Quest that you didn't know before?

  • James: There was a day when Ben and I spent more than an hour talking about our families.
  • Ian: Most of what I was talking about with Alex was what was going on in the show itself, but we did talk a bot about his time in Toronto which I didn't know a whole lot about.
  • Ben: What it's like to be in close quarters all the time with a group of people.


Zen Xephyr asks: What is something you've discovered this year that brings you immense joy?

  • James: Schitt’s Creek. It's not even remotely close. It's about family and acceptance and a better world. It speaks to the LGBT community in a very deep way because it's just there. There's no overcoming it, there's not a single ounce of unacceptance.
  • Ian: It's never a plot point, it's baked in.
  • James: The other show that just came out is Ted Lasso which should not be anywhere near as good as it is but it's also wholesome and funny as hell.
  • Ben's experience with BetterHelp is his own. This is not a sponsorship or endorsement
  • Ben: I discovered the BetterHelp app. It is an app that connects you with therapy. You pay regular therapist fees and are connected with a therapist, you can schedule multiple sessions throughout the month and you have this always-open chat. I think for people like myself who are super-busy with work or think that it is going to be too expensive, the mentality of being able to open up your phone and have access to these kinds of things was really, really helpful.
  • Ian: The thing that has given me the most joy, pound-for-pound, was a recipe I discovered on Serious Eats for crispy kimchi skillet rice. It's cripsy, it's cheesy, it's chewy, it's super-easy to make and it has been delicious every time I need a quick and easy meal.
  • Ben: In that same vein, I discovered this easy quesadilla recipe that I've been doing weekly for lunches.

Favorite anime

Pär Moberg asks: At time of recording, what is your favourite anime? James: what is your favourite animated TV show not from Japan?

  • James: Singing I'm just a kid who's four. Each day I grow some more. I like exploring. I'm Caillou.
  • Ben: NO! You said it was over! You wanted it to be done! Why?! You're bringing it back! You're the problem in this scenario!
  • Ian: Takes off headphones
  • James: I couldn't not right? I mean, come on.
  • Ian: Just tell me I don't look like a 40 year old Caillou and I'll be happy.
  • Ben: I'm not sure I can lie to my friend/
  • James: I am definitely a fan of Rick & Morty.
  • Ben: For the longest time my favorite anime was BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, it's great, it's a music anime and it's awesome; but then I got to watch Dorohedoro and it is so good. In terms of my favorite animated TV show, recently there's been a new show that's been coming out called The Owl House.
  • Ian: I'm going to say that my favorite at this very moment is Space Brothers.


Harold Price asks: I CREAM! What is your favorite flavour of ice cream?

  • James: I am boring, I like vanilla. It works really well because then you can enhance it with whatever you want.
  • Ian: I can't stop thinking about this ice cream I had in my pre-teens and it was black licorice.
  • Ben: Slam-dunk strawberry cheesecake.
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